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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

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What is Barnes & Noble Mastercard?

Rewards cards can be money savers and they afford individuals experiences that they would not have without the card account. In this case, gift cards and statement credits can go a long way in saving cardholders money. At the same time, Barclaycard Barnes & Noble MasterCard provides the cardholder with a degree of freedom.

When you apply for a rewards credit card, you expect to be rewarded and to be able to use those rewards. One of the issues with rewards credit cards is that sometimes individuals get them because they feel the program is very generous. They believe that they are going to use the services and other programs associated with the card, but then they find they don’t use them at all because, perhaps, the program was not one they would typically use, but they thought they would because of the rewards.

The best thing to do is use a card with a rewards program that you know you will use. With the Barnes & Noble Mastercard, you are rewarded for your love of reading. You can then use your savings to inject in your favorite leisure-time activity. When you make eligible purchases at Barnes & Noble, you receive a percentage of each transaction back in the form of statement credits. This will help you save money on your bills.

When you make purchases everywhere else, you earn points. These points are then automatically redeemed for a $25 gift card as soon as a 2,500 point balance is reached. There is no having to remember to redeem for the gift cards because Barnes & Noble automatically sends them so that you do not have to worry.

This is a way in which money can be saved on Barnes & Noble purchases and the card itself. If you are not the reader in your home and your spouse or children are, then you are still going to benefit from the savings that this card offers.

Balance Transfers

Balance transfers can be useful tools when it comes to saving money on the interest on your cards. If you have a high-interest credit card, then you could save money if the Barnes & Noble MasterCard has a lower APR (See Low APR Cards). This is a strategic way for you to reduce the amount of interest that you pay on your credit cards and pay them off sooner than you would otherwise.

So if you have a credit card with an interest rate that is ridiculously high, you can use the section on the Barnes & Noble credit card application related to balance transfers to list those cards. As long as your credit limit is high enough and Barclaycard, the card issuer, approves them, those balances will be transferred to the Barnes & Noble card. You can also opt for balance transfers later after you receive the rate on your new card and can compare it to the rates on other cards that you have.

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When you perform a balance transfer, it does have its own APR that is separate from the purchase APR and it does have a fee associated with it. This fee is a percentage of the transaction or a minimum dollar amount, whichever is greater.

Cash Advances

You can also have cash advanced to you from the card. This is something to consider carefully since the cash advance APR is higher than the purchase APR and balance transfer APR. Just like balance transfers, it does have a fee attached to the transaction. The fee is a minimum dollar amount or a percentage of the transaction, whichever is greater. This is also per cash advance, so it is something you may want to do sparingly.

Foreign Transactions

Foreign transactions are convenient. If you are traveling internationally and you need to use your card, you can anywhere Mastercard is accepted. However, there is a foreign transaction fee that is charged as a percentage of the transaction dollar amount and the percentage is charged in U.S. dollars. It is a small percentage, but it is charged per transaction.

So if you are traveling internationally and you are in a situation where you need a cash advance from the card, it is easy for you to get the cash that you need when you need it. It is good to use in emergency situations so that you can keep your fees to a minimum.

Application Process

The application process is simple, as it asks for information typical of a credit card application, such as your name, contact information, social security number, mother’s maiden name, and other identifying information. It also asks you if you would like an additional card and if you would like to transfer balances from other cards to this card.
In order to submit the application, you have to be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the U.S., and the card may not be available if you already have a Barnes & Noble MasterCard account. You must also meet the credit requirements by Barclaycard, which is that you have good credit with no major delinquencies.

Once the application process is complete, it only takes 30 seconds to receive a decision. Once the decision is received, you will receive your card within two weeks. Once the card is received, you can begin using it immediately. Once that first purchase is made, a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card will be sent to you. It is their way of saying thank you for being a cardholder. You can use it online at Barnes & Noble or you can use it in one of the many Barnes & Noble stores.

The Final Word

The Barnes & Noble MasterCard is a unique card in that it is exclusive to Barnes & Noble. All in all, you are going to be able to strategically save in a number of ways. At the same time, you can use the card in a number of ways and around the world where MasterCard is accepted.


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