It is well documented that those involved in credit card fraud will usually stick with a set pattern whenever they steal a credit card.

They will tend to purchase a number of large ticket items very quickly before ditching the card.

However, recent reports indicate that some criminals are becoming more quirky and have been increasingly seen to purchase unusual items.

In one recent case, a thief spent over $700 on a stolen Discover card over a two month period all in the same place – a local branch of fast food restaurant Burger King. On average, the thief splurged around $14 every day on burgers and chicken sometimes making up to five visits in a single day.

The rightful cardholder assumed that her teen son had been using the card, but when it emerged he had not been visiting Burger King recently she soon realized that she had fallen victim to credit card fraud and reported her card stolen. The thief has not yet been caught.

There is a growing trend for low end credit card crooks to use stolen cards to splurge on seemingly trivial items such as pizza or burgers and according to Heith Copes, associate professor in the University of Alabama’s justice department, many of them, when caught try to justify the crime as not being very serious.

However, there are others who will rush to spend the money, they may want something desperately and these individuals do not think about the possible consequences of the crime. These are the ones most easily caught by the police.

A recent report was published detailing some of the most unusual purchase made by credit card thieves in recent months. Some of those included in the list were:

  • A thief who wrote a thank you note and sent flowers to their victim. The Rhode Island crook charged $2,400 to a woman’s stolen credit card and among the fraudulent charges was one for $65 for flowers sent to the victim along with a note reading “txnx for ur money!”
  • A less than clever football fan purchased a ticket for an NFL game using a stolen credit card. When the theft was reported to police went to the stadium and found the crook sitting in the assigned seat and promptly arrested him.

A spokesman for New Orleans police department said,

You would think if you were going to buy a ticket to get into the stadium, you would go sit somewhere else!