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Updated: Nov 20, 2020
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The Milestone Gold Mastercard Credit Card offering Mobile Access to Your Account is a great way to improve your credit score, and it comes with all the required credit creation tools too. It's great for both people without a credit score or those with a tarnished one.

Young people are always on the go and need a credit card, which will aid them every day. This is why a card should have top of the line mBanking and eBanking features. While this card has some great eBanking features as the card management platform is quite slick, it lacks in the mBanking department.

The card doesn't have its own application and relies on a phone browser optimized version of the website. This isn't bad, but it would be far more helpful if it had a standalone application. The card is reassuring as it's issued by the Bank of Missouri and serviced by Genesis FS Card Services. Both are top of the line institutions and make the card a reliable companion for anyone looking to gain its benefits.

Mobile access is also critical if you're looking to withdraw money, and that's why the Milestone card supports cash advances. Since it's based on the Mastercard platform, it also offers 35 million locations across 210 countries that support it. If a place accepts credit cards, it's going to take your Milestone Gold Mastercard.


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24.90% (Fixed)*



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Introductory APR
Intro APR Period
Minimum Credit Score

Key Features

  • Instant pre-qualification is available for those who qualify
  • Don't have perfect credit? No problem!
  • Mobile-friendly online access from anywhere
  • Pick from multiple card designs at no extra charge
  • Account history is reported to the three major credit bureaus in the U.S.
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Our Take

When it comes to access, you simply can't go wrong with several eBanking and mBanking features. Both of these are features which the Milestone Mastercard with Mobile Access to Your Account has. Who Is This Card For? The Gold Milestone Mastercard (Mobile Access to Your Account) is a cart purposefully built around people with no prior credit history or a tarnished credit history. ...

When it comes to access, you simply can't go wrong with several eBanking and mBanking features. Both of these are features which the Milestone Mastercard with Mobile Access to Your Account has.

Who Is This Card For?

The Gold Milestone Mastercard (Mobile Access to Your Account) is a cart purposefully built around people with no prior credit history or a tarnished credit history. If you don't have one at all, or if you've ruined your credit score in the past, you can gain quite a lot of benefits from utilizing a great tool like this into your credit reparation strategy.

This is a card that will aid you in your journey, but you still need to practice quite a lot of patience and care when you're using a card like this. And, if you use it wrong, you could wind up further hurting your credit score.

Since most people without any credit history are either recent transfers from other countries or people fresh out of school - features to accommodate them are more than necessary.

People these days don't spend too much time sitting at home. They're dynamic, active, and are always in different places, and need a card to supplement their lifestyle.

The card in question is an excellent option for any young person who is a frequent traveler, as it has a multitude of Mastercard Gold based perks and benefits.

eBanking features are also relatively robust, and the optimized website makes managing your funds and monitoring your status that much more straightforward.

If you're a young person eager to start your credit history off on the right foot - or someone who is looking to get their financial state back into their hands, this card is one of the best options for you.

The Key Highlights

  • Convenient eBanking and mBanking features
  • Traveler friendly Mastercard Gold Perks
  • Great starter credit card
  • Amazing credit building potential
  • Reports to all 3 major credit bureaus (Explained)

Credit Card Benefits

This credit card comes with some great benefits for consumers, all of which are based on the Mastercard Gold platform. There are absolutely no unique perks and bonuses associated with this card.

This might sound bad, but it isn't. This card is a credit building card, and credit building cards don't come with many bonuses. Once you build your credit through responsible payment, you can get a better card with all the benefits you want.

The benefits of having a good credit score are absolutely irrefutable. There are many different perks associated with having great credit, and a card like this is the necessary stepping stone to get there.

Some of the benefits of having a good credit score are:

  • Smaller fees with credit cards
  • Better traveling, rental, and insurance options
  • Better mortgage deals
  • Superior loan approval chances
  • Better chances of landing a good-paying job
  • Financial wellness
  • Better personal loan rates
  • Bidding privileges
  • Avoiding security deposits

All of these things are absolutely essential for people with a bad credit history - and especially worthwhile for young people starting out their financial life. Good financial health is going to get you far, and utilizing an excellent tool to get there is essential.

