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Updated: Jul 4, 2024

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Perpay Credit offers a unique and hassle-free way to build your credit score while shopping for the items you want, need, or have always desired. With instant credit approval, you can start exploring a world of shopping possibilities in just 60 seconds. This innovative financial solution allows you to repay your credit through small, manageable payments over an agreed-upon period, all conveniently deducted from your paycheck. Experience an easy and efficient way to build your credit, starting today!




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Key Features

  • Access your credit limit and start shopping in 60 seconds
  • No credit check is required
  • Shop 1,000+ top brands
  • Small payments from your paycheck
  • A simple way to build credit
  • Buy Now. Pay Later. Build credit.
  • Join over 3million + members
  • See the website for complete Terms & Conditions

Our Take

Perpay Credit is The Game Changer in Credit-Building and Online Shopping

Perpay, an innovative financial platform, has transformed the way people build their credit and shop online. Designed to cater to individuals facing challenges with traditional credit approval methods, Perpay Store Shopping Credit offers an instant spending limit and a unique opportunity to improve credit ratings over time.

Empowering Users to Build Credit While Shopping

Perpay Credit stands out in the market due to its ability to allow users to enhance their credit scores while shopping for items they desire. Payments are made through small deductions from the user’s paycheck, ensuring a simple and worry-free experience. This system creates a seamless integration of credit-building and shopping, allowing users to enjoy the process while reaping the benefits of improved credit.

Perpay’s Key Features

The company offers a range of unique features that make it an attractive option for credit-building and online shopping.

No credit checks are necessary

The company’s approach to providing an instant spending limit doesn’t rely on traditional credit checks, which can be a barrier for many people. Instead, the platform assesses users based on other factors, such as employment and income, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Access to a wide variety of over 1,000 top brands

Perpay’s online marketplace offers a vast selection of products from top brands (e.g. Dyson, Samsung, Sonos, PS4, Shark, Tile, Marc Jacobs, HP, etc.) across various categories, including electronics, home goods, fashion, and more. Users can find items that suit their needs and preferences while shopping on a platform designed to help them improve their credit.

Small and manageable payments deducted directly from your paycheck

The repayment system is designed to be user-friendly and manageable. Instead of requiring users to remember due dates or worry about late fees, the platform automatically deducts small payments from the user’s paycheck. This ensures timely payments and reduces the stress associated with traditional credit payments.

A straightforward way to build credit while shopping

One of Copamny’s most significant advantages is its ability to help users build credit without adding complexity to their lives. By simply shopping for the items they want or need, users can make progress toward better credit scores. This straightforward approach to credit-building makes Perpay Credit an appealing choice for those looking to improve their financial situation.

Perpay’s innovative approach to credit-building and online shopping is revolutionizing the way people improve their credit scores and access the products they want. With its user-friendly platform, extensive product selection, and unique features, Perpay is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of personal finance.

Eligibility and Requirements for Perpay

Perpay has an easy approval process with specific requirements to qualify for an instant credit limit:

  • No active bankruptcies
  • Must be employed (unemployment not accepted)
  • The minimum annual income of $15,000
  • An activated cell phone

Table: Perpay’s Credit-Building Process

1Shop for a variety of products using your personalized spending limit in the online marketplace.
2Make automatic payments over time, with small deductions from each paycheck.
3Strengthen your account history with each on-time payment.
4Continuously grow your credit score by using Perpay over time.

The Story of Perpay Credit – Origins and Expansion

Founded in 2014 by Chris DiMarco and David Hayne, Perpay was created to help individuals struggling with debt to afford unexpected big-ticket purchases. The Philadelphia-based fintech company operates a user-friendly shopping site reminiscent of Amazon, where customers can buy items from well-known brands like KitchenAid and LG. Instead of paying upfront, users pay for their purchases over time through paycheck deductions.

Perpay follows a revenue model similar to other e-commerce marketplaces, purchasing items wholesale from distributors and selling them at a markup. This approach has proven successful, with the company’s revenue skyrocketing 18,166 percent over three years to $22.5 million in 2018. Perpay has now grown to over three million users.

Social Impact and Focus on Customer Success

The company is dedicated to providing simple, transparent, and inclusive financial products to anyone earning a paycheck. The company finances big-ticket items through its e-commerce marketplace based on income instead of credit score, allowing for manageable monthly payments deducted directly from customers’ paychecks.

Perpay sets itself apart from alternative loan options like payday lenders and rent-to-own services by charging no late fees and no interest. The company is committed to its customers’ success and thoroughly reviews every piece of feedback received. This attention to detail has led to the development of innovative features, including its latest credit-building product, Perpay+.

Perpay User Testimonials

Users have shared their positive experiences with the platform:

  • Darkpegs Gaming, Google Play Review: “Probably one of the best programs out there. Never have to worry about remembering a payment, fast shipping, and pricing is realistic.”
  • Bluemegatron85, iOS App Review: “BEST APP EVER!!!!! It helped me tremendously with my credit. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking to help your credit score.”


Perpay is an exceptional platform that combines credit building and online shopping in a seamless and hassle-free manner. With its unique features, social impact-driven approach, and dedication to customer success, Perpay Credit stands out as a promising solution for consumers facing challenges in the traditional credit approval process.

By offering a wide range of products from top brands, an easy-to-use online marketplace, and the opportunity to build credit while shopping, Perpay is revolutionizing the way people manage their finances and shop online. With its continued growth and commitment to innovation, Perpay is undoubtedly a platform worth considering for those looking to improve their credit score and enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

Perpay Credit Competition and Alternatives

  • Stoneberry Credit – Stoneberry is a financing option provided by the Stoneberry online store, allowing customers to purchase a wide range of products and pay for them over time through affordable monthly payments.
  • Electro Finance – Electro Finance is a lease-to-own financing solution that enables customers to acquire electronics and other products without credit checks, by making flexible payments over a fixed period, eventually owning the items.
  • Group One Platinum – Group One Platinum is a merchandise credit card that offers its cardholders a credit line specifically for purchasing items from the Horizon Outlet online store, providing an accessible way for customers to obtain products and build their credit history.
  • No Fee Credit Catalogue Card – The No Fee Credit Catalogue Card is a financing option for shopping in select online catalogues, offering customers the convenience of interest-free credit, without the burden of additional fees, while enabling them to build their credit scores.
  • Buy On Trust Lending – Buy On Trust Lending is a financing solution that allows customers to purchase items from participating online retailers on a “buy now, pay later” basis, providing flexible payment options and an opportunity to establish or improve their credit history.

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