Milestone® Mastercard® Review: A Bank Of Missouri Solution for Credit Rebuilding

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

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Review of the Milestone Mastercard – Unsecured Credit, Three-Bureau Reporting, and Simple Application Process, with a Close Look at the Fees

The Milestone® Mastercard®, previously known as the Milestone Gold Mastercard Credit Card, offers a viable pathway for individuals with suboptimal credit scores or those recovering from bankruptcy to rebuild their credit. Issued by the reputable Bank of Missouri, an FDIC-insured institution with a legacy dating back to 1891, these cards are designed to cater to consumers new to credit. Managed by Concora Credit, the Milestone® Mastercard® stands out for its accessibility to a broad range of credit histories.

Milestone Mastercard Review

Milestone Mastercard: A Key Tool for Credit Rebuilding

The Milestone® Mastercard®, offered by the Bank of Missouri, represents a solid choice for those looking to improve their credit. Managed by Concora Credit, Inc., this card provides a unique opportunity for individuals with less than perfect credit histories or those recovering from bankruptcy. While it may not be overflowing with benefits due to its primary focus on credit building, the Milestone® Mastercard® stands apart with its Mastercard platform base, offering a suite of advantages that can significantly aid in credit improvement.

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Enhancing Credit Scores with Responsible Use

A critical aspect of the Milestone® Mastercard® is its reporting to all three major credit bureaus, aiding cardholders in elevating their credit scores effectively. Improving credit is a strategic process that requires the right tools, like the Milestone® Mastercard®, coupled with disciplined financial habits. A robust credit score opens doors to numerous financial benefits, including lower insurance rates, access to premium credit cards, favorable mortgage terms, and even enhanced employment prospects. With the right approach, using the Milestone® Mastercard® can be a straightforward path to better financial health.

Offer Details Updated for Current Market Conditions

The Milestone® Mastercard® distinguishes itself through various features. It’s an unsecured card, making it accessible to those without a substantial initial deposit. The application process is streamlined, catering to individuals with limited or damaged credit histories. The card also boasts a set of Mastercard Gold benefits, including luggage insurance, personal assistance, price protection, mobile banking features, transport accident insurance, contactless payment options, and roadside assistance.

However, it’s important to note the updates in the card’s terms. The credit limit has been raised from $300 to $700, offering more flexibility. The annual fee structure has also been revised: $175 for the first year and $49 in subsequent years. While the APR remains high, responsible use can mitigate its impact.

The Drawbacks: A Balanced View

While the Milestone® Mastercard® is a valuable tool for credit rebuilding, it’s not without its drawbacks. The initial credit limit of $700, though an improvement, might still be limiting for some users. Additionally, the card’s fees, including the revised annual fee and APR, may be a consideration for potential cardholders. As with any financial product, weighing the benefits against the costs is crucial for making an informed decision.

Versatility in Use: Travel and Daily Purchases

The Mastercard platform ensures wide acceptance of the Milestone® Mastercard® worldwide, making it an excellent choice for travelers and for everyday use. The card’s features, such as low international transaction fees and extensive acceptance, make it versatile for various purchases, aiding in credit building through consistent use.

A Tool for Credit Improvement

The Milestone® Mastercard® is a significant option for those on the journey to credit recovery. Its benefits, anchored in the Mastercard framework, offer more than just a means to spend; they provide a pathway to rebuild financial standing. While mindful of its limitations, users can leverage this card as a strategic tool in their broader financial management and credit improvement plans.

Ease and Convenience of Using the Milestone® Mastercard®

Using the Milestone cedit card is straightforward and user-friendly. Accepted in over 210 countries and at approximately 35 million locations, its global reach and the array of Mastercard Gold features, like price protection and extended warranty, make it a top choice in its category. The process from application to card activation is primarily online, enhancing convenience and speed.

Qualification Requirements: Inclusivity and Accessibility

The Milestone® Mastercard® is designed for inclusivity, targeting those with low credit scores or a history of bankruptcy. The primary eligibility criteria include being over 18 years of age and meeting basic federal requirements for a credit card, such as providing personal and contact information. This card is particularly suited for individuals with credit scores below 600, looking for an effective tool to rebuild or repair their credit.

Applying for the Milestone® Mastercard®

The application process for the Milestone® Mastercard® is streamlined and online. Interested individuals can start by visiting the official website and clicking “Apply Now”. The application requires basic personal details, and upon submission, applicants receive quick feedback.

Apply for the Milestone Mastercard, now!

Required Information for Online Application

  • First, Middle, and Last names
  • Suffix (if applicable)
  • Email address
  • Full Address, City, Zip-code
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Primary and secondary Phone Numbers

Once applied, ordering and activating the card is simple, requiring only basic information like Account Number, Date of Birth, and SSN.

Customer Support Contact Information

  • Phone: 1-866-453-2636 (Mon-Fri, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm Central Time)
  • Correspondence Address: Genesis FS Card Services, PO Box 4477, Beaverton
  • Online Account Management: Milestone Account Login
  • Corporate Office Address: Milestone Card, 15220 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, Suite 200, Beaverton, OR 97006

Offer Recap and Overall Conclusion

The Milestone® Mastercard® is a valuable financial tool for individuals seeking to rebuild or repair their credit. While it has its limitations, such as higher fees and APR, its benefits, particularly the reporting to all three major credit bureaus and Mastercard Gold features, make it a compelling option for credit restoration. Its unsecured nature and consideration for less-than-perfect credit scores enhance its appeal.

Table: Key Features of the Milestone Credit Card

Credit ReportingReports to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian
Annual Fee$175 first year, $49 thereafter
Credit Limit$700
Application ProcessOnline, with quick application process
Mastercard BenefitsPrice protection, extended warranty, etc.
Customer SupportPhone and online account management

In conclusion, the Milestone Mastercard offers a practical solution for those on the path to credit recovery. Its combination of accessibility, Mastercard-backed benefits, and global acceptance positions it as a useful tool in a credit improvement strategy. However, potential users should weigh the costs against the benefits and consider their personal financial situation before applying.

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