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Updated: Mar 4, 2024

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Comparing Fit Card vs Revvi Credit Card – Rewards, Pre-approvals, Application, Activation, Fees, Rates, and Credit Limits

If you’re looking for a good unsecured credit card for rebuilding your credit look for a Fit or Revvi credit card. All rebuilders with at least a 500 FICO score can opt for these unsecured cards, depending on their specific needs. Both credit cards are easy to get and can help to rebuild your credit score. However, there are specific differences that you should know before you make your decision. We will introduce you to each card and tell you what makes them unique, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Revvi Visa Credit Card – is best for applicants with a FICO score of 540 and above who want to earn rewards when establishing credit. Even though the Revvi card includes a range of fees, if used correctly, Revvi Visa can help you to fix your bad credit score. The card is issued by MRV Bank.
  • Fit Mastercard Credit Card – best for people looking to rebuild tarnished credit who fall into the 500 credit score range and need higher credit limits with the option to increase it after 6 months. The Fit card is a product of Bank of Missouri and comes from Continental Finance.

Fit credit card vs Revvi card

Revvi Credit Card vs Fit Card Comparison Table

Fit Platinum CardRevvi Credit Card
Card IssuerBank of MissouriMRV Banks
Credit TypeUnsecuredUnsecured
Card TypeStarter, Build or Re-establish creditStarter, Build & Establish Credit
Checking Account RequiredYesYes
Credit RecommendationBad Credit OKPoor
Initial Credit Limit$400$300
Max Credit Line$800Not disclosed
Credit IncreaseAfter 6 monthsAfter 12 months
Intro OfferNo maintenance fee for 1 yearNo maintenance fee for 1 year
Annual Fee (1st year)$99$75
Annual Fee (2nd year)$99$48
Program Processing Fee$89 (1 time)$95 (1 time)
Monthly Maintenance Fee$6.25 per month ($75 per year).
Billed 1 year after account opening.
None 1st year, $8.25 after*
per month ($99 per year).
Regular APR29.99%35.99%
Grace Period25 days21 days
RewardsNoYes, 1% cashback
Credit ReportingEquifax, Experian, TransUnionEquifax, Experian, TransUnion
Free Credit ScoreYes, Vantage 3.0 from ExperianYes
Foreign Transaction Fee3%2.5%
Late Payment Feeup to $41up to $41
Returned Payment Feeup to $41up to $41
Additional Card Fess$30$29
Express Delivery Fee$35$30
Expedited Phone Pay Fee$10.95Not disclosed
$0 Fraud LiabilityYesYes
Trustpilot Ratings4.8 Starts (2,300 ratings)Not rated yet
Online Account LoginClick hereClick here
Customer Support+1-866-513-4598+1-800-755-9203
Contact AddressContinental Finance
P.O. Box 3220
Buffalo, NY 14240-3220
Revvi Card
P.O. Box 85800
Sioux Falls, SD-57118
Card Payment AddressFIT Credit Card
P.O. Box 6812
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812
Not disclosed
How to Cancel?– Pay down any outstanding balance
– Call customer service at (866) 449-4514
– Pay down any outstanding balance
– Call customer service at (800) 755-9203
More informationFit MastercardRevvi Card
ReviewsFit Credit Card ReviewRevvi Card Review
ApplicationClaim this offerClaim this offer

What is Revvi Credit Card?

Considered one of the easiest cards to get, the Revvi card is perfect for people with a 500+ credit score. The card comes with great approval rates and an easy online prequalification process. To apply, you need to fill in three pages of information. Like any other Visa credit card, Revvi includes some fees to keep an eye on. However, the card also provides redeemable cash rewards that you can access by paying your monthly dues on time. It’s worth mentioning that Revvi is a rare credit card for improving poor credit that also offers a cash back program. You can redeem the cashback rewards in increments towards a statement credit.

Revvi Credit Card Fees

If you get pre-approved, you can count on the following fees:

  • Annual fee – fixed for the first year, variable from the second year onwards;
  • Monthly fee – the card is free for the first year. However, there’s a monthly fee from the second year onward;
  • Activation fee – after you get approved, you’ll be required to pay an activation fee via ACH. You need a checking account to make this payment;
  • Regular APR – the card charges you the regular purchase APR. We recommend that you avoid carrying a balance and pay your bills in full.

Revvi also gives you a starting credit limit. However, the annual fee will be deducted from your credit limit when you get the first credit statement.

