When you get the Harley Davidson Visa Credit Card, you can save money on all of your favorite Harley stuff. You can earn cash certificates throughout the year as you continue to earn points. There are also many other card perks, too.

How To Earn Points

You will be able to earn a lot of points all year long. You will earn at least one point per dollar charged to the Harley Davidson Visa credit card. It will be possible to earn more at different retailers. This includes using the card at Harley dealerships as well as restaurants, bars, gas stations and even lodging. The points help you get to some of the different rewards faster so you can take advantage of the card perks to save money.

Visa is accepted everywhere, making it even easier to earn points. Whether you use the card to pay at the pump, for your groceries, to pay your cell phone bill or buy gifts for friends and family, you will be able to do so. There is no preset spending limit on this card, so you buy what you need to without worry of going over your credit limit.

The Benefits Of Harley Chrome Cash

There are many benefits to the Harley Chrome Cash. You will be able to get a variety of Harley Davidson things when you have enough points. As you continue to earn points, they translate into free Harley Chrome cash certificates. You can use the certificates as you get them or save them up until you are able to buy whatever you have your heart set on.

You can buy all sorts of things with Harley Chrome Cash. This includes apparel, merchandise and much more. Virtually anything that has the Harley Davidson logo on it or is available at the dealership can be purchased with these certificates. You can use them for yourself or you can give them to friends and family so they can buy something for themselves.

The Harley Chrome has an expiration date, which means you have to think about how you want to use the points. You may wish to leave all of the points into your account and then get all the certificates at once if you want to make a big purchase. You’re in control of when you turn the points into certificates and how you spend the certificates.

The Power of Visa

The power of Visa is stronger than any other credit card. It’s more widely accepted than the other credit cards, allowing you to buy what you want, where you want to buy it. You also have the ability to use the card in person, online and over the phone for your added convenience. If there is someplace that only takes cash, you can get a cash advance on your account at any ATM machine nationwide. A PIN is provided to you when you receive your card so you have this option if you would like it at any given time.

There are some features that you can take advantage of year round. There is no charge for these features – they are simply there for you.

  • Low fees
  • Easy to use account management tools
  • Live customer service representatives
  • Fraud protection

When you apply for the card, you will have your credit score verified. If the credit score is good, you will be able to get the card with no annual fee. This keeps your spending throughout the year even more affordable. You will also get a low APR that allows you to pay for your purchases over time instead of all at once. The low interest charges will make sure you don’t sink into debt. There are also other low fees that you can avoid entirely by not going over your credit line and not being late on your monthly minimum payments.

There are some very easy to use tools for managing your account. This includes a mobile app as well as access to the online portal. You can log onto either at any time to find out about your account balance and available credit line. Online, you can also download statements and schedule your bill to be paid out of your checking account. Online bill pay allows you to send off payments quickly without writing a check or depending on the mail. It’s also possible to look up past purchases and past statements so you can see your spending habits and avoid overspending.

If you ever have questions about your account, you can call the toll free customer service number that’s located on the back of your credit card. You don’t have to wait for a response because there are live representatives who can help you. You can ask about account charges, card features, or even ask for your APR to be lowered. If you don’t want to call on the phone, you can also send an email to customer service through the online account portal.

You never have to worry about paying for fraudulent charges made to your account. The bank always monitors your account to offer fraud protection. There are incidents that happen from time to time, however. If your account is ever compromised and you see a charge that you didn’t authorize, you can simply call customer service and have the charges removed. An investigation will then be launched to determine what happened in order to prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

Final Word

You can find out what the power of Visa is firsthand when you have a Harley Davidson Visa Credit Card. Just as the motorcycle is great, so is the credit card. Use it more often to see just how much you can earn $ and what you can use the Harley Chrome Cash for.

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