First Latitude Secured Card Review

Updated: Jul 4, 2024

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Introducing the New First Latitude Secured, the Platinum Credit Card from Synovus Bank that Helps You Establish Credit

Coming from a renowned and reputable Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA, The First Latitude Platinum Mastercard Secured Card offers a wide range of different benefits for all those who are looking to build their credit. Since Synovus Bank is one of the most trusted card issuers in the Southeastern states, its financial products are known to be beneficial to users. Each of their offerings is designed for different users, while their offerings are carefully tailored to cover the most demanding needs of cardholders. With that in mind, we’re going to share our honest review of their First Latitude Mastercard Secured Card so that you get a profound understanding of what this card has to offer and how it can benefit you, should you choose to apply.

  • The First Latitude Platinum Secured Card – is best for those looking to establish their credit score, who would like to add a security deposit of up to $2,000 and are ok to pay an annual fee while getting monthly credit reporting to all 3 Bureaus.
First Latitude Platinum Secured

Offer Details

First Latitude Secured Card is designed for all those users who are interested in building their credits while enjoying an array of additional benefits and rewards along the way. The card reports to major credit bureaus every month, which allows every new user to build and rebuild their credit and establish a new credit history. That opens a window of financial opportunities. What makes this card a bit different from other similar financial products on the market is its low requirements. Even people with a minimum credit score or no credit history can apply. Aside from the easy application, fees and rates are quite acceptable, which will be suitable for many different types of users. Those with excellent scores can benefit even more while those with poor credit get a new financial lifeline and support. It’s also a card with no annual fee.

Other key takeaways include up to $2,000 credit line, full Mastercard benefits, no credit check, and credit reporting. Now, what makes this card really interesting is the bank’s level of transparency and willingness to help their users make the most out of every benefit. You can best see that in their effort to cut down on the additional costs imposed by third-parties payment vendors. To allow cardholders to go around these separate costs, the bank offers new users to open a bank account for paying their monthly dues. All this, combined with easy application and expedited processing, only make this card even more attractive. If you’re a rebuilder who can’t apply for other unsecured or secured cards, this Mastercard could be the best option for you.

Despite being rejected by other secured or unsecured cards, you can still apply for this card and be approved. That’s what makes this card one of the best options for rebuilding your credit.

Why We Like the First Latitude Platinum Credit Card

The First Latitude Mastercard is one of the most accessible secured credit cards recently. While people with any credit score can benefit from getting it, this card is simply designed to help rebuilders find their financial grounds again. There are two great benefits that this card has to offer to those who are in need of rebuilding their credits:

  • Reduced annual fees – this is actually a rare benefit as most card issuers don’t have annual rates reduced for the first year. That alone is an excellent way to save some money and practice responsible financial behavior.
  • No credit checks – the majority of card issuers always check credit reports and history before they approve new users, but the First Latitude Mastercard Secured Card skips credit checks and approves new users, even if they’ve been rejected by other unsecured and secured card issuers.

These two benefits alone are good enough reasons for any rebuilder to consider getting this card. With no minimum credit score requirement and three-bureau monthly reports, this card could be the financial solution that many cardholders need to build or rebuild their credit and improve credit history also, along the way. Just make sure you make timely payments, and you get a chance to make your credit score look good, both visually and on paper. If paying an APR and making a minimal deposit, don’t pose a problem for you, this card is for you.

What Can Be Better

Minimum security deposit

While it’s true that users can count on useful benefits by applying for this card, it isn’t without its imperfections. Some things could be much better. First of all, people who are into rebuilding their credit won’t take kindly to the fact that the card requires a $200 minimum security deposit as security.

Limited maximum

Then, there is also the fact that the initial credit line is equal to the minimum deposit. Since the credit line goes up to $2,000 and can’t be exceeded, many rebuilders might find this to be an issue in the long term.

High-interest rate

The interest rate is rather high, and there’s no cashback, rewards program, or signup bonus. In comparison to some other credit cards, this doesn’t sound too good.

Foreign transaction fee

There’s also a fee for all foreign transactions, while other fees include expedited telephone returns and late payments. Last on our list is the limited range of options when it comes to customer support. You can only contact customer support via snail mail or online.