Revvi Application Requirements

  • Checking account – you must have a checking account to get pre-approved for Revvi card;
  • 500 or better FICO score;
  • You must make monthly payments on time for the first year;
  • No recent derogatory items;
  • No tax liens.

Revvi Credit Card Rewards

When it comes to cash back rewards, Revvi offers a program that allows you to earn from paying your bills instead of spending. While the program is available right away, you’ll have to wait for 6 months to redeem your rewards. You have two options to redeem your rewards: for cash; and for 500 increment points in statement credits. The cash back rewards never expire. There are three ways to claim your reward:

  1. by contacting customer support;
  2. via;
  3. through your mobile app.

Our Take on Revvi Credit Card

Revvi is a good unsecured credit card for people with a 500+ FICO score looking to rebuild their credit. It’s easy to get and is a rare card of this kind that comes with a cashback program that you can access by simply paying your card bills. While there are some requirements you should meet to get approved, meeting them is relatively easy. Although there are alternatives with lower fees, Revvi is one of the most suitable credit cards for people with a FICO score ranging from 500 to 600.

What is Fit Credit Card?

Just like Revvi, Fit Mastercard is also a good card for people who fit in a 500 FICO score range. And just like Revvi, the card also includes a starting credit limit. However, Fit Mastercard offers a higher credit limit with an opportunity to double it if you make your monthly payments on time for the first six months. For a credit card for rebuilders, this perk alone makes it a better option than Revvi. In addition, Fit Mastercard also offers additional features such as:

  • Free Vantage Experian credit score;
  • Mobile app.

Fit Credit Card Fees

Fit Mastercard also includes an annual fee, a monthly fee, and a regular APR. The annual fee is fixed, while the monthly fee is fixed for the first year. After the first year, the fee varies. Making your monthly payments on time keeps you free from additional charges.

Fit Card Application Requirements

To get approved for Fit Mastercard, you need to complete the following requirements:

  • Your credit score must be 500 or higher;
  • You must have a checking account;
  • If you want to apply for a credit limit increase, you must pay your bills on time for six months.

Fit Credit Card Rewards

Compared to Revvi, Fit has a huge downside – there’s no cash back program. However, the company makes up for it by offering a chance to double your credit limit and tap into additional benefits such as a higher starting credit limit and a free Experian credit score. Fit also reports to all three major credit bureaus, increasing your chance of rebuilding your credit.

Our Take on Fit Mastercard

Fit Mastercard gives you a higher credit limit than Revvi, with a chance to double it after the first 6 months from approval. Fit Mastercard reports to all three major credit bureaus and offers a free Experian credit score, which is rare in the bad credit realm. However, Fit Mastercard doesn’t come with a cash back program and includes a processing fee.

Fit and Revvi Cards Competition and Alternatives

Credit CardAPRAnnual FeeCredit LineReviewApplication
Fortiva Mastercard29.99%See Termsup to $1,000Claim this offer
Surge Mastercard24.99% – 29.99%See Termsup to $2,000Surge ReviewClaim this offer
Destiny MastercardSee TermsSee Termsfrom $300Destiny ReviewClaim this offer
Reflex Mastercard24.99% – 29.99%See Termsup to $2,000Reflex ReviewClaim this offer
OakStone Secured Gold Card14.74%$39$200 – $5,000Claim this offer
Mission Lane Visa26.99% – 29.99%See Termsfrom $200Claim this offer
Kikoff Credit Account0%$0up to $500Kikoff ReviewClaim this offer
Merrick Double Your Line20.20% – 30.45%See Terms$550 – $1,350Merrick ReviewClaim this offer
TOTAL Visa Credit Card35.99%$75.00 1st year,
$48.00 after*
from $200Claim this offer

Bottom Line

When we compare the Revvi credit card vs the Fit Platinum card, we can safely say that both cards offer advantages to credit rebuilders with a FICO score in the 500 range. However, there are clear differences. Revvi offers a slightly lower credit limit and a better APR, and cash back that you can start redeeming after six months. On the other hand, Fit Mastercard doesn’t have a cash back program but offers a higher credit limit and an option to double it after six months. Both cards report to all three major credit bureaus and include a one-time processing fee. It all comes down to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a credit card for rebuilders with a cash back program, opt for Revvi. If you need a higher credit limit with an option to increase it, Fit Mastercard might be a better solution.

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