Enormous Online Banking Surge During COVID Pandemic

Updated: Jul 4, 2024

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The coronavirus pandemic is posing numerous restrictions on the daily life of citizens. It’s these restrictions that call for additional options when it comes to your financial safety. With this in mind, online banking is the best solution to get through this COVID-19 pandemic and a useful tool that helps you manage your finances during a crisis.

How COVID-19 Made Online Banking a Primary Banking Service

While the coronavirus outbreak is paralyzing the entire world, banking institutions are forced to move their financial services to digital platforms. Since many banks have fully or partially closed their branches, users now have to rely on digital options that banks have on offer.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many banks to close their branches or offer limited access. Since users need banking services daily, it is digital options that are now the main solution for managing a wide range of banking needs of users.

One of the biggest benefits of online banking at the moment is the fact that customers can still manage their banking and financial needs without the need to leave the comfort of their homes. Because of that, both mobile and online banking has become increasingly popular.

According to certain studies, it’s possible that the outbreak could cause the rise of the digital banking trend. Since we live in a world of the internet, digital usage is already on a significant rise.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage all over the world, it’s expected that more customers will turn to online and mobile banking services. At the moment, digital adoption has never been higher.

Some banks report that mobile application usage is off the charts for quite some time now. Clients turn to digital options to manage everything from paying bills and checking their finances to loan payments.

The virus has largely crippled the world’s economy, and certain counties are pulled into recession, but modern banks are currently well equipped to continue lending.

Thanks to digital services, the majority of banks are free to provide uninterrupted financial services of all sorts. Customers can still enjoy the usual efficiency with minimal disruptions. Online banking currently provides for all customers, adding a new dimension for banks.

This new dimension is a benefit and strength that keeps providing for customers during the outbreak. Nowadays, banks are doing everything in their power to promote this digital shift and raise awareness about the use of mobile and online banking platforms.

On top of that, most bankers are offering assistance to their customers to reduce the need for visiting the branch office. They’re offering consultation to customers so that they don’t have to visit branches to manage their daily financial and banking needs.

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The increase of digital features is a direct result of digital shifting toward online/mobile banking. These services allow customers to safely and conveniently manage their banking without leaving their homes. Whether it’s transfers or mobile deposit capture, customers can take care of all their needs from home.

Banking Systems Will Be Challenged

While the digital shift has turned out to be extremely useful not only for the customers but for the entire world economy, it isn’t without its challenges. Since banks have never experienced such overwhelming online traffic, they have to come up with ways to cope with all the challenges that arise from the current pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic will last, and the increase in digital traffic will continue to grow. In the following period, the situation will call for taking extra measures in terms of monitoring all banking systems. Such measures are needed to ensure that bankers can handle surging usage with minimized downtime and disturbances.

It’s paramount to precisely determine which online services and digital products customers use the most. At the same time, banks have to worry about their platforms too. They have to make sure that the platforms can handle all that increased digital traffic.

Since an acceleration in digital activity is expected, banks have to ensure that they have the capacity to handle all challenges put before them during the crisis. From this current point, most banks are confident that they can cope with the challenges and provide their customers with seamless online banking experiences.

It takes regular communication to make sure all systems and services are running smoothly, but as for the moment, the banks are keeping up and meeting all needs.

Increased Adoption of Alternate Banking Services

The increase in the adoption of alternate banking features and services led to many banks upgrading their online channels. Bankers have become fully aware that this enduring transformation is essential for both customers and banks.

Most financial experts consider digital transformation as the main driving factor for innovative banking efficiencies that will benefit customers.

At the moment, banks are entirely focused on identifying the financial needs of clients, as well as emergency borrowing needs. This is where digital platforms for online banking can be extremely useful.

Aside from processing e.g. personal loan applications, bankers can also help their clients by providing financial consultations and advice when needed. Businesses of customers are well taken care of too.

There are already new small business administration loan options on the offer, although these financial options are still in the works. Businesses can count on short-term interest-only loans at the moment.

Many clients will experience major and minor setbacks, and most of the forbearance requests are mainly related to revenue shortfalls. The main challenge that all businesses face amidst the COVID-19 outbreak is coping with increased demand.

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Because of that, these requests are directly related to new loan applications as companies see the only way out in seeking financial aid. Conveniently enough, companies that deal with any disinfectants, patient clinics, and transport companies are among the most wanted at the moment.

All these businesses are now working 24/7 to make sure all consumer products, medical supplies, and grocery distribution are scheduled as planned.

Consumers can expect to receive all their products purchased online, but none of it would be possible if banks didn’t make tremendous efforts to establish safe banking options to keep the wheels of the economy turning in the darkest hours of the virus outbreak.

They are facing serious challenges at the moment, but it’s pretty encouraging to see how well both customers and businesses have adapted to managing their financial needs online.

