Xendoo Review 2024: Cloud-Based Accounting for Small Business Success

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

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Discover How Xendoo Streamlines Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, and Financial Management for SMBs

In today’s fast-paced business world, small businesses need reliable and efficient financial management services to stay ahead of the competition. With the rise of e-commerce and the need for more flexible accounting solutions, online accounting services have emerged as popular alternatives to traditional accounting methods. This Xendoo review will provide an in-depth look at the platform’s features, pricing, and user experience, as well as comparisons to other leading accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero.

Discovering Xendoo – Unleash the potential of your small business with expert online bookkeeping, financial management, and seamless integrations tailored to your needs.

Xendoo Review and Application

Facts Table

LogoXendoo Logo
Company NameXendoo, Inc.
Year Founded2016
FoundersLillian Roberts and Steven Gelley
Company TypeCorporation
Business CategoryBookkeeping Services
HeadquartersFort Lauderdale, FL
Years in Business8 years
ServicesBookkeeping, Accounting
Best Suitable forBusiness with up to 20 employees
Plans & PricingEssential, Growth, Scale, and Custom
Special OffersYes, 10% for annual subscription
Tax GuidanceYes
Federal ReturnYes
State ReturnYes
Catch-Up BookkeepingYes
Fractional CFOYes
Bookkeeping SoftwareQuickbooks Online, Xero
Customer Support(855) 410-2824
Address6700 N Andrews Ave Ste 300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-2165
TrustpilotNot rated yet
Google PlayNot rated yet
Apple StoreNot rated yet
BBBAccredited since 3/23/2020
SubscriptionTry this offer

 Why Choose an Online Accounting Service?

A cloud-based accounting service offers dedicated services tailored to your business, providing you with a team of expert bookkeepers and CPAs who understand the complexities of your industry. By handling your books and taxes, these professionals enable you to focus on what you love and grow your business.

The Online Accounting Advantage: Your Expert Financial Team

With online accounting you get a team of real people—bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs—committed to your financial success. Experience the benefits of having an accounting team that is dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Your Trusted Accounting Partner

A reputable virtual accounting service offers expert bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs. You’ll have access to a team of professionals who genuinely care about your financials, ensuring your accounting is always in good hands.

Timely Monthly Financial Statements

With an online accounting platform, you’ll receive on-time monthly financial reports that include:

  • Monthly balance sheets
  • Monthly profit and loss statements
  • Easy access to reports through the mobile app or desktop portal

Insights into Your Business’s Financial Health

Online accounting provides weekly digital expense reconciliation and financial reports, giving you a clear view of your business’s financial health. Key features include:

  • Monthly profit and revenue trend graphs
  • Interactive dashboard of top expenses
  • Mobile app access to your financials

Comprehensive Online Bookkeeping and Tax Services

An online accounting solution offers an all-in-one bookkeeping and tax service, with a dedicated team of expert bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs providing year-round planning and tax consultation. Services include:

  • Tax consulting and advising
  • Filing state and federal tax returns
  • Annual tax planning

An online accounting service like Xendoo allows you to put more money in your pocket, reduce stress, and get back to what you love to do. By choosing a trusted financial partner, you’ll be empowered to make informed business decisions and enjoy peace of mind.

What is Xendoo?

Xendoo is a cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting platform designed specifically for small businesses. Founded in 2016 by Lillian Roberts and Steven Gelley, Company offers a range of services, including online bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial reporting. The company’s goal is to provide small business owners with a dedicated team of CPAs, reliable pricing, and quick access to their financial information through innovative technology.

Xendoo Services

The Company has a comprehensive range of services, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, and catch-up services, to provide small businesses with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively and stay compliant with tax regulations.

Bookkeeping Services

The Bookkeeping software and services of the company are designed to make managing your business’s finances as simple and efficient as possible. The platform offers weekly bookkeeping, a dedicated bookkeeping team, and seamless integration with popular accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online. With Xendoo, you can expect:

Easy Setup. It integrates with popular accounting software, making the setup process seamless. Your Onboarding Specialist will help you connect your accounts for view-only access, getting you started quickly and easily.

Expert Bookkeeping. The in-house team of US-based bookkeepers is committed to keeping your books in order so that you can focus on what you love about your business. With weekly reconciliations, you’ll spend less time on bookkeeping and more time on your passion.

