Meet 3 Capital One Business Cards – Spark Miles, Spark Cash, and Platinum

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

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Capital One Launches Spark Business

Capital One is set to change the face of credit card lending for small business owners with the launch of their new Business Credit Cards.

The move comes in recognition of the fact that small businesses are considered to be the driving force behind the economy’s recovery.

Credit card giants Capital One have launched the new Spark Business portfolio which includes the Capital One Spark Miles Card and the Capital One Spark Cash Card, both of which, according to a recent press release promise to

raise the bar for small businesses by offering the highest value rewards in the marketplace to enable them to invest more in their growing businesses.

The cards are intended to offer small business owners a chance to earn generous rewards while being able to take advantage of additional tools and benefits which are designed to help manage their business.

Spark Business features four different new products for small business owners all of which boast the following perks:

  • Free cards for employees which allow business owners to set spending limits and track employee spending.
  • Gives the principle cardholder the ability to delegate routine account management tasks, such as requesting transaction details.
  • Access to online quarterly and year-end statements which can categorize expenses for easier budgeting and tax reporting.
  • Cards can be personalized with the company name and logo so that employees can promote the business every time it is used.
  • No foreign transaction fees. (See No Intl Fee cards)
  • Top class customer service agents who are fully trained to address the individual needs of small business owners.

Executive vice president of US Cards for Capital One, Michael Wassmer said,

We understand that small business owners are looking for cards that provide value on many different levels. With Spark, we are delivering on that promise of value through the most rewards in the industry and tools that enhance how they manage their business. Small business owners can earn more for their businesses without the restrictions and limitations commonly associated with earning or redeeming rewards.

The Spark line prides itself on not only offering great value for money but also on avoiding the hassles that are usually part of reward programs. For example, the Spark Cash account offers cardholders 2 percent cash back on every single purchase with no upper limits on the amount of cash back which can be earned.

However, if a business owner would prefer travel-based rewards, the Spark Miles card offers double miles on all purchase with no expiration date. The miles can be redeemed on any airline. The reward programs are simple and easy to follow.

What are Sparks Business Credit Cards Benefits?

Capital One has shaken up its business credit card portfolio with the launch of “Sparks Business”.

The new line of six small business card accounts promises to provide business customers with a wide range of exclusive benefits coupled with a generous, no fuss rewards program.

As a starting point, all Sparks Business credit cards come with a basic pack of featured benefits as outlined below.

  • Free Employee Cards – At no additional cost, business owners can add cards for up to 25 employees and set individual spending limits for them. Itemized statements will allow easy record keeping.
  • Online Account Management – Accounts can be easily managed online and alerts can be sent to cell phones or other mobile devices. Online payments and up to 13 months of statements are just some of the extensive online management options.
  • 24/7 Fraud Alerts – The accounts are monitored around the clock by Capital One and you will be contacted as soon as any unusual transactions.
  • Year-End Summary – An easy-to-read, fully itemized report of your annual spending is provided at the end of the financial year. This is a great asset when tracking or forecasting spending and will also help in tax preparations.
  • Customized Cards – The Spark cards from Capital One can all be customized with your company name and logo allowing you to promote your business every time you use your cards.
  • Experienced, Dedicated Spark Customer Service – All customer service staff in the Sparks team are specially trained to deal with the issues that face business owners. They are available around the clock and are only ever a toll-free phone call away.

All of these features are also backed up by the Visa Business Benefits package which includes zero fraud liability, auto rental collision damage waiver, business hotel savings, purchase security, extended protection, Visa dining discounts, Travel and emergency assistance, and Visa savings edge.

Spark also provides generous rewards for small business owners with the Spark Cash account offering 2 percent cash back on all purchases with no upper earning limit. If travel rewards are more your thing then the Spark Miles account gives double miles on every purchase which can then be redeemed with no fuss for free flights on a number of airlines with no blackout dates. These are just two of the six products in the Spark line which aims to ensure that there is a Spark card to suit every business.

What is the Capital One Spark Cash Select Business Card?

Individuals want a card that works for them every time they make a purchase. The Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business does not limit their cardholders on how much money they can receive. People can use their cards anywhere in the world to get cashback.