It’s safe to say that we can expect to see a significant increase in the adoption of alternate banking services such as mobile and online banking in the following months and especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Banking is Best Banking Solution During the Outbreak

It’s critical for all people to stay safe at these difficult times. That’s why Central and State governments issue warnings, insisting that people should avoid leaving their homes, travel, and, if possible, work from home.

COVID-19 is raging all over the world, and it’s affecting the entire world’s population. Positive cases are growing; the virus is spreading to more countries. Amidst this pandemic, it’s crucial to be responsible and do everything you can to remain safe.

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With that in mind, many banking associations have issued guidelines to protect both account holders and bank employees. These guidelines help both clients and employees protect themselves against the virus while still managing their financial and banking needs.

Since all people are advised to stay home, a question must be asked – how to do your banking during the pandemic?

We’re going to share some tips on how to do your banking and stay safe during the virus outbreak.

1. Personal hygiene and social distancing

The virus gets transmitted through human to human transmission. To protect yourself, you need to constantly maintain personal hygiene, wash your hands, etc. It’s also advised to practice social distancing, as this is the best way to prevent the virus from spreading. Stay home and avoid socializing for the time being.

2. Avoid travel

During the outbreak, most borders are closed, as all countries are trying their best to prevent the virus from spreading. People can contribute by avoiding travel unless you absolutely have to. Also, if you have the ability, start working from home.

3. Use online services to manage your financial needs

Social distancing practice goes for all employees and consumers. Some banks have moved their employees to their homes, and their branch offices are closed. Still, these banks do offer their online and mobile banking services to make sure their clients can still access them in these times of need.

Clients can help by staying at home too. Instead of visiting branch offices, clients can use online modes to do everything they would normally do in the offices. Online banking is an excellent way to avoid waiting in lines, but it’s also a safety measure during the outbreak.

Clients who bank online, minimize physical contact with other people and bank employees, which is a huge contribution to containing the virus. If you’re not already using an online banking service, it’s time to get yourself familiar with all the benefits this service has to offer.

You can choose to do your banking online or using a mobile banking solution; the choice is yours entirely. The point is that there’s no need to go to the bank branches as you can get all that you need online.

4. Use electronic payment options

Online banking is an exceptional service that allows you to do pretty much everything that you would normally by visiting a branch office yourself. You can check your account, transfer money, buy things, pay your bills, and more.

In case you have to transfer or deposit money through checks or cash, the best solution is to use electronic payment options such as NEFT, RTGS, etc. The same goes for lending. You can do it using digital platforms rather than going to the bank yourself.

5. Use your cards for payment

The less you come in contact with others, the less you expose yourself to the virus. With that in mind, use your debit and credit card to make your payments. Currency is currently a possible contaminant, as it goes from hand to hand. The less you touch it, the better.

6. Take all necessary measures of precaution if physical is unavoidable

If you have to go to the bank physically, take all necessary measures of precaution to prevent the spreading of the virus. Wear gloves and a protective mask, and wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds before and after your visit.

Online Banking and Electronic Payments as Measures against the Virus Spreading

In the current event of things with the virus outbreak, people are increasingly rethinking their approach to cash. As it turned out, cash is a convenient vehicle for spreading the virus. More and more citizens are now considering other financial options.

Instead of paying in person, there are more and more consumers who are taking a no-cash approach to handle their daily needs. Since cash has been deemed a potential contaminant, this psychological factor has driven more people towards the adoption of electronic payment services.

At the moment, governments are urging their citizens to stay at home, and we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to follow the self-isolation protocols. While you might be limited to your premises, banks are doing their best to provide every account holder with the additional financial services and products.

All over the world, governments, merchants, banks, and all other financially-involved institutions are urging people to avoid using cash during the outbreak.

Mobile banking is also a solution

Even though all banks offer online and mobile banking services, there are still many people who failed to see the appeal. In the wake of current events with the virus, mobile payments might finally strike them as a beneficial option.

To contain the virus, it’s absolutely paramount to avoid contact with other people and any potential contaminants. Since cash is now marked as unclean, people have to consider other payment options. Contactless payments are the best solution at the moment.

Mobile payments are far from reaching the global adoption level, but this virus outbreak might just be a great way to jumpstart the appeal of how useful mobile and electronic payments can be during such a crisis.

If we consider the ubiquity of mobile devices, it’s expected to see a significant increase in mobile payments. At the same time, online options are adopted more and more with every passing day, as more people avoid bank branches.


Since all citizens are urged again to stay at home and practice social distancing, account holders will have to consider online, mobile, and electronic financial options to manage their daily financial and banking needs.

The banks are making a huge effort to keep their digital platforms up and running, and so far, everything is going smoothly. With so many different online/mobile options at your disposal, you can explore all available options and even learn something new in the process.

It’s essential to keep your family and loved ones safe, so stay at home and enjoy the perks of online banking.


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