Timely Updates. Monthly financial reports are delivered to your customer portal, offering 24/7 access to your financial data and ensuring complete visibility is just a few clicks away.

Software Integration. It works with a range of industry-leading software solutions, such as A2X, Xero, Amazon, TaxJar, Gusto, Stripe, Shopify, Expensify, Bill.com, and QuickBooks. These integrations save time, improve accuracy, and keep your books up-to-date at all times.

Industry Expertise. Xendoo’s bookkeepers have deep experience in various industries, including eCommerce, small businesses, professional services, and franchises. With an expert who understands your business’s unique requirements, you won’t have to explain the intricacies of your industry.

Tax Services

The tax services aim to help small businesses maximize their tax savings and stay compliant with tax regulations. The platform offers:

  • Tax consulting and advising from experienced CPAs.
  • Filing of state and federal tax returns.
  • Annual tax planning to ensure your business is prepared for tax season.

Year-round tax services aim to save you money and minimize stress by providing expert bookkeeping and business tax preparation services. Their certified public accountants (CPAs) ensure the accurate and timely filing of tax returns. Key benefits include:

More Money, Less Stress. The company offers a comprehensive approach to financial management, handling everything from bookkeeping to tax filing, so you can make informed decisions and save on taxes while reducing stress.

Hassle-Free Bookkeeping. Xendoo’s team tracks your cash flow and expenses, keeping your books reconciled and tax-ready. Monthly reports offer an accurate view of your business’s financial health and preparedness for tax season.

Year Round Tax Support. Dedicated CPAs help you stay ahead of tax deadlines and offer tax consulting when needed, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard by an upcoming deadline.

On-Time Tax Returns. The company’s experts draw on their extensive tax experience in various industries to ensure accurate filing for your specific corporate structure, maximizing your tax savings and ensuring timely filing.

Catch Up Services

If your business has fallen behind the scedules, the Company offers catch-up bookkeeping services that can help you get back on track. The platform offers:

  • A dedicated team of catch-up experts to bring your financials up to date.
  • Peer-reviewed historical bookkeeping for accuracy and compliance.
  • Support for businesses that are a few months or a few years behind on their books.

Xendoo’s Catch Up Bookkeeping help those who have fallen behind on their books get back on track. Whether you’re behind by a few months or a few years, the expert team is ready to help you update your financials so you can focus on the future. Key steps include:

Onboarding Call and Team Assignment. The Company begins with an onboarding call to understand your needs and ensure everyone is on the same page. Afterward, they assign you a specialized team of experts who will work together to get your books caught up, regardless of how far behind you are.

Catch Up Process. Your Xendoo Bookkeeper collaborates with a dedicated team of catch-up experts to complete your overdue books. Each month of historical bookkeeping is peer-reviewed for accuracy, ensuring your books are tax-ready and up-to-date in no time.

Catch Up Compatibility. Xendoo’s Catch Up Bookkeeping services are compatible with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Stripe, and Gusto, making it easier than ever for small business owners to get back on track with their finances.

Integrations & Compatibility

Xendoo understands the importance of seamless integration with various software solutions to improve efficiency and provide a comprehensive accounting experience for small businesses. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the key integrations and compatibility features offered by Xendoo to enhance user experience and streamline financial management.

  • Xero. Xendoo works with Xero, a popular cloud-based accounting software, to provide small businesses with a powerful platform for managing their finances.
  • QuickBooks Online. As a QuickBooks alternative, it also integrates with QuickBooks Online to offer additional flexibility and choice for small business owners in selecting their preferred accounting software.
  • A2X. This integration simplifies e-commerce bookkeeping by automatically importing sales and fee data from marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify, ensuring accurate financial reporting.
  • TaxJar. Xendoo integrates with TaxJar to help businesses calculate sales tax, manage tax compliance, and automate tax filings.
  • Gusto. For payroll management, it connects with Gusto, a popular payroll, benefits, and HR platform for small businesses.
  • Stripe. Xendoo supports integration with Stripe, a leading payment processing platform, for efficient invoicing and billing.
  • Shopify. With its Shopify integration, Xendoo helps e-commerce businesses manage their finances effectively and stay on top of their sales and expenses.
  • Expensify. Xendoo works with Expensify to automate expense tracking and reporting, making it easier for businesses to stay organized and compliant.
  • Bill.com. For managing bills and payments, it integrates with Bill.com, a platform designed to simplify and automate the accounts payable process.

