Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder if celebrities’ true purposes are to entertain the rest of us, not with their acting abilities, but rather, because of their unpredictable lives and contradictory statements. Whether it’s the Biebs inability to differentiate between the gas pedal and the brakes on his Ferrari or that most unfortunate southern ghost from the past that’s now risen to haunt the Miss Country Cooking herself, Paula Deen, you can be sure these latest antics are going to cost big bucks. And it’s all because of bad financial choices.

Think, for two seconds, the goings-on around the country when it comes to the media. Does it seem like bad behavior is being rewarded more these days? If you do, you’re not alone. This week, we take a look at a few of the newsmakers and determine which fashion faux paus, “foot down your throat” buffets and Speed Racer acts will be costly or lucrative for those faces in the spotlight.

IRS Scandals and Others

First, it’s important to understand what we were thinking when we decided to do a little plundering around. A few weeks ago, we learned that the federal government is up to its usual antics. The IRS scandal that includes disgusting acts of excess, prostitution and alcohol – again, on taxpayer dollars – is the latest in wasteful spending. Could it be then that the celebrities are perhaps a bit less tarnished as far as the public goes? Sure. At least the celebrities are using their own dime for the messes they create.


Of course, those Freudian slips are nothing new; in fact, it’s human nature. It just so happens that when a celebrity tells a member of the paparazzi to back off before he breaks his face, there are cameras and mics to capture every single moment, forever memorialized and always ready to be shown in a courtroom where a lawsuit has been filed for millions of dollars.

Then again, for some, the instant cash access, courtesy of massive marketing deals and cd sales, often doesn’t translate into class and grace. And if you doubt that, consider Miley Cyrus, who has humiliated her own father more than few times in recent weeks. Cyrus has drawn her line in the sand, but for a father and daughter who were always so close, this just might be the kind of tough love this girl needs.

The real question, though, is how much Paula Deen and Justin Bieber will end up paying in the coming weeks and months to settle their PR problems. Some say, at least for Bieber, it’s karma coming full circle. Remember, his efforts at prepaid debit cards wound up costing consumers a lot of money.

Ladies First

Deen has been the first lady of home cooking for years. She is vibrant, sincere and talented. Thirty years ago, however, she made a racial slur during some type of testimony. Within hours of the news breaking yesterday, she learned that even with promises of sealed testimony, it can still come back to haunt you. She’s lost several of her multi-million dollar marketing contracts, including Wal Mart and Target.

Now, there are rumors that Deen had been offered a six figure deal for acting in an adult film. It’s insulting, no doubt, and one that Deen would never entertain for two seconds. It does, however, speak to just how quickly her star fell and the pace at which one-time loyal fans began falling away.

While it’s not a lawsuit that’s sure to haunt her, those contracts with retailers were likely earning impressive chunks of change. That’s no longer the case.

Oh, Boy – Those Bad Financial Choices

When the media begins referring to one’s court appearances as “a history”, there are bound to be setbacks for the subject. Biebers legal troubles began several years ago when he was accused of fathering a child. The suit asked for child support and part of Bieber’s earnings that would ensure a better future for the baby. It was dismissed, but not before the lawyers hit pay dirt.

Last winter, Bieber was sued by a manufacturer of Android apps. It revolved around a game titled “Joustin Beaver”. Weeks later, he was sued for $300,000 by Moonstone Management. The suit also says he failed to show for a concert in Asia. He promised to make it up to his fans, but most wanted their money back. Soon, another lawsuit hit the media. This time, Bieber was accused of stealing an American Express credit card in order to secure an abortion for a “lady friend”.

So will these financial legalities change the lifestyles of the rich and famous? It’s doubtful partly because of the “rich” adjective. The real tragedy for Bieber is now that he’s paying out this monstrous settlements, how will he ever be able to afford britches that fit properly? Oh, that’s right – he has those prepaid debit cards to cover those expenses. We’re guessing those feels aren’t as noticeable for someone with his income level.

If Bieber is trying to ditch his friends, he couldn’t have dreamed up a better scheme. He threatened lawsuits against anyone who leaked photos from inside his home. Specifically, he threatened his friends. Class act, right?

No Release, No Entrance

He won’t even allow visitors until and unless they sign a release the moment they walk through the front door. “Believing” is becoming difficult, especially when you’re worried about maxing out your credit card and savings to pay the fines for a slip behind the wall known as Bieber. So, in your opinion, which scandal is worse: Justin Bieber or Paula Deen? Any of their mistakes long term, in your opinion? In fact, how do you feel about celebrities who can’t manage their finances? Make bad financial choises?

Other celebrities with money problems include Lauren Hill and others.

Also, should Deen be given a second chance? If so, will she be able to recover her massive endorsements?

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