ThankYou reward points can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards including merchandise, concert tickets, gift cards, travel, movie passes, electrical goods, and many more.

The reward program is even cashing in on the current social networking craze by teaming up with the game company Zynga and allowing members to swap ThankYou reward points for in-game currency for popular social games such as Farmville, Treasure Isle, and Mafia Wars.

How ThankYou Points Are Earned

ThankYou points are awarded every time you shop with a participating CitBank Credit or Debit card. There are also additional points available related to special promotions operated by your particular card. Consumers with an active Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Management account can also earn ThankYou points from purchases made on that card.

Citibank customers who have an eligible checking account linked to their ThankYou Rewards account can also earn points from using their debit card and additional services such as personal loans, mortgages, and bill payments. The more Citibank products you make use of the more points you can accumulate. Shopping at participating ThankYou Rewards stores can also help members to accumulate points faster.

Citi Forward Card

There are various credit cards on the market which are affiliated with the ThankYou Rewards program. One such card is the Citi Forward Card. This credit card has no annual fee and offers customers an APR reduction if they stay within their credit line limit and make payments on time for three consecutive months.

In addition to earning points for every dollar spent, the Citi Forward card also offers a large points bonus for signing up to paperless billing and spending a minimum amount within the first three months of joining. There is also an option of a Citi Forward College account aimed at college students. This card, unlikely many student credit cards, does not require a co-signer and it does offer rewards for sensible spending.

ThankYou Rewards For College Students

College students can also apply for the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students. Just like the Citi Forward Card for College Students, this card carries no annual fee and does not require a co-signer.

While points are awarded on all purchases, they can be accumulated at a higher rate when the card is used at restaurants, bookstores, movie theaters, video rentals, and music stores. The unique selling point for this card is that it offers a large number of bonus points twice each year if the student has maintained a good grade point average.

Premier Reward Card from Citi

At the higher end of the scale, Citi also offer a Citi ThankYou Premier Card. This card does carry an annual fee and the joining bonus has a higher minimum spend. The rate of ThankYou points earned is variable, with additional points being awarded for using your card for purchases made at gas stations, supermarkets and drugstores. The card also offers a discount on air travel when used to purchase airline tickets from the affiliated travel provider, Spirit Incentives.

Rewards for Business Users

There are also cards available on the ThankYou Rewards program that come from the Citibank range. One such card is the AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card. Aimed at business users the AT&T Universal Business card offers various rates of points awards based on how the card is used. The quickest way to accumulate points is by using the card on AT&T products and services.

The next highest rate is awarded for purchases made at selected office supplies merchants, gas stations and professional services. All other purchase still receive points, but at a much lower rate. The card does not carry an annual fee and offers a low APR on all purchases for the first six months. There is also the opportunity to name employees as additional card holders with set credit limits.


In conclusion, the ThankYou reward points offers an easy way to accumulate loyalty points and earn rewards over a wide range of products. With the ability to earn points from several different cards and banking services and save them all in one account there seems to be less confusion. There are also several affiliated retailers who offer extra points and even discounts when using a credit or debit card affiliated with the ThankYou Rewards program.