These integrations highlight Xendoo’s commitment to providing small businesses with a comprehensive and customizable accounting solution, allowing them to choose the tools that best suit their needs.

Xendoo Plans & Pricing

Xendoo understands that businesses have unique financial management needs, which is why they offer a range of pricing plans designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. With their online accounting services, online bookkeeping, and e-commerce bookkeeping solutions, the Company has established itself as a reliable QuickBooks and Xero alternative. Their cloud-based bookkeeping and user-friendly accounting platform empowers small business owners to manage their financials effectively and focus on growth.

Monthly and Annual Plans: Essential, Growth, and Scale

Xendoo provides three main pricing plans namely Essential, Growth, and Scale. Each plan includes a comprehensive suite of features, with additional benefits for higher-tier plans. When billed annually, businesses can save 10% on their subscription.

Essential Plan: Designed for businesses with up to $50K in monthly expenses, the Essential plan offers essential online bookkeeping and financial management services. Priced at $395/month, this plan includes up to four bank or credit card accounts, weekly bookkeeping updates, a dedicated bookkeeping team, cash basis accounting, and one software integration.

Growth Plan: Targeting businesses with up to $75K in monthly expenses, the Growth plan is priced at $695/month. In addition to the features in the Essential plan, the Growth plan offers cash or modified accrual accounting, semi-annual tax consultations, and two software integrations.

Scale Plan: For businesses with up to $125K in monthly expenses, the Scale plan is available for $995/month. This plan includes everything from the Essential and Growth plans, as well as up to 12 bank or credit card accounts, a custom Chart of Accounts, bi-weekly calls with the bookkeeping team, and up to four software integrations.

Customized Solutions for Larger Businesses

For larger businesses with over $125K in monthly expenses or those requiring full accrual accounting, Xendoo provides customized plans tailored to their specific needs. These custom plans offer personalized solutions, ensuring that businesses receive the exact financial management services they require for success.

With Xendoo’s wide range of pricing options, businesses of all sizes can benefit from their expert online accounting services, bookkeeping, and tax solution. Their seamless integration with popular financial tools and commitment to delivering exceptional customer support make it an ideal choice for managing your business’s financials.

Pricing and Plans Summary Table

Monthly Price$395$695$995Contact Xendoo
Annual Savings$480$840$1,200N/A
Monthly Expenses LimitUp to $50KUp to $75KUp to $125KOver $125K
Bank/Credit Card AccountsUp to 4Up to 6Up to 12Customized
Accounting MethodCash BasisCash or Modified AccrualCash or Modified AccrualFull Accrual
Tax ConsultationsN/ASemi-annualBi-weekly callsCustomized
Software Integrations12Up to 4Customized
ApplicationTry this PlanTry this PlanTry this PlanTry this Plan

This table provides a summary of pricing plans, highlighting key differences in terms of price, savings, expense limits, accounting methods, and integrations. With various plans and features available, Xendoo takes solutions tailored to the specific needs of your small business.

For detailed information on pricing options, you can visit their website here.

Xendoo’s On-Demand CFO Services for Growing Businesses

Xendoo comes with On-Demand CFO Services tailored for businesses looking to scale up. This cost-effective, part-time CFO solution covers various aspects of financial management, such as building financial strategies, budgeting, cash flow management, and capital raising. With Xendoo, you can enjoy the expertise of a full-time CFO without the associated cost.

How It Works

It is a trusted resource for expert bookkeepers, accountants, and CFOs, who can help you navigate your business’s complexities as it grows. The On-Demand CFO Services include:

CFO Advisory: Xendoo learns about your business objectives, customizing a scalable solution with an industry-specific CFO. The tailored plan addresses both ongoing and one-time project demands.

Dedicated CFO: As your business evolves, you need to manage cash flows, key performance indicators (KPIs), and financial growth strategies. Your dedicated CFO will provide the knowledge and tools to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Business Scaling: Xendoo’s forward-thinking advisory and business coaching services include cash flow optimization, budgeting, forecasting, and financial roadmaps.

