partners with several credit score and credit monitoring report providers for US based customers. We currently offer credit products from Experian and Equifax.

However, Market Pro Secure does not provide these services directly. If you are already a subscriber receiving credit information and wish to cancel you need to contact the service provider directly. Details are given below.

To cancel a subscription with Experian
Call: 1-888-888-8553 or
Email: [email protected]

To cancel a subscription with Equifax
Call: 1-866-640-2273 or

To cancel a subscription with TransUnion
Call: 1-800-493-2392 (Toll Free) or

To cancel a subscription with myFICO
Call: 1-800-319-4433 or
Contact Online:

To cancel a subscription with Citi® Credit Monitoring Service
Call: 1-866-311-6742 or
E-mail: [email protected]

If you can’t remember…
If you are not sure which agency provides you with your credit report and score, and wish to cancel, we recommend you contact all the agencies to ensure your subscription is terminated.

To reactivate your credit reporting or try other service provider
In order to subscribe for a free credit report, to reactivate a subscription or to buy the services of a credit information provider visit the page at MarketProSecure .