There are currently five evaluation outcomes when your credit score is checked.

Excellent Score.

This is where your score is above 800 points. Lenders and insurers will regard you as zero risk and you will qualify for the best terms have to offer.

Very Good or Good.

Where your score falls between 700 and 800. Lenders will regard you as being a low risk customer. You may have had some late payment history in the past, but overall you have used credit responsibly and will be considered a good risk. You could attract very competitive interest rates and good terms.


This grading applies when the score is between 650 and 700 points. Here you are considered to be a modest risk. Your score might reflect a higher than average level of credit card debt or what is considered to be a high level of recent applications for new credit.

Bad or Very Bad.

If your points are below 650 you will attract a bad or very bad credit rating. This could be the result of a history of late payments or very high levels of credit card debt. The lender will probably consider you to be a high credit risk.

No Score.

If you have no loan or other credit history or you have not used your credit card(s) for some time you may have no score. This does not mean you cannot get credit but it may limit your choice of financial service providers or . Once you have opened a new credit card account and have used it responsibly for a while you will see your credit rate start to climb.

Get your free Credit Score.

You can get a free copy of your credit score from one of the three major US credit reporting companies . Other companies that monitor credit scores will also give free copies of your score.