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Updated: Nov 11, 2020
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Having an effective and easy-to-use, secure card that is accepted all over the world and easily accessible is a benefit that many find extremely useful. Well, the First Latitude MasterCard Secured Credit Card issued by Synovus Bank, member FDIC, all that and more.

It allows users to access a huge Mastercard network of retailers, vendors, and merchants, as well as a wide range of additional benefits that make using this card a breeze. With no annual fee, credit reporting, easy online application, low requirements, and the fact that anyone can apply, this is quite an attractive card that can help all those who are looking for a financial option to build, rebuild and establish a good credit line.

You can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. The card allows applications even from those who have already been rejected for other secured and unsecured financial solutions. You can establish your credit history and regulate your financial situation with a few easy steps.

This card is an excellent solution to credit improvement and re-establishing your credit history while earning points along the way. Every cardholder that showcases a high level of financial responsibility gets a chance of approval for the credit line increase.

If all these benefits are precisely what you want from a financial solution like this one, this card might be exactly what you're looking for.




25.99% (Variable)*



68 User Ratings First Latitude Mastercard® Secured Credit Card
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Introductory APR
Intro APR Period
Minimum Credit Score
Bad Credit OK*

Key Features

  • No Annual Fee! Build up your credit with responsible card use.
  • Get Approved Fast. Just Click Below to Start the Process!
  • Good for Car Rental, Hotels; Anywhere Credit Cards are Accepted!
  • No Credit History or Minimum Credit Score Required for Approval
  • Monthly Reporting to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus to Establish Credit History
  • Just Pay Off Your Balance and Receive Your Deposit Back at Any Time
  • Credit Line Secured by Your Fully-Refundable Deposit of $200 -- $2,000 Submitted with Application
  • 24/7 Online Access to Your Account
$ 0 2020-11-29 InStock

Our Take

According to many satisfied cardholders in the Southeastern states, this Mastercard is one of the most popular options, especially among those who are into secured credit cards. It's mostly popular due to instant access, wide accessibility, and the fact that you can apply without leaving the comfort of your home. With no annual maintenance fee, 3-bureau reports, no ...

According to many satisfied cardholders in the Southeastern states, this Mastercard is one of the most popular options, especially among those who are into secured credit cards. It's mostly popular due to instant access, wide accessibility, and the fact that you can apply without leaving the comfort of your home.

With no annual maintenance fee, 3-bureau reports, no credit checks, and easy application, anyone can apply, even if they've already been rejected for secured or unsecured cards. The card issuer doesn't take credit scores into account, although having a good credit score and history can help you get approved.

This is an excellent secured card (Explained) for establishing a new credit history and building credit. Up your financial game and get ahead of your finances.

Who Is This Card for?

This card isn't targeting any specific demographic. So, anyone can apply, really. It's mostly geared toward those who can't count on other similar financial options or have applied for secured/unsecured cards but got rejected.

If you're struggling with poor credit or are looking for an effective way to establish a good credit history, the First Latitude Secured Mastercard is the solution to your problems. If you showcase financial responsibility, you increase your chances of enjoying even more benefits.

The card is accepted anywhere in the world, online and otherwise.

First Latitude Mastercard Secured Card Benefits

Aside from an exceptional level of convenience, this card offers a couple of great benefits that you can use to save money along the way. No annual fee allows any additional charges off the table.

While APR is a bit high, the card reports to all major credit bureaus (Explained), allowing the cardholder to significantly improve their credit score and history.

If we add the fact that you get almost an instant answer upon submitting your application, and that you can use this card anywhere on the planet, you have yourself an easy-to-use secured card. Even though new users are required to make a security deposit, this amount is refundable in full.

However you take it, this card can really help improve your financial situation and re-establish your financial grounds once again. One of the greatest benefits of this card is the option to increase your credit line.

Although it takes time, you can get approved for up to $5,000, if you express a responsible financial behavior.

Finally, the fact that anyone can apply regardless of their current financial state, credit, and credit history, is also a huge benefit. Even those who've been rejected for other secured and unsecured cards, get a chance to get approved.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Just like with any financial product, this card isn't perfect. There are a couple of disadvantages, although none of these are that big of a deal. The first one would be a high APR. Since the card doesn't include an annual fee, that's how the card issuer is mitigating those expenses.

Then, there are no rewards programs, cashback, or discounts when making purchases online. If you're shopping outside of your country, there are foreign transaction fees. Finally, customer service options are limited to either snail mail or contact online.

One of the disadvantages is the security deposit requirement. Many people who need to rebuild their credit aren't in a financial position to fulfill such a requirement. While this might look like a negative thing, there's also a positive aspect to it.

Those who can't make a deposit payment now can choose to make it later. The application form allows this option. New users can choose to apply now and fund later, which allows them a 90-day grace period.

Should You Use This Card?

If we take all the facts, pros, cons, benefits, and disadvantages into our consideration, we can safely say that anyone who needs a way to re-establish credit and credit history should give this card a try.

This is a good card for credit building, while it also allows cardholders to enjoy a high level of convenience and accessibility.

Its fees are low, and even though the card does include rather a high APR, other benefits make up for these charges. If you pay your balance in a timely manner, you get a chance to increase your credit line. While there are other similar solutions that you can use to build and rebuild your credit, this card offers low application requirements that will suit the needs of many.

Get hold of your finances, get back in control, and find your financial grounds while enjoying additional perks along the way. Choose your credit line, get a card with a range of features that you can use anywhere in the world, and online and start establishing a positive credit history.


  • No Annual fee
  • Instant decision
  • 3 Major Credit Bureaus reporting
  • Excellent solution for credit Improvement
  • Great for re-establishing your credit history


  • High APR
  • No intro rates
  • No rewards
  • Foreign transaction and other fees
  • Limited customer support features

Basic Information

Issuer: Synovus Bank
Network: Mastercard®
Category: Consumer (Secured)
Common Uses:
  • Cards for Bad Credit
  • No Credit / New to Credit
  • Building Credit
  • Damaged Credit
Rewards: No

Rates & Fees

Introductory APR (%): N/A
Applied Towards: N/A
Intro Period: N/A
Regular APR: 25.99%
Regular APR Type: Variable*
Annual Fee: $0*
Balance Transfer: No*
APR on Cash Advances: 25.99%*
Grace Period: 25 days*
Late Payment Fee: $40*

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- Not yet available in NY, IA, AR, or WI

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First Latitude Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

First Latitude Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

Min. Credit Required: Bad Credit OK*