Updated: Nov 28, 2020
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Reflex Mastercard Review. Build, Rebuild, or Reestablish Your Credit


Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card

Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card
Min. Credit Required: Fair*
3.1 /5
146 Users

at Celtic Bank Secured website

If you’re looking to build up a sturdy and stable credit, this might be a good card for you. Building up good credit is a task in itself, and isn’t an overnight process. It takes determination, a strategy, and persistence to build up reasonable credit confidence.

Building up good credit can be a real nightmare, but a purpose-made card like Reflex credit card simplifies the whole process. Even if the Reflex Mastercard is made for people who are looking to improve their credit, unfortunately, it’s not the very best around. There are plenty of better cards for building up your credit, especially secured ones.

The Reflex Mastercard does come with high approval ratings and mostly requires no costly deposits like many other cards, but there are several issues.

This card isn’t useless, far from it, but there are much better alternatives on the market. What sets the Reflex Mastercard back is the high APR, and hefty fees. But what is this card truly like? is it legit?

You’re going to find the answer to this question through our honest, in-depth, review on the Reflex Mastercard credit card. Use this information to determine if it’s right for you.

Reflex Mastercard Offer Details

The Reflex Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank and adminstrated by Continental Finance. The Related Mastercard is meant to improve your less-than-perfect credit score and is purposefully made for that.

The approval ratings on the Reflex card are very high, as it’s meant for people with bad credit. People with bad credit have a hard time getting cards, and the Reflex Mastercard works to solve this issue. This is done through the shallow requirements for application.

If you’re suffering from less than perfect credit score, not only are you going to get approved for the Reflex Mastercard, you might improve your credit with it. The minimum required credit score for approval is 580 or above, which is very reasonable for most consumers.

The Reflex Master credit card does come chock full of features and additional features available for purchase, but it does have high APR and annual fees (See No Annual Fee Cards). This makes it less than perfect for improving your bad credit if you’re totally broke.

One of the main appeals of this credit card is the free monthly credit score report you’re going to get every month once you enroll in the e-statements program. Once you create an account, you can enable this feature with ease.

Another main feature of the Reflex Mastercard is that it grows alongside you. If you prove to pay your dues on time and you’re tidy with your finances, you can experience a growth in purchasing power. This is what makes the Reflex Mastercard shine, as it’s rare to see your purchasing power grow in a card for bad credit.

Your initial credit limit is set to $300, 500$, or $750, but you can increase it after just six months of use. Boosting your credit limit is a real achievement, and in this case, it comes with a couple of additional features. Some of these features are a lower credit utilization ratio, and the potential to raise your credit even further, faster.

This is a credit card for building good credit, and all of your activity is reported to all of the three major credit bureaus. This is a good thing as much as it is a bad thing. Since the card reports to all three major credit bureaus, it indicates the harmful activity as well.

Decreasing your credit score is done by being irresponsible with your card. This includes missing your payments, not paying the debts, maxing out your card, and others. This will actually ruin your credit ratings further, making the process very counterproductive.

The most significant issue with the Reflex Mastercard is the high APR and substantial fees that come with it. You need to account for these fees, so as not to damage your credit. If you’re incapable of keeping up with the hefty fees, perhaps another card will suit you better.

Reflex Mastercard Credit Card Offer Summary

  • Credit Improvement Credit Card
  • Fast Approval
  • High Approval Ratings
  • Credit Limit Increasing Features
  • High APR
  • High Fees
If you’re looking to improve your poor credit, the Reflex Mastercard might be the right card for you. On the other hand, the exceptionally high APR and the substantial fees might be a deterrent. There are plenty of other cards on the market, so don’t be afraid to check them out as well.

What Are Reflex Card Advantages?

  • Distinct ability to improve a less than perfect credit
  • Possibility of increasing your credit limit upon request
  • Free, monthly credit score reporting
  • Minimal pre-existing credit score requirements, a mere 580
  • $0 Fraud Liability, and an abundance of other features

What Are Reflex Card Disadvantages?

