Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card

The Reflex Mastercard is a credit card purposefully designed for people who are looking to start or improve their credit score. It's issued by Celtic Bank, and reports all of it's statements to all 3 of the major credit bureaus, and you as well through e-statements!

This is an essential tool in any credit strategy and will help you improve your credit score in a matter of months. Although the card does come with relatively high annual fees, monthly rates, and APR, it has a lot of credit building potential. You're also given the tools to further improve your credit score, such as a monthly credit statement for free.

Here, we're going to discuss the Reflex Mastercard credit card in a full, comprehensive, and honest review. Learn how it can help you improve your credit score by reading our review below.


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Intro APR Period
Min. Credit Level
Bad Credit OK*

Card Details

  • All credit types welcome to apply!
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Initial Credit Limit of $500.00!* (subject to available credit)
  • Fast and easy application process; results in seconds
  • Use your card at locations everywhere that Mastercard® is accepted
  • Free online account access 24/7
  • Checking Account Required
  • Read the Review of Reflex Mastercard
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Expert Review

The people who are suffering from less than ideal credit have been given a tool in order to repair it, and it's called the Reflex Mastercard credit card. Getting approved for a credit card can be a real nightmare, but not with the Reflex card. This particular credit card is perhaps one of the easiest to get approved for. Even if it does come with its fair share ...

The people who are suffering from less than ideal credit have been given a tool in order to repair it, and it's called the Reflex Mastercard credit card. Getting approved for a credit card can be a real nightmare, but not with the Reflex card.

This particular credit card is perhaps one of the easiest to get approved for. Even if it does come with its fair share of deterrents and cons, it comes with a couple of charming and useful features and benefits as well.

Applying and getting denied for a credit card can further harm your credit score. If it's already suffering, you should do your best to improve it. And the best way to improve it is by using a credit card for bad credit, such as the Reflex Mastercard!

Who Is This Card for?

The Reflex card is a credit card that is well known in the bad credit credit card community for its utility. It's an integral tool purposefully designed for anyone who is looking to improve their credit score. Anyone with a poor credit score can apply for this card, and they're most likely going to get approved for it too.

People who are looking to start out and have no prior credit history can benefit from this card as well, as approval is secure and application is both simple and streamlined.

If you're looking to start your credit history or repair it on the right foot, the Reflex credit card is a solid choice.

Reflex Mastercard Credit Card Benefits

When it comes to benefits, there are a couple of them. If you're thinking about getting any rewards from using this credit card, you will be surprised to know that there are none.

All the benefits of the Reflex Mastercard are put in place to improve your credit score. One such benefit is the monthly statement you're going to get every month, free of charge, which helps you monitor your credit score.

Another great benefit that comes with the Reflex Mastercard is the sheer spending power you're given. The initial spending limit is set at 500$, which is already higher than most of the competition.

This is only amplified further by the ability to increase your spending limit. This is done by being responsible with your payments. You can apply for a bigger spending limit after only six months of use. If you have any issues with the service, you're going to love the 24/7 live chat support that the Reflex Mastercard offers. It also comes with a mobile app, so you can take your banking on the go.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The disadvantages of this credit card are subjective. They all boil down to the high fees, APR, and the possibility of a required security deposit. If your credit score is scraping the bottom of the applicable minimum, you might be required to put down anywhere from $50 up to 500$. This money will be refunded once you close your account.

The high APR and annual fees can be a real dent in your personal finance. You should plan on them when you're making any purchases with this card. If you're late on your payment, you will see your credit score decreases. The Reflex Mastercard reports it's statements to all three of the major credit bureaus. This means while it can improve your credit score, it can damage it too.

Should You Use This Card?

The Reflex Mastercard is a proper and purpose-made credit rebuilding credit card. If you lack a decent credit score or any credit score at all, the Reflex Mastercard might be the ideal choice for you.

Financial health is essential, and you should do everything in your power to maintain it. A good credit score guarantees a sound credit card, which comes with a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits are insurance options, mortgage options, more significant spending limits, and lower fees.

If you can afford the deposit for a secured credit card, that might be a better option for you. Always take into account Reflex Mastercard's high annual fees and APR when you're applying for it. If you can't afford it, don't ask for this particular card.

Read the Review of Reflex Mastercard credit card.


  • High starting credit limit placed at 500$
  • Ability to increase the credit limit
  • A very high approval rating
  • Reporting statements to all three major credit bureaus
  • Monthly credit reports free of charge


  • No Rewards program or bonus
  • Costly annual and monthly fees
  • High APR
  • Possible security deposit requirement

Basic Info

Card Issuer:
Celtic Bank
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Regular)
Common Uses:
  • Cards for Bad Credit
  • Instant Decision Cards
Rewards Card:
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Finance & Rates

Introductory APR (%):
Applied Towards:
Intro Period:
Regular APR:
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Regular APR Type:
Annual Fee:
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Balance Transfer:
APR on Cash Advances:
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Grace Period:
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Late Payment Fee:
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Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card - Alternatives & Comparison

Additional Information & Comments

You need to be 18 years or older and have a checking account to apply for this card

The information provided for Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation or recent update on April 01, 2020. However, we strongly advise visitors to review the Terms and Conditions on card issuer's website by following Apply Now link to verify the accurancy of the information posted prior to applying for this card offer.
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Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card

Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card

Min. Credit Required: Bad Credit OK*
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