4 Upgrade Credit Cards (Classic, Rewards, Triple Rewards, and Bitcoin Rewards) Compared Side-by-side with Similarities, Differences, Competition, and Benefits Outlined

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

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Upgrade Cards Review: Upgrade Bitcoin vs Triple Cash vs Cash Rewards vs Classic Card

If you’re looking for convenient credit cards that are different from other traditional offers and combine the convenience of fixed payments of a personal loan, lower rates, and benefits of a Visa card, Upgrade cards might be right up your alley. Upgrade offers four Visa credit cards with similar benefits and rewards, but each is fundamentally different. Whether you need a card for improving credit with no fees, getting cash back on payments for specific categories, or earning bitcoin rewards, Upgrade credit cards offer the flexibility of a credit card combined with the predictability and low cost of a personal loan. All four cards come with no fees, affordable rate monthly balances, equal monthly payments, and set payoffs, and can be used online or at retail locations. Let’s compare Upgrade credit cards so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Upgrade Bitcoin Card – best for those cryptocurrency-driven applicants who plan to earn unlimited bitcoin rewards while using the card credit nationally and internationally.
  • Upgrade Cash Rewards Card – best for those who want to transfer their balances and want to earn rewards on all purchases while paying no annual fee.
  • Classic Upgrade Card – best for those who do not wish to earn rewards and are mostly interested in balance transfer or Upgrade Personal Loan but still want to have a card with no annual fee and no international transaction fee.
  • Upgrade Triple Cash Card – best for those who plan to spend mainly in Auto, Health, and Home categories, thus earn higher cash back rewards and have direct access to the Upgrade Loan.

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Upgrade cards compared

Upgrade Cards Comparison Table

Cash RewardsTriple Cash RewardsBitcoin RewardsUpgrade Card
Annual Fee$0 $0 $0 $0
Regular APR 8.99% -29.99%8.99% -29.99%8.99% -29.99%8.99% -29.99%
Cash Advance$0$0$0$0
Late Fee$0$0$0$0
Returned Payment$0$0$0$0
Foreign Trans Fee$0$0$0$0
Welcome Bonus$200 Bonus1$200 Bonus1$200 Bonus2
RewardsUnlimited 1.5% cash backUnlimited 1% – 3% cash backUnlimited 1.5% backNo rewards
Reward CategoriesAll transactionsHome, Auto, and Health Bitcoins
Credit Limit$500 to $25,000*$500 to $25,000*$500 to $25,000*$500 to $25,000*
ReviewUpgrade Rewards Card ReviewUpgrade Bitcoin Comparison
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4 Upgrade Cards Rewards + 1 Personal Loan

Financial startup Upgrade offers a suite of Visa credit cards that combine the features of personal loans and credit cards. They offer 4 unsecured cards and 1 personal loan:

  1. Cash Rewards – unlimited 1.5% cash back on payments, no fees, average to excellent credit requirement;
  2. Triple Cash Rewards – unlimited 3% cash back on payments for health, auto, and home purchases, earn 1% cash back on all other purchases, no fees, average to excellent credit requirement;
  3. Bitcoin Rewards – unlimited 1.5% cash back in bitcoin, no fees except bitcoin exchange fee, average to excellent credit requirement. Each payment you make on your purchases will buy you bitcoin, kept in a cryptocurrency wallet;
  4. Classic Card – credit line from $500 to $25,000, no fees, excellent for improving credit but doesn’t offer any rewards.
  5. Personal Loan – affordable loan of up to $50,000 with low rates

Upgrade credit cards are issued by Sutton Bank and can be used as you would use a regular Visa credit card. Any unpaid balances will be automatically converted to installment plans that allow the cardholder to make equal monthly payments with an affordable interest rate. You make your monthly payments over a set period, just like a personal loan. The cards can also be used as personal loans. Each card has a credit line that you can borrow against. To use this feature, cardholders need to request that their funds be sent to their bank accounts.

