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Dealing with credits and credit cards can be very confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Although you can get some information directly from your bank, many bank tellers use jargon that’s difficult to understand and often leaves you even more confused. And let’s not even get into the fine print of your credit card contracts that are about as understandable as Egyptian hieroglyphs are to the average person. So, we’ve made it our goal at Market Pro Secure® to keep you informed and to help you make better financial decisions by providing you with the information that’s easy to understand. In this Learn section, you can learn all you need to know about your credit and credit cards. All the information and advice is kept straightforward, and you can always contact us if you have any additional questions.

8 Personal Finance Myths – Busted


Finances are one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. However, we are constantly facing all kinds of misinformation about personal finance, which often leads people to make serious mistakes and they end up paying for decades. So, let’s take a look at the most frequent personal finance myths and why you shouldn’t believe in them.

8 Personal Finance Myths – Busted2020-11-18T13:19:49-06:00

How to Choose the Right Credit Card in 6 Simple Steps


When shopping around for the right credit card it is most important to find the one with features that match your needs as it can save you money on interest and fees. We have developed five steps system which would help you in process of choosing the right credit card.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card in 6 Simple Steps2020-08-17T18:07:40-05:00

5 Situations When You Should Close Your Credit Card


Closing your credit card could reflect quite poorly on your credit history and is not always a great idea. However, there are 5 situations when you should close your card immediately. In this article, we’ll discuss how closing your card affects your credit, and list a few ways how to do it harmlessly.

5 Situations When You Should Close Your Credit Card2020-07-20T21:21:09-05:00

Student Loan Forgiveness Ultimate Guide


Student loans can help you invest in a better future or can be a massive burden on you for many many years to come. If you have a student loan at the moment or you think about getting one in the future, you should learn more about what makes them unique and what is the Student Loan Forgiveness. Read a full comprehensive SLF guide here.

Student Loan Forgiveness Ultimate Guide2020-04-13T19:44:19-05:00

The Anatomy Of Tax Brackets in 2020


Understanding taxes isn’t the easiest thing. The complications and complexity that taxes bring to the table are all due to numerous institutions and laws that regulate the taxes. You will have to file many different kinds of taxes, all of which can be confusing by themselves. See Tax brackets for 2020 explained in details

The Anatomy Of Tax Brackets in 20202020-08-21T13:34:21-05:00

Credit Cards Reporting Credit Explained


What credit cards reporting credit to credit Bureaus implies and how it differs from standard or traditional credit cards. Detailed credit report card explanation and analysis. What is the credit score and why it is important?

Credit Cards Reporting Credit Explained2020-02-23T14:03:42-06:00

13 Reasons to Carry a Secured Card


Before anyone starts thinking about whether they need to carry a secured card or not, they should first know what these credit cards are and why they are important.

13 Reasons to Carry a Secured Card2020-08-08T22:17:33-05:00

Credit Card Basics You Should Know


Credit cards are payment cards that allow cardholders to borrow money until they've reached the credit limit of the card. Cardholders use the card for transactions which are then added to the bill. An important thing to remember is that credit cards come with purchase interest if the holder is carrying a balance.

Credit Card Basics You Should Know2020-02-23T14:43:04-06:00

How to Stay Safe Online. Safety Tips.


Consumers have been amazed that cybercrime now affects more people hourly than the number of babies born! It's important to be safe when shopping online - read compilated tips and tricks for being safer this year.

How to Stay Safe Online. Safety Tips.2020-02-26T19:07:41-06:00

Shopping Credit Cards Explained


Shopping credit cards are merchandise credit or store card offers that allows cardholders to get unsecured credit for a store or online purchases. Shopping credit cards are usually designed for fair, bad or limited credit score holders and allow them to get credit, rewards and various incentives.

Shopping Credit Cards Explained2020-02-26T19:22:40-06:00

How to Avoid Identity Theft


Identity Theft stories shared with tips on what precautions to take in order to protect your ID online and offline. The "dumpster diving" and your Identity.

How to Avoid Identity Theft2020-10-23T11:38:37-05:00
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