Credit cards are no longer simply highly portable money. They have gone up close and personal. Why use a student credit card just like your parent’s card? You are unique, so your student credit card can now whisper or shout your personality. The Discover Student Monogram card allows you choices in style and color, plus your initials. You simply choose the “face” that grabs your fancy.

Discover doesn’t stop with the sexy new look, you also get unlimited cash back, six months at 0% interest, and double rewards when spending money at Discover’s 100 favorite partners. And get this, the Discover site insists that you can resolve problems through their customer service representatives, or at least “talk” with them, in less than 1 minute! Therefore, have your stopwatch handy when you contact customer service. More good news, you won’t be bothered with an annoying annual fee. Since we are constantly reminded that not everyone is trustworthy, Discover offers a 0% fraud liability policy. If you do not authorize a purchase you will not be responsible for payment. That is a relief!

We all enjoy eating in quaint little cafes, driving about town (gas), getting the chic stylish new clothes and traveling to great destinations. Discover makes these pleasures less expensive by refunding 5% of the purchase price for gas, clothing stores, restaurants and travel. Now, you can buy those great new jeans and wear them as you stroll on the crystal sand in Hawaii. To maximize your reward benefits use your card for most purchases and pay off your balance each month. You get a less hefty 1 percent back on other purchases.

There is an end to your Discover Student Monogram honeymoon. After 6 months of interest free buying your interest rate climbs to 16.99 percent. If you chose a cash advance, the interest rate escalates again to a hefty 23.99 percent. Don’t even think about default at 28.99 percent. Oh, add another $39 if you are errant, the hated, and much lamented late fee. These charges change rapidly and I suggest you check the Discover site for current rates.

You can apply online and the application process is not particularly grueling. Though, it is not a piece of cake either. It will take approximately 10 minutes unless you know all of the answers. You won’t have to wait long for your answer. Before you can pocket this groovy card you must make choices. Do you want the Monogram in sweltering colors such as lime or black, or, perhaps cutie pink? Would you rather choose from several designs? What about tigers, the tropics or large ocean dwelling animals? The choice is yours.

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If you are not familiar with banking on line (or even if you are) Discover makes it easy to handle your account in your PJs. As a student, you are very busy; this saves your extra time for friends or hitting the books. You are much more comfortable in front of your computer than you would be dashing out in downpours and snowstorms to pay a credit card bill. Now may be the time to start building you credit history and savoring the benefits of no annual fee, 0% initial interest rate and a nice cash back bonus. Enjoy!