UFB Direct Visa® Debit Card

August 20, 2020
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The UFB Direct Visa Debit card is a card that comes courtesy of a UFB Direct savings account. The reliable Axos Bank issues it. Axos Bank is a reputable bank headquartered in San Diego, California. This debit Visa card carries an FDIC certification, meaning that it's a safe option for looking for a first savings account and debit card combo.

On this page, we're going to go over this Visa card, the savings account, and UFB Direct themselves. Below, you're going to find an entirely objective expert review of the pros, and cons that this full-stack banking service has behind it.




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Card Details

  • Use it at anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Comes with a Savings account
  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No annual, or purchase Fees
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Free P2P Transfers
  • 6 Free withdrawals per billing circle
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Expert Review

All of the information on the matter is entirely objective, as this bank does not sponsor us. The card itself is based on the VISA platform, which is a plus. VISA is the most popular credit card platform in the world, and it's accepted virtually anywhere. The UFB Direct VISA Debit card comes after opening a savings account (High Yield or Money Market

All of the information on the matter is entirely objective, as this bank does not sponsor us. The card itself is based on the VISA platform, which is a plus. VISA is the most popular credit card platform in the world, and it's accepted virtually anywhere.

The UFB Direct VISA Debit card comes after opening a savings account (High Yield or Money Market) with UFB Direct. The debit card itself, while not the main star of the show, is still a very viable card option. If you're looking for a debit card with no fees associated with it, you'll love it.

Who Can Benefit From Using This Card?

Anyone looking for a viable visa card option can benefit from a debit card that comes courtesy of opening a savings account with UFB direct. The savings account has many more benefits, such as providing you with a high-yield savings account, with a very pleasurable APY rate - indeed a great yielding option.

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Another great thing that this account brings to the table is the unparalleled security and earning opportunity of a first savings account - which also allows you to write checks instead of paying through card or cash.

That is an online-only savings account, meaning that you're going to have access at any time. This is only supplemented by the existence of a mBanking app, which is a beautiful thing in its own right. Both the app and website are user-friendly, meaning you're not going to have any trouble navigating them, no matter your prior computing experience.

Major Benefits

Mortgages and Home Loans

The UFB account will give you many home loan options and help you get the best mortgage rates possible. Whether its a first home or only a refinancing option, UFB Direct is here to help.

Mobile Deposit Options

You don't have to spend a lot of time depositing checks - as all you need to do is snap a picture of both sides of your endorsed check and deposit it through the UFB Direct mobile app. It's quick, is streamlined, and it's free.

mBanking and eBanking

This savings account and card are both completely virtual, meaning that all of your optimization, monitoring, and account management is done through the internet. You can either use the gorgeously designed website or the superb GUI interface of the UFB mobile app.

The Disadvantages of UFB Direct

One of the main disadvantages of this service as a whole is that it only offers a debit card. There are no credit options with this card. Now, this means that even if the savings account helps you do a multitude of things, it will not help you manage finances unless you're already wealthy enough to invest.

It makes the whole package a bit inaccessible to people who don't have enough money to make a significant investment. There are no certificates of deposits offered by the service. The money market option will charge a costly monthly fee if the average daily balance plummets below $5000 - making a bad situation worse. However, the High Yield savings account comes with no minimum balance and free of charge.

Should You Get This Card?

When it comes to the card itself, there aren't any reasons not to get it. As long as you're ready to try out all options that come courtesy of UFB, you'll enjoy the card as well.

All in all, this is a pretty standard daily debit card. It doesn't have any exclusive bonuses and benefits when compared to other debit cards, but one thing that makes it stand out is the fact that there aren't any fees associated with it.

There is no maintenance, annual, or opening fee associated with this card, which makes it more available to people who are looking to avoid costly fees.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a top of the line checking account, savings account, and money market - and want to get an excellent VISA debit card from it, you're going to love the UFB Direct offer.


  • A prominent APY
  • No maintenance fees
  • Full VISA benefits
  • eBanking and mBanking features
  • Top of the line customer support


  • Only 6 free withdrawals
  • No rewards
  • No bonuses

Basic Info

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Consumer (Stored Value)
Common Uses:
  • Co-Branded Cards
  • Instant Decision
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
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Finance & Rates

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Additional Information & Comments

NOTE: 6 free withdrawals in a statement cycle. Once exceeded you will pay a $10 fee for each additional transaction.

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