  • Very high fees associated with the credit card
  • Not an instant application approval
  • Distinctively high APR rating
  • Time-consuming prequalification step

Why We Like It

Even if this credit card might not be the best one on the market, it has its charm and redeeming features. The first and most important feature that the Reflex Mastercard has to offer is its sky-high approval ratings. If you have a credit score equal to or above 580, you’re eligible for the Reflex Mastercard.

Reflex Mastercard Review - why you may need it

Bad credit is the main obstacle when it comes to obtaining a sound credit card, so getting it in order is of the utmost priority. This can be done through the Reflex Mastercard.

There are a lot of different credit cards that are marketed to people with less than ideal credit scores. Guaranteed Approval cards are cards that are going to be available to you, no matter your credit score. Or at least that is what the credit card company wants you to think.

When you look into the terms and conditions, you’re going to see that most of these “guaranteed” approval cards require a minimum credit score of 630. This isn’t guaranteed approval, considering that a significant amount of people has a score below 630.

The Reflex Mastercard is purposefully made for people suffering from less than ideal credit, and even with its fees and high APR, you’re most likely going to get approved for one.

A secured credit card is a type of card (Explained) for people who are looking to improve their credit. These types of tickets charge a lot less on fees and APR but require a security deposit, which some people simply can’t afford. If you can provide one, and you’re suffering from bad credit, that might be the best option for you.

Another redeeming feature of this credit card is its relatively high spending limit. Its initial spending limit is $300, $500, or $750 which is higher than a lot of competitor credit cards. This is only amplified due to the possibility of increasing this spending power, after a period of a mere six months.

Reflex Mastercard is a card that stays true to its claims. It will help you improve your credit rating, and comes packed with all the promised features. If you’re of legal age and take into account the fees and APR, you’re going to love the Reflex Mastercard. It reports your activity to all three major credit bureaus, and gives you a monthly credit report for free!

What Can Be Better

To be quite honest, there are a couple of things that could be better when we’re talking about the Reflex Mastercard. While the card comes with unparalleled approval ratings, it also comes with high fees and APR. If you can afford the security deposit, you might want to apply for a secured credit card.

You’re not going to be giving away your money, though, so you don’t have to worry. All of your security deposit will be refunded when you close your account.

This raises yet another issue with the credit card. If this is a guaranteed approval credit card, it’s decent in its application. But if we’re going to treat it as a secured credit card, it certainly lacks a lot of trademarked features.

By far, the biggest issue with this credit card, only seconded by the random security deposit, is the number of fees and APR you’re going to have to pay. We’re going to get into the numbers later, but trust us, they’re higher than a lot of the competition.

Another issue with the Reflex Mastercard is the absolute lack of any rewards program. You’re not going to get a reward even if you’re spending millions a month. There are no bonuses or rewards whatsoever.

This is a credit card purposeful made to improve your credit, yet it can wind up running it even further. The Reflex Mastercard reports its credit to all three of the major credit bureaus, and if you don’t prepare for the high fees, it can significantly damage your credit.

The Reflex Mastercard is purposefully and solely made for improving your credit. If you’re looking for a comfortable experience with plenty of rewards, you’re going to have to find it elsewhere.

Usage/ Applications

The Reflex Mastercard is a credit rebuilding card. It is not a card with which you’re going to get the best rewards or even the best customer service. But if you’re determined to improve your credit, you can do it through the Reflex Mastercard. With the Reflex Mastercard, it’s the only purpose, and the main feature is improving your credit.

Reflex Mastercard Features

This means that there are no bonuses, no rewards, or any perks that regular credit cards have. But it does come with a pretty high spending limit, which is subtle to increase over time. Due to this fact, you technically can use it as a primary credit card.

You can use the Reflex credit card for anything, as it’s a surprisingly good all-round card. When it comes to primary credit cards, though, there are many better options. The lack of bonuses and features means you should only use this card for minimum purchases. No cashback is a real deterrent to larger purchases, and this makes it miserable for a primary credit card.

