The best way to rate credit cards is by comparing them to each other. The critical elements of the best cards include the lowest interest rates, the lowest fees, the best benefits, and the highest reward-earning potential.

Our long years of experience taught us two things – credit card advertisements aren’t what they look like, and most cards aren’t what they say they are.

Card types and benefits

We rely on card type when doing our card estimations as it’s one of the essential factors for comparing different card types. For example, we rate cash back cards based on what kinds of purchases allow you to earn cashback and how much can be earned in general.

We take all terms and conditions into consideration as certain card types like secured cards provide fewer benefits, but they also include a lower credit requirement. Some cards are better judged by what they are intended for.

All cards offer similar extra card benefits: concierge service, travel insurance, extended warranties, etc. The only differences are in the extent of the service and the types of benefits.

Interest rate and fees

While most cards offer pretty much the same interest rates for cash advances, these rates vary greatly for balance transfers and purchases.

Users should pay attention to introductory 0% APR’s as these are very valuable. Although a one or two-point difference in interest rates doesn’t seem like much, these details matter a lot.

Charge and credit cards include some fees and penalties, while all cards include severe and strict penalties for all infractions such as late payments. We recommend avoiding these penalties, as they can significantly lower a card’s worth.

If you doubt that you will be able to pay your dues on time, going with more forgiving cards with similar benefits and interest rates might just be the right solution.

Card acquirement

How well a card performs on our rating scale depends on how easy you can acquire it, the terms it offers, what credit rating it requires, and so on. If a card is difficult to get and it provides bad terms, it will earn a bad rating.

If it offers great terms, but it’s difficult to get, we won’t take this difficulty against it. Cards that are exclusive for a good reason have a good rating nevertheless. When it comes to the rating of a card, visitor reviews, and general public opinion also matter.
These reviews and opinions are social proof of how well a card performs or what terms users can expect from certain brands. This all affects the card’s rating. The experience a card provides to its users greatly matters too.

The main factors that comprise an excellent card experience include surprises in store for cardholders, how well it works, the level of customer service and support, etc.


Market Secure Pro takes pride in having long years of profound experience in loans, credit scores, credit cards, and the banking sector. This in-depth experience has allowed us to implement a sophisticated credit card rating methodology.

The main goal is to put a list of the best credit card offers so that our readers can make educated decisions when choosing the financial solutions that will complement their sound financial future.

Our list of credit cards includes specified type and category as well as information on the highest reward earning potential and benefits. To implement such a methodology, we had to take multiple factors into consideration:

  • Low interest rates
  • Long 0% APR introductory periods
  • Balance transfer fee
  • Annual fee
  • Valuable benefits – sign-up bonus, continuing rewards, etc.
  • Extra features

If you are looking for selected card offers that will allow you to get the lowest interest rates with no annual fee or an effective way to pay off your debt faster while saving money, our recommendation would be to select the best credit cards.

These cards offer many benefits to consumers. Our list of the best credit cards also compares extra fees, extra benefits, rewards, penalty APRs, regular interest rates, international transaction and balance transfer fees, and the length of the introductory period.

Market Pro Secure will provide you with a list of the best credit cards for your needs.

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