Another appealing feature of this card is that its look is completely customizable. You can upload a picture and completely personalize your card design, making it look the way you want it. Another significant aspect of this customization feature is that it's completely free of charge.

A sound credit card should also have a good website, which is going to serve as a credit monitoring, manipulation, and interactivity platform. The Milestone website is a bit dated, but it does the job.

It actually has two different websites. One of them is going to serve as a pre-qualification form, and the other will serve as your account hub. The first is very dated and seems a bit boring at times. The application process is quick, and the response is more immediate, so we're going to give it a pass.

The other website that is used to manage and view your credit is a little better design-wise, and its functionality is up to the standard of the other credit card websites. Overall, even if it is dated, it's completely viable.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are a couple of disadvantages associated with this card, but they're nowhere near as important as the advantages. While the websites that are related to this card are relatively simple and primitive, even dated at times, it comes with no phone app.

Young people are constantly on the go and don't always have a laptop by their side. Even if the website does come in mobile form, and the mobile form is relatively viable, it would be good if the card had an app.

The complete lack of any application associated with this card is an issue. The optimized mobile website is viable, but it's painfully slow. This is an incremental issue with the card, and the fact that the website sees infrequent updates, it's not going to be solved anytime soon.

Another disadvantage of the website and mobile variant is that they fail to mention some disadvantages of this card. Some of them are the high APR, the many fees associated with the card, and the significant penalties if you're late with your payments.

Should You Use This Card?

Milestone Mastercard credit card with Mobile Access to Your Account is an excellent option for people looking for an easy way out of a hard financial situation. With low requirements and regular reports to all major consumer credit bureaus, this card can help you attain financial freedom and acquire credit cards with more perks and benefits.

Read the full review of Milestone Mastercard - Mobile Access to Your Account.


  • Quick pre-qualification and qualification process
  • Unrivaled approval ratings
  • Ideal for young people
  • eBanking and mBanking features
  • Reports to all 3 major credit bureaus


  • No application for mBanking
  • High fees

Basic Information

Issuer: Bank of Missouri
Network: Mastercard®
Category: Consumer (Regular)
Review: Full Card Review
Common Uses:
  • Cards for Bad Credit
  • Instant Decision
  • Unsecured Cards
  • Building Credit
  • Damaged Credit
  • Pre-Qualification
Rewards: No

Rates & Fees

Introductory APR (%): N/A
Applied Towards: N/A
Intro Period: N/A
Regular APR: 24.90%
Regular APR Type: Fixed*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Balance Transfer: No*
APR on Cash Advances: 29.90%*
Grace Period: 25 days*
Late Payment Fee: Up to $40*

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Additional Info & Comments

*Depends on creditworthiness

*The information provided for Milestone® Mastercard® - Mobile Access to Your Account is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation or recent update on November 20, 2020. However, we strongly advise visitors to review the card fees and Terms & Conditions on the issuer's website by following Apply Now link to verify the accurancy of the information posted prior to applying for this card offer.
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October 30, 2020
Income on Application
Credit Score
Needs Work (300-579)
Credit Limit
File for Bankruptcy
Is good!!!
This is a good card that helped me improve my credit score and is still one of my best cards. I love the fact that it's so simple to use that I don't even have to worry about confusing management like with my old cards. Everything is streamlined perfectly, so I don't really have to pay any attention aside from actually using the card. I ruined my credit score in my youth and am now paying the price for it, but this card has really been a useful tool along the way. I can't recommend it enough to anyone who is looking to repair their credit score. You can manage the card through an app or through the computer, and it's really easy from start to finish, and you can basically set everything up just how you like it. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it doesn't have any good bonuses, but I can live with that as this is a credit repairing card for your bad credit score, so it's fine.
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Milestone® Mastercard® - Mobile Access to Your Account

Milestone® Mastercard® - Mobile Access to Your Account

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