You can shop more effectively with the Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card. There are reward earning opportunities with the card and you can save significantly over the course of the year. The card is easy to apply for and you can do so online.

Earning Free Stuff

You will be able to earn a variety of free things when you have the Visa signature card for Williams-Sonoma. For every dollar you charge to the card, you will earn reward points. The points can then be saved until you reach the desired level. The reward points can then be redeemed for gift cards to Williams-Sonoma. This will allow you to get free stuff for you, your friends and your family.

If you don’t want gift cards, you can also choose to get statement credits. This will allow you to pay for purchases that you have already charged to the card. You determine when you want the statement credits. The number of reward points you have will determine the amount of statement credit that you receive.

Getting the points for all of the free stuff is easy. Not only do you earn points for every dollar that is charged to the card, but there are bonus earning opportunities as well. The moment you get your card, you can earn bonus points with the first purchase that you make. You can also earn extra miles when you use the card at a Williams-Sonoma store or at the company website. Further, if you use the card on the Williams-Sonoma bridal registry, it’s possible to earn even more points.

Getting Great Experiences

There are many great experiences that you can take advantage of with this particular Visa card. Not only is there point earning opportunities to get free stuff but also ways to get unique experiences. This includes using reward points to take advantage of different culinary experiences. There are unique in-store experiences that take place around the world. These are just for card members and you can access some of them with the reward points that you earn.

You will also have the Reserve membership for the first year. This gets you free shipping on the Williams-Sonoma website. With free shipping, you can do more shopping online and have it delivered right to your house. This is ideal if you want to bypass all the crowds or if you want to guarantee that the item won’t be out of stock when you get to the store.

There are also 10% off coupons that can be sent out to you through the year. The more you spend on the card, the more coupons you get, allowing you to take advantage of more culinary experiences throughout the year. When you reach a certain amount of spending on the account, the coupons will be sent out to you automatically.

Enjoying The Power Of Visa

There are many features of Visa that you will get to enjoy as a cardholder. You won’t have to pay for any of these benefits, either. These are simply available to you because you have chosen to keep a Visa card in your wallet for all of your spending needs.

  • Purchasing power
  • Concierge
  • Customer service
  • Online accounting tools

You get phenomenal purchasing power when you shop with a Visa card. You will be allotted a specific credit line that will allow you to purchase the things you want on credit. You can then make payments over time, taking your time to pay for the purchases. This will include interest charges – and with a low APR, it’s affordable. If you don’t want interest charges, you can opt to pay the statement balance in full each month. Visa is the most widely accepted card on the planet. It can be used at millions of merchants over the phone, online and in person. In the event that you do need cash, you have the ability to get it by visiting an ATM machine. With your purchasing power of Visa, you also have fraud protection, ensuring you are never held liable for a fraudulent charge that appears on your account.

There is a concierge service that you can take advantage of to simplify your life. You can make a call to get dinner reservations, assistance with travel or even help with booking entertainment tickets all over the globe. This kind of assistance can ensure you always have the best time without missing out on anything. Whether you know what you want to do and where you want to eat or not, the concierge representatives can help you.

You also have access to customer service. Representatives are available 24/7 so you can make the call at your convenience. Live representatives will answer your questions so you don’t have to wait for an answer or listen to automated messages. The representatives are there to dispute charges, help you with credit line increases and much more. All you have to do is call the toll free number on the back of the credit card.

There are also online accounting tools to help you manage your finances. You can log into the online portal 24/7/365 to get up to the minute details on your account. Not only can you find out balances and available credit amounts but you can also download statements and pay your bills online. There are many things you can do online to ensure you don’t exceed your credit line and that you are able to manage your finances more effectively. Best of all, there is no cost for these tools.


You deserve a card that will reward you for spending. Whether you spend at Williams-Sonoma or not, you get the rewards that can help you save money and give out really great gifts throughout the year. The online application makes it easy to get approved for Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card.

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