Since this card doesn’t include any rewards programs, we recommend that you go with other similar solutions such as shopping cards. These cards usually offer rewards on purchases, discounts, and price reductions.

The Card Designed for those Who

  • need to rebuild or build a credit score,
  • want to establish credit history,
  • are ok with making a secured deposit,
  • do not need physical bank presence,
  • looking for a card to use every day,
  • and, are would like to use special Mastercard offers.
While anyone with any credit score can qualify, you have to be at least 18 and older to apply for this card. If you’re a resident of Nebraska or Alabama, you have to be at least 19.

First Latitude Secured Costs and Fees

Having fees is a normal thing as there’s no card that comes free of charge. Read on to see what fees and rates this card includes. While Synovus Bank doesn’t have very high fees, the APR for the First Latitude Secured Card is rather a high one. However, they compensate for this by offering a card with no annual fee. The interest rate is also high, but there are no additional or hidden charges as well as surprise costs.

MasterCard feesRates and charges
Foreign transactions fees
Cash advance fee
Penalty fees
Late payment fees
Returned payment fees
APR for purchases
APR for cash advances
Paying interest
Minimum interest charge
Expedited telephone payment

What are Qualification Requirements?

No annual fee and low application requirements are the best benefits this card has to offer. However, there are certain requirements and qualifications you must go through before you get approved. We already mentioned that every new applicant has to be 18 and above. All non-US residents or people in Wisconsin, New York, Iowa, and Arkansas are not allowed to apply for this card. Here are the requirements:

  • Full name
  • Contact information
  • Your residential status
  • Your annual income
  • Proof of source of income
  • Employment information
  • Your Social Security number

However, this option isn’t without a fee, so expect to pay this fee upfront, which allows you to prolong the time needed to make your deposit payment up to 90 days. The moment Synovus Bank receives your payment, your card is available to you within one business day.

Since you’ll be required to make a 200$ security deposit to validate your application, there is a way to go around this requirement, in case that you’re not in a financial position to do so at the moment of application. Simply select the option Apply now and fund later.

How to Apply for First Latitude Mastercard

Applying for the First Latitude Secured Mastercard is an easy process, and the procedure is rather straightforward. There is only one way to apply, and that is online. The procedure is quick and easy. You’ll need a valid ID to apply, as well as leave your personal and contact information by answering a couple of questions. Use a valid email address to verify your application. There are 5 sections that require your attention:

  1. Personal info
  2. Contact details
  3. Finance and basic info
  4. Agreements
  5. Funding
You can apply regardless of having a credit history or not, and with poor credit. However, having a good or high credit score significantly improves your chances of approval.

First Latitude Secured Card Competition

IssuerAnnual FeeCredit LineReview
First Latitude SecuredSynovus BankSee terms$100 – $2,000First Latitude Review
Sable One SecuredCoastal Community Bank$0$10 – $10,000Sable One Review
Applied Bank GoldApplied Bank$48$200 – $5,000Applied Bank Gold Review
Fortiva Mastercard w/ RewardsBank of MissouriSee termsup to $1,000
First Progress EliteSynovus Bank$29$200 – $2,000First Progress Review
Merrick Bank SecuredMerrick Bank$36$200 – $10,000Merrick Bank Secured Card Review
Chime SecuredStride Bank N.A.$0from $200Chime vs Netspend

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Bottom Line

First Latitude Secured MasterCard comes from a reliable bank with countless satisfied customers and cardholders. It’s a secured Mastercard card that provides a nice range of useful benefits at affordable prices. Since the card comes from the Mastercard network, it’s accepted anywhere in the world, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. With no annual fee, easy application, no credit history requirement, and low fees, this is rather an attractive card for all those who are into improving their credit score, building, or rebuilding their credit. If you’re looking for a card that could help you improve your credit history, this card could help as it reports to all three major credit bureaus.

Put simply, this is a great card that’s easily accessible to people with poor or bad credit or no credit history at all. If you’ve never used any of the Synovus Bank financial products, this card might be an excellent way to get you introduced to their amazing offer.

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