Bonuses are often overlooked when you’re suffering from bad credit. You can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too, but two smaller cakes might suit your fancy better. Another credit card might not only have cash-back features, but traveling bonuses, airline miles, and other rewards you don’t even think about.

When it comes to utility, the Reflex Mastercard really shines. It does a little, but it does it well. You’re going to get a monthly credit report every month, completely free of charge, once you sign up for the email. You need to create an account in order to use this credit card.

The interface of the website is top tier, and you’re going to find navigation a complete breeze. Getting these reports is really useful and helps you track your rehabilitating credit score. The issue with this is the processing time, which might take up to 7 workdays. If you’ve made a purchase before the end of the month or missed a due date, you might get a faulty report.

Make sure you take these days into account when you’re making your purchases. There is no such thing as a self-maintaining credit score or credit card, so remember to work alongside it. The Reflex Mastercard is a tool that you can use to improve your credit, not a be-all-end-all. Remember to pay all of your dues on time, and you’re going to see your credit improve in no time.

All of these spending and payments will be reported to the three major credit bureaus every month. This is what ultimately improves your credit ratings, so make sure to pay attention to all of your dues. When your score has improved enough, you can apply for a better card with more rewards.

Make sure to utilize the Reflex Mastercard for what it is – a credit reparation tool. It’s a tool, so don’t get too attached. Once you’re eligible for a better card, we advise you to go for it!

Other Reflex Mastercard Benefits/ Perks

While there are no bonuses or cashback rewards, the Reflex Mastercard is not without its virtues. It comes with a couple of handy features that many other cards lack.

The primary feature is the monthly report that you’re going to get. You’re going to get a monthly credit report for free, sent to your email address.

 Another essential benefit of this credit card is the ability to increase your already decent spending limit. It’s rare to see this possibility with cards for bad credit, but Reflex Mastercard offers it.

You can improve your credit and even monitor it through the e-statements, and you can do it all through your smartphone. The Reflex Mastercard has its own app, which comes packed with monitoring and recap features.

Costs and Fees

This is by far the biggest issue with the Reflex Mastercard. Often mentioned in this honest review, the Reflex Mastercard is best known for having high APR and annual fees. You can have a meager credit and still get approved for this credit card, but it’s going to be a bad experience if you’re dead broke.

The variable thing is the possible security deposit, which isn’t going to affect all applicants. This means that you will have to place a security deposit which will be returned once you close your account.

If you’re on the lower end of the score spectrum, you’re more likely to be asked for a security deposit. Increasing your spending power is free, but it does require time and improvement to apply for.

Example of Rates and Fees You Can Expect

  • Initial activation fee on signup
  • Monthly fee after the first year of use
  • Fee for the first late payment
  • Fee for the first returned payment
  • The additional credit card fee
  • Fee for the second late or returned payment, within six months of the first one.
  • A fixed foreign transaction fee
  • Cash advance fee
  • Returned payment fee

IMPORTANT: * – Always check terms and conditions for up-to-date fees before applying for the card.

Some of the costs and fees that come with the Reflex Mastercard are listed below:

All of these rates and fees are higher than most of the competition, even when the inferior credit aspect is taken into consideration. But, there isn’t a price set on improving your credit.

How Easy and Convenient Is It to Use the Card?

Convenience is of the utmost priority when you’re attempting to repair your credit. Lucky for you, the Reflex Mastercard is both convenient and straightforward to use. It’s based on the Mastercard platform, which is accepted in over 210 countries all around the globe. If a merchant, trader, or store accepts credit cards, it most likely agrees with the Reflex Mastercard.

If you’re shopping outside of the US, remember the card has a foreign transaction fee (Cards with No FX Fees). This makes it ideal to use the Reflex Mastercard only within the US border.

