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Do You Need a Credit Card That Suits Your Specific Needs?
Compare & Contrast Different Credit Cards, Apply Online in Just a Few Clicks!
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Do You Need a Credit Card That Suits Your Specific Needs?

Compare & Contrast Different Credit Cards, Apply Online in Just a Few Clicks!

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Can a credit card improve my credit score?2019-09-16T16:49:32-05:00

Having a credit card should be able to improve your credit score, under the condition that you are a responsible cardholder. This means that you need to pay your credit card bills in full and on time, as well to keep your monthly spendings well under your pre-set credit card limit.

How do I repair/ build my credit with Milestone Mastercard?2020-07-06T02:04:46-05:00

Repairing your credit is not as easy as having a great card. While the cards in question will be a valuable tool for your credit reparation and building process, the most important thing is responsibility. Pay all of your dues on time, and you can rest assured knowing that your credit score is increasing.

When your credit score rises to a particular level, you can opt for a better card with more features. This will only be available once you’ve got your credit score up to a specific level – Good or Excellent.

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How do I calculate the money I will be saving?2019-09-16T16:55:56-05:00

Not every balance transfer is bound to save money. Before deciding which credit card company to choose and whether to do a transfer at all, you will have to do calculations on your own.

Start with assessing how much you will have to pay off if nothing changes (don’t forget to include the interest rate on your current card).

Once you have the total amount of your debt, start looking at offers. Assess how much money you can pay monthly. Take the balance fee, 0% APR period, and interest rate that kicks in after it into account.

See how much debt remains after the intro period is over, and calculate the interest rate on the remaining sum to see how much money a balance transfer will help you save.

Are there any fees related to balance transfers?2019-09-16T16:59:27-05:00

The balance transfer comes at a price. Most commonly, you will have to pay a balance transfer fee. This fee will be 3 to 5% of the total amount you want to transfer, and it is paid only once.

There are some credit card companies, though, that also includes an annual fee. Make sure to go through their terms to find out if there are any additional fees that you will have to pay.

Can a credit card limit be changed?2019-07-16T23:56:37-05:00

Yes, a credit card limit can be changed. If you are a responsible cardholder, most credit card issuers will increase your limit every 6 to 12 months. In case you can’t wait for that long, you can submit a request in a branch, via phone, or online.

What Are Secured Credit Cards?2019-09-16T11:38:09-05:00

Secured credit cards are cards designed for building or rebuilding credit. They differ from regular cards in that you must make a deposit (refundable) to open your account, and there’s usually no credit check.

Who can get a credit card?2019-09-16T16:45:36-05:00

In order to get your own credit card, you need to meet certain criteria. Persons under 18 can only get co-signed to an adult’s credit card; they cannot owe one by themselves. More importantly, you need to have at least some credit score to be eligible for a credit card.

What’s the procedure for getting a credit card?2019-09-16T16:47:55-05:00

After you’ve checked your credit score, determined what type of card you need, and chosen a credit card issuer, you need to submit an application for a new credit card. You can do this in a branch, via phone, or online. The issuer will accept or deny your application based on your credit report.

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