Upgrade Cards Similarities

The Upgrade cards share quite similar features, so much that they are nearly identical. All offer the benefit of no transaction fees and the same range of interest rates and credit limits. The terms for qualifying, though, can differ depending on factors like your credit score, credit usage history, and so on. You can use all cards internationally at no foreign transaction fees. The cards also share some limitations:

  • Upgrade cards can’t be used at ATMs for cash advances;
  • Cardholders aren’t allowed to transfer their balances from another credit card onto any Upgrade credit card.

The cards work the same way. Cardholders earn their rewards by making payments toward their balance instead of earning as they spend. The only exception is the Upgrade Visa card for improving credit. While it can help to improve your credit, the card doesn’t offer a rewards program.

All Upgrade cards have the same credit needed recommendations- Excellent, Good, Fair, or Average.

Upgrade Cards Differences

The only difference between Upgrade Cash Rewards, Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards, Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards, and Classic Upgrade Card is the rewards program. The Upgrade Visa Cash Rewards offers a reward of earning 1.5% cashback at a flat rate. The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa has tiered cash back reward structure, allowing you to earn 3% cashback in a wide range of health, auto, and home purchases, including:

  • Home improvement and hardware stores;
  • Home appliances and furniture;
  • Cleaning and landscaping services;
  • Auto repairs, dealership, and auto parts purchases;
  • Sporting goods stores, gym equipment purchases directly from vendors, gym memberships;
  • Pharmacies and doctor’s visits;
  • Beauty and health services.

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card differs from the rest by offering cryptocurrency rewards. This card is part of the growing selection of cryptocurrency rewards cards and allows the cardholder to earn 1.5% back in bitcoin. Each time you make a payment on a purchase, bitcoins will be purchased and held in your crypto wallet. The crypto wallet is provided by a trading and custody platform, NYDIG. While you can’t transfer your bitcoins to a separate wallet, you can trade them after a 90-day holding period in the form of a statement credit. If you sell your bitcoins, the proceeds will subject you to a 1.5% transaction fee. The only card that doesn’t offer any rewards is the Upgrade Card. Instead, it allows you to improve your credit by granting a personal line of credit.

Upgrade Credit Cards – Benefits, Pros, and Cons

– No fees to acquire and use the cards;
– An excellent alternative to balance transfer offers;
– An option to choose cash back or improving credit;
– Hybrid credit card/personal loan financial tool;
No annual fee, activation, or maintenance;
– No foreign transaction fees;
– Qualify with average credits;
– High rewards rate;
– Reports to all three major credit bureaus
– No sign-up bonus offer;
– Limited availability;
– Some benefits of traditional credit cards are lacking (0% intro APR);
– No option to save up your cash back;
– Upgrade cards are not available to residents of Washington, D.C.

Other Upgrade Cards Benefits

  • Available to those with fair, good, and excellent credit scores (FICO scores 600 and up for cash back and bitcoin rewards);
  • Earning cash back rewards on all purchases and a chance to improve credit (Upgrade Card)
  • Affordable monthly payments and no fees;
  • Top features like no hard pull on your credit report and access to a virtual card;
  • Standard benefits of a Visa credit card;
  • Predictable payments of a personal loan and lower costs;
  • Top security features.

Upgrade Cards Competition and Alternatives

Card NameIssuerAnnual FeeBonusRewardsApplication
BlockFi Bitcoin RewardsEvolve Bank & Trust$03.5% back in bitcoins for 3 monthsUnlimited 1.5% bitcoin rewardsClaim this offer
Aspiration Zero MastercardBeneficial State Bank$60Get $300 for saving the planetUp to 5% cash backClaim this offer
Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Bank$9560,000 bonus points2% to 5% Unlimited Reward pointsClaim this offer
Owners Rewards Card by M1Celtic BankSee terms1 year free M1 Plus MembershipUp to $10% cash backClaim this offer
Stilt Debit MastercardOther Issuers$0No SSN is requiredClaim this offer

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the right Upgrade card for you, it all comes down to how you want to earn and redeem rewards. When you’re looking to build your credit, an Upgrade Card is the best option. If you have a major, health, auto, or home purchase coming up, the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards is the most suitable solution. When you’re more into trading cryptocurrencies, the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa is the right choice for your needs. If earning cash rewards on payments is all you need, the Upgrade Cash Rewards is the card you’re looking for.

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