FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

One low fee for multiple teen cards. No worries - good money habits.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

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The FamZoo prepaid teen debit card is designed to be used by entire families. FamZoo debit card helps parents teach their kids how to manage finances. These cards can be used by families living in US territory and are a great tool for tracking spending while not having to deal with any overdraft fees. Parents receive a primary card while their kids get additional ones (up to 4) that are tied to the main account. There is no restriction on the number of kids/ cards per account.

Parents can transfer allowance and other funds to their children's accounts and use various features to help them learn about managing their balances. These cards come with minimum fees, but they have a fixed monthly cost. You can reload FamZoo with a direct deposit and many other options. The FamZoo debit card also offers a 1-month free subscription and instant online decision.


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FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

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Key Features

  • Try FamZoo for up to 60 days FREE!
  • Prepaid MasterCard cards for kids, teens, and parents. Includes a financial app
  • 4 Subscription plans starting as low as 63 cents per card per month
  • Order online. No credit check. Try for free.
  • No risk of debt, overdraft, or hidden fees
  • Free card load and ATM options
  • No international transaction fee
  • Retain parental visibility and control
  • Move money instantly between family members
  • Automatically track purchases

Our Take

FamZoo was founded in 2006. This prepaid card provider has built its service around teaching young kids the value of money and managing it properly. The company works together with Mastercard and TransCard, to provide FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard and the FamZoo IOU app – the best services possible, including quality support, security, and compliance. The whole company was started by a parent who understood that children aren’t getting the necessary knowledge they need to manage their personal finances. The root of financial problems for many people is a lack of understanding of the economy, money, and financial responsibility.

Why the FamZoo?

Every parent wants to teach their kids valuable lessons from practical examples. One of the major lessons we must teach our kids as parents are how to use money. Just think about it, if you learned certain things on time, wouldn’t you be able to avoid a lot of big financial mistakes?

What’s done is done, and we learned our lessons the hard way. Luckily, we can do a lot to help our kids avoid the same mistakes and learn financial responsibility from the very start of their adult lives. This is where FamZoo and its prepaid cards come into play. Their service allows kids to learn practical lessons by actually using money. The whole service is designed by a father, and it’s meant to be used by parents and their kids.

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What is FamZoo IOU Account?

FamZoo offers IOU accounts to give parents the ability to manage allowances for their kids. With these accounts, you track the money you are holding for your kids on other accounts. It can also be used for transferring money to their IOU accounts. This was the first service offered by FamZoo, and the company took it a step further by adding prepaid card accounts. These accounts are similar to any other debit card accounts, and they allow parents to:

  • Create budgets
  • Share payments for expenses
  • Create savings plans
  • Add rewards for their kids
  • Add parent-paid interest for available savings

What are FamZoo Fees and Plans?

What’s great about these prepaid accounts is that they come with fixed costs. The most basic plan costs $5.99 per month. If you commit to a longer period, the monthly costs are lower. Furthermore, the cards are Mastercard meaning that they can be used on all Mastercard supported ATMs or payment terminals without any fees.

PlanMonthly FeePrepayment OptionsFree Trial*Savings
Plan A (up to 4 cards)$5.99no prepay1-2 months0%
Plan B (up to 4 cards)$4.33prepay $25.99 for 6 months1-2 monthsYou save 27% or $9.95
Plan C (up to 4 cards)$3.33 prepay $39.99 for 12 months1-2 monthsYou save 44% or $31.89
Plan D (up to 4 cards)$2.50prepay $59.99 for 24 months1-2 monthsYou save 58% or $83.77
* – Free trial for Prepaid card account is 1 month. The free trial for an IOU account is 2 months. You can cancel your Famzoo membership anytime.

So, if you choose the best deal above and order 4 cards for your family, you’ll be paying the equivalent of $0.63 per card per month. Yes, that’s an insanely great offer. However, keep in mind that there are No restrictions on how many cards you can have per account. You just have to pay a ONE-TIME $3 fee for each card after the fourth card to cover shipping.

Is FamZoo Card Legit?

These cards are pretty similar to IOU but have one major difference – they come with prepaid debit cards that can be used by children. Additionally, parents can load their cards with as much allowance as they want. These accounts are more suited for teenage kids that already want to make their own purchases without parents present. The card comes with minimal fees that are barely noticeable parents can track spending and perform actions with them if necessary. They can check where their kids are spending their money and suspend their cards if they want. It’s important to know that kids can’t get into debt with these cards.

Does FamZoo Have App for Mobile Devices?

All FamZoo accounts can be accessed on the company’s site or through a mobile app. The company offers an app for both iOS and Android users.

Should You Use the FamZoo?

You should try out the FamZoo service as prepaid or as IOU in case you want to track how your kids spend their money with ease. There is no need for managing checkbooks or spreadsheets. All of the money that you give them can be transferred easily in an instant. If you want your kids to learn about cards, earning, budgeting, and spending money, this is the right tool for the job. FamZoo is simple and easy, and it’s definitely worth trying out. Bear in mind that you don’t have to commit right away as there is a 60-day free trial.


  • Fixed fees & discounts
  • Convenient for tracking transactions
  • Good for education
  • Easy funds transfer
  • Unlimited number of cards


  • Maintenance fee
  • Doesn’t offer an ATM card loading option

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  • New Card Order Fees: 4 cards Free, $2 one time fee per card thereafter
  • Replacement Card Fee: $0
  • Inactivity Fee: $0
  • Customer Service Fee: $0

FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens Alternatives

FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens


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*The information provided for FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation or recent update on June 20, 2022. However, we strongly advise visitors to review the card fees and Terms & Conditions on the issuer's website by following Apply Now link to verify the accurancy of the information posted prior to applying for this card offer.

FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

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October 27, 2021
Lee Young (18-25) - Cardholder
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Filed for Bankruptcy

great card for starting out!

I got this card as a birthday present from my dad when I turned 17 and I like it so far. Credit cards are not as complicated as I thought they were. Everything with this card is done through the internet, and I can track everything I like so it’s very easy to use. I especially like that I can use the cash machine when I’m in a pinch and the rewards program is really fun to use.
Fees & Charges:
Features & Benefits:
Customer Support:
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June 29, 2020
Nicolas K. (46-55) - Cardholder
Income on Application
Credit Score
Fair (580-669)
Credit Limit
Filed for Bankruptcy

Excellent solution for families who want to learn how to manage finances

As a father of three, I know how important it is to teach my kids about managing their finances. I was looking for something that can help me with that, and FamZoo Prepaid Master Card was just what I needed. The family package works great, and I love how I always get notified when one of my kids uses their card. When my oldest daughter needs some college money, I just transfer the funds directly from my primary card to hers. The low fees and no credit check features made me apply for the card, and I must say that I’m happy with how it works.
Fees & Charges:
Features & Benefits:
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FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard® for Teens

Rec. Credit Score: Accepts All

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