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If you're the type of person who always shops at a single store or from a single brand, you can benefit from getting store credit cards/ merchandise cards or shopping credit cards. They're perfect for those loyal brand customers who are interested in preview sales, want an extended repayment period without interest, keep their balance low, and always pay it off in its entirety. Merchandise card holders can receive many benefits from their shopping credit cards, and the best part is that you can apply for them very easily. There are no credit checks or employment verification, so applicants can receive instant approvals. The following best merchandise/ shopping credit cards offer up to $12,500 of unsecured credit and are a good option for bad credit / fair credit holders or those who have damaged/ limited or no credit history, too. Browse through following store card offers to find the best one for you and instantly apply online.

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Editor's suggestion: Best Shopping Credit Card Offers - Sep 18, 2019
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