There are other cards out there, but they do not have the number of features this card has to offer. Small businesses can earn money on every purchase they make. They are not restricted to the number of purchases that qualify for cashback, so they have unlimited potential to earn many cash rewards. The cardholders do not need to worry about fraudulent activity since they receive alerts on their cell phone when there is activity on their account. (See: Credit Cards Security Tips)

Card Advantages

When people sign up for this card, they earn rewards every time they buy tickets, food, and supplies on their card. Cardmembers will like to know the advantages of using the card. They include:

  • Redeem reward points anytime
  • Unlimited reward earning potential
  • No expiration date on reward points
  • Earn cash back on every purchase
  • Double the amount of cash rewards in the first year
  • Many more Visa benefits

Once business employees activate their cards, they can earn points immediately. Every purchase gives businesses a certain percentage of cash back. There is no waiting to use the points since employees can use them immediately. The reward points do not expire, so people can use them whenever they want.

Small businesses count on this card when they are traveling around the world. They can use it to reserve hotel rooms, dine out, buy supplies, and more. The card gives members discounts on high-end hotels; and when they dine out at participating establishments. Small businesses can advertise their logo on the front of the card as free advertising.

Fraud Protection

If the card is ever stolen or lost, cardmembers can call the card company to report it missing. Visa protects small businesses when they see fraudulent purchases on their cards. Capital One has a zero Fraud liability policy that protects people from fraudulent purchases. People do not have to find the money to pay for unauthorized purchases when their card is lost or stolen.

Places that accept cards accept this Visa card. This is the perfect card to rely on when traveling abroad or buying lunch for the office. Having a Visa card helps businesses to expand globally since they can use their card anywhere in the world. This is a great way to earn cash rewards when traveling abroad.

Visa also protects purchases that are bought within the first 90 days of purchase. If the items are stolen, lost, damaged, or burned in a fire, Visa replaces the items so the business does not have to. Cardmembers can log on to their accounts to see 13 months of transactions and statements for their small business. People can even pay their monthly bill online. When shopping at participating merchants, cardmembers can get an extra discount on their purchases when they use the card.

Additional Advantages

Small businesses that are expanding across the country can save money at hotels and fine dining establishments. Participating establishments gives card members an additional discount when they use their card. Employees who need to rent a vehicle have protection in case they are in a vehicle accident. The card covers collision, loss insurance, and other damage to the car.

Closing out the books at the end of the year is a stressful time for small businesses. This shows where they spent their money, and how much their business profited. Cardmembers receive Year-End statements that itemize every transaction for them to check against their accounting books. Small business owners will like to see how much cash they earned when they used their cards for purchases throughout the year.

The Final Word

Applying for a Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business card is easy to accomplish, and it takes a couple of minutes. Once people activate their cards, they can start earning cash rewards immediately.

What is the Capital One Spark Miles Select Card?

Companies need to find a card that can work with their travel demands. The Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card allows companies to have an easier time purchasing tickets, meals, hotels, and office supplies. People do not have to worry about blackout dates or seat assignments with this card.

There are plenty of card options for businesses to choose from, but they will not find another card like the Capital One Spark Miles Select. They double the amount of miles people get in their first year. Companies who need to use different airlines do not have to worry about which place will take their miles since they can book flights on any airline or with any travel agency. The card company notifies businesses if there is any fraudulent activity on their cards.

Travel Benefits

Companies can rely on their card to get them to their destination anywhere around the world. Businesses can enjoy many travel benefits when they sign up for this card. They include:

  • Earn an unlimited amount of miles
  • No mile expiration date
  • Use miles for airplane tickets, gift cards, cash, and more
  • Availability to choose any airline
  • No seating restrictions or blackout dates

People can use their card immediately after they activate it. Every purchase will build miles that go toward flights, gift cards, and other items. Companies can keep track of their miles easier by adding the total amount of their purchases.

Every dollar people spend is equivalent to one mile. Businesses who want to use their miles a year or two down the road for a company vacation can do so, since there is no expiration date for when they need to use their miles. Cardholders can get bonus reward miles in the first year when they spend more than a certain dollar amount.

Booking flights have never been easier when people want to redeem their miles. Cardholders can use their reward miles at any travel agency or online travel service to book flights. Cardholders get discounts when they eat out when traveling or taking a job applicant out to eat during an interview. Employees can book hotel rooms at a discounted price when they travel for business or vacation.

A Powerful Card

The Capital One Spark Miles Select card is a Visa card, and stores accept this card all around the world. Cardholders can make purchases online or at a local store that accepts credit cards. People use the card to purchase groceries, office supplies, hotel rooms, rental cars, and more. Every time employees swipe the card, they are increasing their air miles. This is perfect for people who travel frequently. 

