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Updated: Jul 4, 2024

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Free Capital One Shopping Browser Tool That Helps You Save and Makes Shopping Fun

The Capital One Shopping is a free browser tool that may help you to save money, effort, and time by instantly finding rewards, better prices, and coupon deals. Save money on each purchase online in an easy and user-friendly way by adding the Capital One Shopping free browsing and saving tool extension to your browser. You may also find attractive deals on the web with this ultimate saving tool.

CapitalOne Shopping Extension – is best for those looking for the best deals, coupons, and discounts online and who want to save money on Amazon and other 40,000+ retailers with every purchase.

Capital One Shopping App Review

Key Capital One Shopping Benefits

Find great deals online automatically

Capital One Shopping’s free browser tool applies all available coupons in their extensive database to your purchasing orders automatically. Instead of wasting your time and effort by going over the internet to find attractive discounts, you can now harness the power of automation and let it find better deals on the web for you. Just add the saving tool to your browser and receive friendly pop-ups that will let you know if there’s a better bargain waiting for you.

Free tool to use even if you’re not a Capital One Shopping Customer

Capital One Shopping saving browser tool is free for everyone, regardless of being a Capital One’s customer or not. You can start saving by simply adding the tool that will automatically alert you each time a better deal is available somewhere. Since this is a lightweight extension, it won’t slow down your user experience or clutter you with ads.

Instant Price Comparison

The saving browser tool instantly compares prices by going over thousands of retailer sites. It’s all about finding attractive and cheaper deals to make your online shopping more worthwhile. If there is a lower price somewhere else, the browser extension may find it for you. Add the extension to your browser to start receiving better deals and save money along the way. Browse all the shops you love and let your saving tool do the math for you while you enjoy a well-earned peace of mind.

If excellent deals and discounts aren’t available, you can still save and earn rewards. This saving tool allows you to earn on purchases at popular sites through Capital One Shopping Rewards. Earn your rewards with each new eligible purchase and redeem them for gift cards that you can use at a wide range of top retailers.

Capital One Shopping Advantages

Completely free browser tool – Capital One Shopping is an entirely free browser lightweight extension tool that is available to all internet users.

Instant saving – by adding the tool to your browser, you may be able to discover better bargains and save money in an instant.

Power of automation under your fingertips – each time you land at checkout, your saving tool will instantly apply available coupon codes to your shopping cart.

Earn redeemable credits with each purchase – you can earn even more rewards by shopping at your favorite shops by earning Capital One Shopping Rewards that are fully redeemable for gift cards.

Price comparison allows you to find better deals – the tool constantly searches the web for great bargains, discounts, coupons, etc. Receive a friendly pop-up each time a better offer is available, including shipping details and tax.

Get better deals from thousands of retailer sites – the tool checks thousands of sites to provide you with discounts, membership pricing, and shipping costs. If a better price is available somewhere, you will receive a link leading you directly to the best available deal.

Multiple browser availability – Capital One Shopping is available for Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The app is available for Android and iOS users; however, the tool can’t be installed on a mobile device.

Capital One Shopping Disadvantages

Limited gift card options – while the tool does provide you with a chance to earn redeemable Capital One Shopping Reward points, your options are limited when it comes to redeeming them for gift card options.

Capital One Shopping tracks your online activity – a downside to using this tool is that it tracks your transaction history and online activity to provide more personalized recommendations.

Low accuracy – the best price feature doesn’t always provide you with the most accurate results.

The extension doesn’t work on mobile – while there is an app available for both Android and iOS, it isn’t possible to install the extension on a mobile device.

Why Do We Like Capital One Shopping?

We all need an effective way to save money, especially during these perilous times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We like this excellent saving tool because it’s available to all internet users and it’s completely free. Since it’s a lightweight extension for your browser, it won’t slow down your work or internet connection. The friendly pop-up isn’t disruptive, and it lets you know each time a better bargain is available elsewhere.

The tool compares prices from across thousands of popular shopping sites, allows you to earn additional rewards, get better deals for taxes, memberships, and shipping. It’s available for multiple browsers and uses the power of automation to apply coupons to your shopping cart instantly. All in all, it’s quite a useful tool that allows you to get better deals across the web and save time and money in the process.

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How Does It Work?

Using Capital One Shopping is extremely easy. To start using the tool, all you have to do is add it to your browser. Once you have it added, the tool starts working instantly and automatically searches the web for better deals online. Each time a reward or a better bargain is available somewhere, you’ll receive a non-disruptive and helpful pop-up notification. The tool automatically applies the best available prices to your orders each time you’re about to check out, allowing you to save money with each purchase you make online. Let the tool scour the internet for affordable options while you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can achieve potentially huge savings. This browser tool is designed to help you find more affordable deals on the web with just a few clicks.

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How to Earn and Redeem Rewards?

In case there are no better prices or discounts available, the Capital One Shipping browser extension still allows you to earn some rewards. You can earn Capital One Shopping Rewards with each purchase you make at your favorite online stores. Each time you complete a purchase, you earn Capital One Shopping Rewards that you can redeem for gift cards that you can use at the most popular shopping platforms online. Get more from your spending by having this saving tool working to your advantage and constantly looking for better prices and more affordable deals.

Are There Other Benefits?

Aside from instantly applying available discounts and better deals to your check-outs, the Capital One Shopping browser extension has a few more additional benefits to keep an eye on.

  • Product search. Capital One Shopping’s website is also a search engine that you can use to search for items you want to buy. Filter options by brand and price to get discounts, if there are any available.
  • Featured offers. By creating an account on Capital One Shopping, you’ll receive featured offers with trending deals from the site’s most popular retailers.
  • Local deals. The saving tool allows you to save even more by tapping into the amazing local deals that allow you to earn more Capital One Shopping Rewards for purchases at local businesses.

How Do I Get Capital One Shopping Extension?

Since Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension available to all internet users, all you need to get it is a desktop or a mobile device and an internet connection. Once you add the tool to your browser, sign up by following the instructions to create your account. The moment you complete your account, the tool starts working immediately. Other than that, there are no other or specific requirements. Click here to get it – it’s free!

Offer Recap

Capital One Shopping is a free browser tool designed to help internet users find better prices and offers when using the web to buy items. The tool works as an add-on to the desktop browser and provides the user with useful recommendations on price drops, discounts, and better deals when they are available. Once added to the browser, the tool automatically applies a better coupon code at checkouts. The browser extension also uses friendly and non-disruptive pop-ups to let you know when a great deal arises or a price drop occurs on products you’ve already purchased or viewed.

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Bottom Line: Should You Get the Capital One Shopping?

If you frequently use the web to buy the items you need, we recommend that you install the Capital One Shopping tool. Aside from allowing you to earn rewards and save money by discovering better, more attractive deals, this browser extension tool also notifies you each time a price drops on your favorite items. And, it’s absolutely free.

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