Fractional and Virtual CFO Services

Xendoo’s expert CFOs offer financial projections, budgets, and custom financial strategies to help you build your business and prepare for the future. These services include:

  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Employee expenses and headcount planning
  • Annual and monthly budgets

Full Stack Financial Management

Xendoo’s CFO services cover every financial aspect, from day-to-day bookkeeping and tax preparation to in-depth financial analysis. This end-to-end management ensures a seamless financial experience for your business.

Capital Raising Assistance

Raising funds can be stressful, but experienced CFOs alleviate the pressure by preparing the right financial reports and projections. They provide advisory services to drive your next capital raise, with offerings such as:

  • Financial modeling
  • Burn rate and runway calculations
  • Pricing and cost analysis
  • Pitch preparation, investor decks, and business plans
  • Fundraising strategy


Starting at $1,500/month, Xendoo’s Fractional CFOs deliver the strategic insights necessary to accelerate and scale your growth. Expert advice and data-driven strategies empower you to make fact-based decisions for sustainable expansion.

With Xendoo’s On-Demand CFO Services, you can access the financial expertise needed to grow your business, ensuring a bright and successful future.

Pros and Cons of the Online Accounting Platform

In this Xendoo review, we’ll also examine the benefits and drawbacks of using this cloud-based bookkeeping service for small business accounting and financial management. By considering the user experience and features, we’ll help you determine if it is the right choice for your business.

Dedicated bookkeeping team: Xendoo provides a personalized service with a team of expert bookkeepers and CPAs assigned to each client, ensuring expertise and attention to detail.Limited to small businesses: Xendoo’s services are primarily designed for small businesses, which may not be suitable for larger enterprises with more complex accounting needs.
Cloud-based platform: Xendoo’s accounting platform allows easy access to financial information from any device, offering flexibility and convenience for busy business owners.No inventory management: Xendoo does not provide inventory management features, which could be a drawback for businesses with extensive inventory needs.
Wide range of integrations: With compatibility to various software solutions, such as QuickBooks Online, A2X, and TaxJar, the Company offers a customizable and comprehensive accounting experience.Cost: Some small businesses may find Xendoo’s pricing to be relatively expensive compared to other accounting services or self-managed software solutions.
Transparent pricing: Xendoo’s clear pricing structure enables businesses to choose the right plan according to their needs and budget.Limited international support: Xendoo’s services primarily cater to US-based businesses, which might not be ideal for businesses operating in multiple countries or with international transactions.
Tax services add-on: The availability of tax services as an add-on to any plan ensures that businesses have access to year-round tax support and assistance with filing federal and state tax returns.

Overall, Xendoo delivers various time-saving tools and customized solutions for small business accounting, making it a viable QuickBooks and Xero alternative. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine if Xendoo’s features, pricing, and user experience meet your business’s specific needs.

Xendoo: A Go-To Accounting Solution for Leading Companies

The Company has proudly served an impressive list of renowned companies, including Cricket Wireless, Allstate, Plato’s Closet, Starbucks, The Stylish LA, FAZ, Cedars, Century 21, Lawn Doctors, Candy Nation, Poologic, Motiva Health, Friday Marketing, Blimpie, and more. These companies trust Xendoo for their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax return needs.

Fast Response Time: No More Waiting for Callbacks

Xendoo’s rapid response time sets it apart from other cloud based accounting services. You can easily schedule time with your dedicated bookkeeper and get your questions answered quickly. With Xendoo, you can expect real results and personalized attention from professionals dedicated to your financial success.

Expertise Across Diverse Business Structures

Xendoo’s team of tax specialists excel in handling tax requirements for various corporate structures, industries, and locations. They ensure a smooth tax season with accurate and timely filings.

S Corporation and Partnerships

  • Tax experts keep you organized and on schedule for the March 15th deadline
  • Proficient in handling Form 1120-S and Form 1065
  • Guaranteed accurate reports filed on time

Sole Proprietors and C Corporations

  • Timely preparation for the deadline
  • Accurate filing of Forms 1040 and 1120, and other relevant forms

Personal Taxes

  • Comprehensive support for all tax needs
  • Focus on growing your business while Xendoo’s professionals handle your personal tax return

Comparing Xendoo with other Bookkeeping Services

Xendoo faces competition from various accounting and bookkeeping software providers in the market. Here, we compare Xendoo to some of its key competitors to provide a better understanding of their offerings and how they stack up against each other.

