Choosing your very first-starter credit card is a hard thing to do. There are so many options available that many don’t know where to start. Many financial experts and specialists recommend that you start practicing healthy financial habits as soon as possible.

This is what leads to building good credit and establishing a healthy credit history. If your credit journey is just about to begin, and you don’t want to get a secured credit card, you should consider getting a starter credit card. However, this is where the trouble starts. With so many options, it’s almost impossible to make an educated choice without having at least some basic knowledge of what to look for.

You need a well-rounded unsecured credit card with top benefits and other perks that will increase your chance at qualifying for a credit card with better rewards thereafter. We’re going to cover some basic details you should know when choosing your starter credit cards wisely and responsibly.

How Does a Starter Credit Card Work?

A starter card is a credit card for beginners. It doesn’t require a good credit score or credit history. It is the unsecured credit card that offers near-identical benefits to traditional cards. You can earn some rewards and avoid interest charges if you manage your line of credit responsibly.

The difference between starter credit cards and traditional cards is that you’re getting the same unsecured card with lower benefits and higher fees, but you need no credit history or zero credit score to pre-qualify. Usually these cards require you to have a checking account or a debit card that can be linked together.

Your starter credit card is an excellent way to start building your credit history, raise your credit score, and start working your way up to qualifying for a better credit card. Certain starter cards give you a timeline for doing so.

When choosing your starter credit cards, look for offers with bonuses, rewards, and reasonable fees. Keep in mind that it’s paramount to spend what you can afford to pay, make your due payments on time, and pay your balance in full each month.

When it comes to the best credit cards for starters, here are some to choose from.

What are the Best Cards to Start Building Credit?

If you want to start building your credit, here are our top picks of credit cards for rebuilding and building your credit:

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