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Choosing your own credit card issuer is just as important as choosing the type of credit card that you need. Your interest rates, benefits, incentives, and more all depend on the issuer. Synovus Bank is the preferred issuer for thousands of people in the Southeastern states. It's a reliable bank that offers numerous financial products for individual consumers and businesses alike. You can choose from low interest cards, cards for bad credit scores, instant decision credit cards, and more. Most of their cardholders receive plenty of benefits and free features, so this might just be the right issuer for you. Below you'll find a comparison of the best Synovus Bank credit cards. Get informed and choose the best credit card for you.

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When choosing the right kind of credit card for yourself, one of the most important things to consider is the credit card issuer. The bank or credit union that you go to for your card is the one in charge of almost everything related to your card. Your credit card issuer will set the requirements, and be in charge of your terms and conditions, rates and fees, and rewards and bonuses.

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you might want to consider some of Synovus Bank credit cards. Synovus is one of the more popular choices in the Southeastern states and has a wide variety of financial products for individuals as well as businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at Synovus Bank credit card offers to help you figure out whether this is the right bank for you.

Synovus Bank Overview

Synovus Bank has a very unique and interesting history. The bank was established in 1888 after an incident at a textile mill where a worker’s clothing got entangled in one of the machines, spilling the money she’d sewn into the hem of her dress on the floor. When the manager noticed, he offered to keep her money safe at the mill and pay her interest. This soon became common practice for the workers of the mill, and the bank developed from there. (About Synovus Bank)

Based in Columbus, Georgia, the bank is today the preferred choice of the people in the Southeastern states. It enjoys a good reputation for safety and customer service.

Currently, Synovus has 39 branches in total in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, and it has numerous additional subsidiaries for a mortgage, trust, and brokerage. It offers a wide variety of financial services, and Synovus Bank credit cards are among the good ones on the market.

Synovus Bank as a Credit Card Issuer

The Bank is a credit card issuer that offers credit cards from both Visa and Mastercard networks. As an issuer, this bank will be in charge of:

  • Denying or accepting your credit card application
  • Setting the terms and conditions of your credit account
  • Offering credit card rewards and benefits
  • Setting the requirements
  • Paying for your transactions
  • Setting the rates and fees
  • Collecting your credit card payments
  • Setting your credit card limit

With a Synovus card, you will get most of the secondary benefits of Visa and MasterCard networks.

If you decide to apply for a credit card, your fees, rates, and other credit card features will mostly depend on your credit card score. The issuer will offer you better terms if you have a higher credit score.

Synovus Bank Credit Card Types

The Synovus Bank offers various types of credit cards, and you can find the type that suits your needs regardless of how good or bad your credit score is. On the whole, this banks cards are known for having lower fees, so any card you choose should work well for you. With a Synovus card offers, you can easily maximize your cashback on gas, groceries, restaurant purchases, and more.

Some of the credit card types you can find include, but are not limited to:

You will need to contact teh bank to find out whether you’re eligible for their credit cards, and to learn more about the rates, fees, rewards, and bonuses you could be offered.

Synovus Bank credit cards come with some very nice rewards, but better rewards typically come with higher fees. If you don’t intend on using the rewards, the higher fees might not be worth it. When choosing your card, make sure that the rewards are valuable to you personally and that they’re worth the fees you’ll have to pay.

Synovus Bank Credit Cards for Poor Credit

If you have a poor credit score, you’ll likely still be able to get a valuable Synovus Bank card. The bank has many cards on offer that are designed for those with poor credit, and some of their best offers include secured credit cards. (See: Secured Cards Explained)

This Bank reports to all the major credit bureaus, so using your card responsibly will help you improve your credit score. (See: Credit Reporting Cards Explained, Card Offers Reporting Credit )

You’ll be able to apply for some of the best instant approval credit cards online, even with poor credit, and you’ll be able to find out the status of your application within just a few minutes. Applying online is safe and easy, and you’ll be able to use your new credit card in almost no time at all.

Synovus Bank Customer Service & Contacts

Toll-Free Number: 888-796-6887 (English & Spanish)
Online Contact Form/ Chat:
Emails: [email protected]
Corporate Office Address: P.O. Box 120, Columbus GA 31902
Hours of Operation: MON-FRI 9AM-5PM (ET)

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