Intuit QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping vs Xendoo

Intuit QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping offers a solution that aims to save time for small businesses by providing experienced bookkeepers and seamless collaboration. With 82% of customers agreeing that QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping saves them time, and 86% appreciating the peace of mind it offers for tax season, it’s a popular choice for small business owners.

However, Xendoo differentiates itself by providing a dedicated team of bookkeepers and CPAs who cater specifically to small businesses, offering personalized service and expertise. Its comprehensive suite of services, seamless integrations with popular accounting platforms like Xero and QuickBooks Online, and flexible pricing plans make it an attractive alternative for small businesses seeking tailored and Xendoo scalable bookkeeping solutions.

While both QuickBooks Online and Xendoo offer valuable bookkeeping services, Xendoo’s personalized approach and support for a wider range of accounting methods may be better suited for businesses looking for a more customized and scalable solution.

Bench vs Xendoo

Bench offers essential accounting services but lacks scalability and uses a proprietary platform, while Xendoo provides a comprehensive suite of services and supports popular accounting platforms. Xendoo’s US-based team and flexible pricing plans make it a better choice for businesses seeking personalized and scalable bookkeeping solutions.

Pilot vs Xendoo

Pilot offers full-service bookkeeping and tax solution but at a higher cost compared to Xendoo. With a focus on accrual basis accounting and limited communication, Pilot may not be suitable for businesses looking for cash basis accounting and more personalized support. Xendoo provides a more affordable and customizable solution for small businesses.

Acuity vs Xendoo

Acuity is a traditional CPA firm that offers weekly and monthly bookkeeping and tax services but has limited technology integration and real-time access to financials. Xendoo, on the other hand, provides a tech-enabled, cloud-based platform with better communication, scalability, and support for various accounting methods.

Other Xendoo Alternatives

  • AcctTwo: A comprehensive financial management solution for growing businesses, focusing on process automation and scalability.
  • Zeni: A finance concierge service, combining AI-powered bookkeeping with a team of finance experts to streamline financial operations.
  • inDinero: Offers a complete financial solution, including accounting, tax, and payroll services for startups and growing businesses.
  • Healy Consultants: A global business consulting firm, providing international company incorporation, accounting, tax, and compliance services.
  • Bookkeeper360: A cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting platform, offering financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Merritt Bookkeeping: An affordable bookkeeping service for small businesses, providing basic accounting and QuickBooks support.

Satisfied Xendoo Customer Reviews

Molly B., Customer: “Switching from handling my own books to using Xendoo’s bookkeeper and cpa team has been a game-changer for my business. Their platform is user-friendly and their team is always available to address my concerns.

Sandra L., Customer: “It has given me peace of mind as a small business owner. Their quick response to questions and expertise in business taxes and filing have made managing my finances stress-free.

Olivia S., Customer: “As a small business owner, I’ve found Xendoo’s cloud-based bookkeeping and time-saving tools to be exactly what I needed. Their platform is easy to use, and their customer support has been exceptional.

Salomon W., Customer: “Xendoo’s hassle-free monthly bookkeeping and accounting services have made a significant difference in my financial management. Their team’s availability and willingness to answer questions have been invaluable.

Xendoo’s satisfied customers emphasize the platform’s high-quality online bookkeeping and accounting app, seamless user experience, and timely customer support. As a result, the company has established itself as an ideal choice for small business owners seeking a QuickBooks or Xero alternative.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Xendoo is a comprehensive cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting service designed to help small businesses streamline their financial management. With a dedicated team of bookkeepers and CPAs, a wide range of software integrations, and various pricing plans, Xendoo offers a customizable accounting solution tailored to the specific needs of small and medium businesses.

However, some potential drawbacks include the lack of inventory management features, limited international support, and pricing that may be prohibitive for some businesses. Overall, Xendoo is an excellent choice for SME looking for a personalized, cloud-based accounting solution to improve their financial management processes and gain expert support for their accounting needs.


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