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Services and products

This Bank offers a wide range of services to individuals and businesses.

Personal banking services

Personal banking includes free, Stride, and Stride Senior checking accounts. It also includes individual retirement accounts and personal loans. Personal loans come with easy payment options, whether you choose an unsecured or secured loan. Consumers also have access to a savings account which they can use to deposit their extra cash. The minimum deposit, monthly service fee, and APY depend on your chosen account type. You can choose from a Personal Savings Account, a Tiered Money Market Account, and a Money Maker Investment Account.

Stride mortgages

Stride Bank N.A. also offers mortgages to U.S. citizens interested in purchasing or refinancing a home. Consumers can access professional mortgage advisors and request a personalized rate quote online. However, it doesn’t handle mortgages directly. Its dedicated division, Stride Mortgage, exclusively specializes in home loans or refinancing a home1.

Business banking services

Business Banking services include Small Business, Community, and business checking accounts, payroll cards, business credit, and employer payroll cards. The bank’s areas of expertise include commercial real estate, transportation, farm, commercial and industrial loans, and healthcare banking.

Consumer credit cards

Consumers who choose to open an account at Stride Bank N.A. have access to an attractive platinum credit card offer. Whether you need a card for in-store purchases in Oklahoma or nationwide or a card to use for online shopping, it will have you covered. Currently, the bank’s platinum credit card offer includes three unique cards:

  • Rewards Platinum – This card caters to the needs of people who exclusively use credit cards for purchases. Its reward system enables you to earn one point for every dollar you spend on net purchases2. The best thing about it is that you can collect the rewards points for as long as you like because they don’t expire. You can redeem your points anytime on merchandise, travel, rental cars, and more.
  • Cash Rewards Platinum – This card is perfect for people who want access to a reward system but don’t like to collect and manage their points. It has a flat cashback rate of 1%. You will get 1% cash back on all net purchases. You can accumulate cash rewards as long as you want, as they don’t expire.
  • Platinum Edition – This offer is a standard credit card with competitive rates. To attract more consumers, it has added one attractive feature to this card – no penalty Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

It also offers debit cards. Consumers can choose from reloadable and single-use debit cards at their discretion.

Additional Stride Bank N.A. services

The bank has a dedicated mobile app that consumers can download and use for free. The mobile banking features range from checking balance and viewing recent transactions to paying bills and making loan payments.

It also offers business credit cards, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, treasury management, loans, and leases to enable business owners to stay on top of their finances.

Finally, Stride Bank N.A. offers niche services, such as farm management, trust administration, estate planning & guardianship, and wealth management.

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