Visa gives their small business cardholders peace of mind with their fraud protection alert system. They have a zero Fraud liability policy that does not hold the cardholder responsible for fraudulent purchases. When a card is lost or stolen, the card company cancels the card immediately and takes care of any fraudulent purchases. Businesses do not have to worry how to pay back fraudulent purchases when they are a cardmember.

There are times where people need medical assistance or are in an accident while they are traveling. The card has a travel and emergency assistance benefit for card members to use in case they are sick, need new flight tickets, or tow services. Another feature that relaxes cardholders is that the card company protects all purchases for when they are damaged, stolen, or in a fire. They replace the items at their full retail cost.

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Additional Features

If an employee rents a car while they are traveling, the card has a rental damage program that covers car damage, collisions, and offers loss insurance. The card takes care of employees while they are traveling across the country. They also offer discounts when reserving hotel rooms at well-known hotels and resorts. Participating stores also give card members discounts on purchases.

Keeping track of expenses has never been easier. With the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card, accountants and business owners can read all their transactions for the year in a Year-End Review. The statement itemizes every purchase and shows every card that is active on their business account.

The Final Word

Small businesses who are interested in the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business card can apply quickly and easily. Once the card is active, companies can start making purchases to gain reward miles. This is the card to carry when buying supplies for a small business.

What is the Capital One Business Platinum Card?

The Capital One Business Platinum Card has a variety of different benefits, allowing for a unique card on the market. Businesses can expand with the ability to make purchases all across the globe and each employee can have their own separate card.


With this card, it’s easier than ever for a business to have accurate recordkeeping. The statements are itemized, making it easy to see purchasing. The purchasing is broken down by category and by each employee. This way you can see who is purchasing what, as well as easily separating personal expenses from those of the business.

At the end of every year, you’ll receive an itemized report. This will help with planning, budgeting, as well as tax preparation. This will not only save you time but your accounting department. There’ll be no need for compiling multiple reports. The card gives you everything you need.

Employee Management

Giving your employees their own card empowers them. Not only does it empower, but it also allows you to worry about other aspects of your business. When your employees have cards, you don’t have to be there. They make the purchases for you. You’ll be able to set up spending limits for each individual employee. Each time you receive a statement, their purchases will be itemized. Now, you can see what the employee is buying what. You’ll track expenses and be able to manage employees, all with one tool – your Platinum Visa.


There are many ways to make the card completely yours. It’s your business, so the card should be yours in a variety of ways, too.

The card’s design can be personalized. Whether you want the company logo or a photo that represents your company’s product or service, the choice is yours. This way, every time you make a purchase and hand your card over for payment, you advertise. Best of all – it’s free advertising!

You can also customize and streamline your accounts receivable department. This card eliminates the need to fill out credit applications at each company you do business with. The extra paperwork can be eliminated by using your business Visa everywhere. It’s accepted virtually everywhere – in stores and online, so there are no limits.

There’s also the ability to increase your credit line. As you continue to make prompt payments and maintain a good credit history, there’s the possibility to expand your credit. So when your company grows, so can your credit.

Additional Benefits

There are a variety of other great benefits that come with the card.

  • Travel
  • Purchasing Protection
  • Discounts
  • Account management
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Fraud protection

When you use a Capital one business platinum card, you’ve got travel rewards at your fingertips. When you use the card for a rental car, you will get collision damage waivers on it. You’ll also be able to save on business hotels. You’ll be able to travel anywhere and know that you’ve got emergency assistance as well as travel insurance. Both domestically and internationally.

You’ll have purchase security when you use the card. Most purchases you make will be covered for as many as 90 days after the purchase. Whether it’s lost, stolen, damaged, or involved in a fire, it will be covered, giving you extended shopping protection.

Discounts are abundant with the card. You’ll get a variety of different hotel savings. You’ll also be able to get Platinum benefits with your Visa including restaurant discounts around the globe.

You can manage your account easily from the computer. From anywhere you have an internet connection, you’re able to log in to your account. From there, you can easily view account activity and pay your bills.

You’ll also be able to download statements to your computer. You’ll also have 24/7 access to customer service. The customer service representatives are experienced with small businesses and available to help you with any questions you may have.

When you use the card, you’re protected. If you shop online, you’re protected from identity theft. If your card is lost or stolen, you’re not responsible for any fraudulent charges.

The Final Word

The Capital One Business Platinum Card is easy to obtain, and with the ability to have cards for all employees, itemized statements, and travel benefits, it’s easier to run a business. It’s an essential tool for businesses to ensure they are able to track their expenses and keep personal expenses separate.

Available Spark Cards Alternatives

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