Qualifications and Requirements

The Reflex Mastercard credit card is purposefully made for credit repair, which makes its approval ratings very high. This is one of it’s most popular features, as the minimum credit rating you’re required to have before you apply for this card is a mere 580. This is a credit score which most Americans have.

The lower your credit score, the larger the possibility of a required security deposit payment. This isn’t a significant amount of money, but it’s still not ideal if you’re broke.

The other requirements that the Reflex Mastercard has are all of the regulars. You need to be of legal age in your country, a US resident with a valid address, and an SSN.

You will also require a checking account in order to make deposits to your Reflex Mastercard. Make sure to open one before applying for this card.

How to Apply

Applying for the Reflex Mastercard is really simple, and will not take much time from your day. You can apply for your new Reflex Mastercard online, through the website. The card requires you to link your account to it, but it does come with some redeeming benefits.

Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card
Reflex Mastercard® Credit Card
146 User Ratings

at Celtic Bank secure site

Card Details

Intro APR


Ongoing APR

25.90% -29.99% (Variable)*

Balance Transfer


Annual Fee

See Terms*

Credit Needed


Snapshot of Card Features

  • See if you're Pre-Qualified with no impact to your credit score
  • All credit types welcome to apply
  • Free access to your Vantage 3.0 score from TransUnion* (When you sign up for e-statements)
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Fast and easy application process; results in seconds
  • Use your card at locations everywhere Mastercard® is accepted
  • Checking Account Required
  • Read the Review of Reflex Mastercard
Open Details +

Before you apply for a credit card, we advise you to gather all of the necessary documents or personal information. This will help you streamline the process and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

For the Reflex Mastercard, you will need to provide a couple of pieces of personal information. None of it is invasive like most other cards, as it’s the bare minimum stated by the federal law for financial institutions.

The information you will have to provide is:

  • Full legal name
  • Your SSN
  • Your date of birth
  • A valid residential address
  • Your email address
  • Your personal phone number

Once you finish filling out all of these required boxes, you’re done with your application process. The status of your application will be reported to you on your email address, as the approval process isn’t immediate. The issuer of the Credit card might have to collect additional information before approving you, and this process can take up to 30 days at times.

 If you’ve been denied, which is very unlikely, you’re most likely going to get an explanation. You can contact the issuer to find out more information on why this is. 

The Bottom Line

There are millions of different credit cards out there, all with their distinctive charm. The Reflex Mastercard is just one addition to this list, with its own unique pros and cons. If you’re suffering from a less than ideal credit, it can be your savior, but salvation comes with a price.

The very high APR and rates make some people stay away from this credit card, but fail to observe its qualities. The approval ratings are simply unmatched, with the Reflex Mastercard accepting people with a 580 or above credit score. It can be instrumental if appropriately used.

There are a couple of benefits to this credit card as well. Even without any rewards or bonuses whatsoever, the Reflex Mastercard comes with its monthly credit statements. This will help you track your credit while you’re improving it and let you know when you can apply for a better card.

Financial status is a personal thing and is very different and distinct based on the person. If you’re a responsible adult who is looking to improve their credit, you can benefit from the Reflex Mastercard.

Reflex Mastercard Contacts

Reflex Mail Support


Reflex Card
P.O. Box 3220
Buffalo, NY 14240-3220

Funding of Security Deposit

Reflex Card
P.O. Box 8099
Newark, DE 19714-8099

Payments on Account

Reflex Card
P.O. Box 6812
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812

Offer Recap

If you’re over the legal age and a US resident, you can apply and most likely get approved for the Reflex Mastercard. The Reflex Mastercard is a credit card purposefully designed for people with either no credit history or a poor score. It is an integral tool in any credit reparation strategy.

Getting approval for this card is a process that requires minimal predispositions and effort, and you’re very unlikely to get denied. You only have to fill out a quick information sheet and have a checking account in order to get approved for this credit card, including a credit over 580.

All of the credit card spending and dues are going to be reported to all three of the major credit bureaus, so you don’t have to worry. If you are always on time and don’t forget any of your dues, this will significantly improve your credit.

Since the APR and rates are so high, when you improve your credit, we advise you to pick up a better credit card.

Reflex Mastercard FAQ. What People Ask about Reflex Mastercard

Does the Reflex Mastercard have any rewards program?2020-03-18T12:32:27-05:00

Sadly, the reflex Mastercard does not offer any rewards or bonus programs at the current moment. This is a popular trend with bad credit credit cards, as they’re purposefully built to improve your credit. Improving your credit is an arduous process, and requires the proper strategy and tools in order to do so. If you’re looking to get a rewards credit card, you will need a better credit score.

You can improve your credit score with the Reflex Mastercard, as it was designed to do so. When you become eligible for a better credit card, you can close your Reflex Mastercard to pursue a better one.

A useful feature of the Reflex Mastercard is its monthly statements that get sent to you on a monthly basis, completely free of charge. This allows you to monitor your credit score, and know when you can start applying for a better card.

Is Reflex a legit credit card?2020-03-08T19:18:54-05:00

The Reflex Mastercard credit card is designed to help you build credit even if you have little or no credit history. This unsecured credit card has a few good things, like not requiring a credit check, reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus and not requiring most of its users to put down a security deposit. However, other secured cards offer similar perks with far fewer fees.

How do I make sure I get accepted for the Reflex Mastercard?2020-03-08T18:54:25-05:00

The acceptance rates on the Reflex Mastercard are unparalleled high compared to all other credit cards. This is mostly due to the low credit score requirement of only 580, which is unmatched by the competition.

To ensure that you’re going to get accepted, you should collect all of your relevant information before applying. When you’ve received all of your information, make sure you don’t make a mistake when filling out the application form. This will increase your chances of getting approved. However, if you have a credit score lower than 580, you’re probably not going to be accepted.

Where can I get a Reflex Mastercard mobile App?2020-03-08T19:05:53-05:00

Use the Reflex Mastercard mobile app so that you can manage your account anytime, anywhere.

Get it on Apple Store Get it on Google Play

Is applying for a Reflex Mastercard tough?2020-03-17T08:42:49-05:00

Absolutely not! Applying for the Reflex Mastercard is as simple as they come, and the whole process will not take up much of your time. You will need to provide all of the most basic information. The information you provide isn’t going to be intrusive and is only the bare minimum that the federal law requires.

As for the application process itself, it’s also elementary. You apply through the internet, and the whole application process will be streamlined and guided on the beautiful, utilitarian website. You’re going to get the entire process finished in a matter of minutes, only leaving behind the waiting process.

The waiting process is a fickle thing, though, as it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a full month.

What is the purchasing power of the Reflex Mastercard?2020-03-08T19:10:04-05:00

This is one thing where the Reflex Mastercard credit card really shines. Unlike most of the competition in the credit improvement niche of credit cards, the Reflex Credit card’s initial spending limit is set to 500$. This purchasing power is further amplified by the ability to increase your credit limit.

This ability becomes available after a set amount of time and a set amount of money spent. You can increase your credit limit to a whopping $1500 if you’re responsible enough, and you can accomplish this in a mere 6 months. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Take into account the high APR, annual fees, and fixed foreign transaction fees when you’re spending with your Reflex Mastercard. It reports all of the harmful activity to all three major credit bureaus as well. This can damage your credit score if you’re not careful.

Is Reflex Mastercard a secure credit card?2020-03-18T12:31:21-05:00

While the Reflex Mastercard isn’t a secure credit card (Explained), it does have one nasty feature to it. The lower your credit score is, the likelihood of a security deposit rises. This is a credit card for repairing bad credit and doesn’t come with any benefits of a secure credit card.

The amount of the deposit varies on the state of your credit score. If your credit score is currently scraping the minimum possible requirement for acceptance, you can get a security deposit demand from $50 up to 500$. You shouldn’t worry too much about this, as all of your money is going to be refunded the moment you close your account associated with the Reflex Mastercard.

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