The Skypass Visa Signature credit card is a travel rewards card that gives cardholders the opportunity to save money on travel, purchases, and much more. The card provides its members with fraud protection and the ability to be protected when traveling. It also has no foreign transaction fees or preset spending limits.

The Skypass Visa Signature credit card is a travel rewards credit card that rewards cardholders for using the credit card for all purchases. Cardholders earn 1 point for every $1 spent on the card and can earn 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying Korean Air purchases when the card is used to make those purchases.

Cardholders are also given two passes to Korean Air lounges every year upon renewal of the card. While there is an annual fee, cardholders are able to enjoy bonus miles with the first use of the card or when the annual fee is paid. The card then receives bonus miles upon renewal each year. In other words, when the annual fee is paid the card receives even more miles. It can take up to eight weeks for miles to be applied to the card. Once they are, they can be used immediately to save money on flights and with SkyTeam partners. Korean Air outlines who their SkyTeam partners are and the list is always subject to change, so it can pay to check Korean Air’s website once in a while to see which partners you can use your miles with to save money on various items and services. There is no cap on the number of miles that can be earned.

Cardholders also receive membership to the Morning Calm Club, which includes Korean Air lounge access, check-in services, bag handling services, and elite member status. For those that like to travel, there are no foreign transaction fees.

Lastly, there is access to premium offers that are always subject to change, special dining privileges, and free access to the Visa Signature Concierge. The Visa Signature Concierge carries out transactions and purchases on behalf of the cardholder so the cardholder doesn’t have to. This is a service that is very beneficial to the cardholder who may have limited time to shop.

Unique Benefits

One very unique benefit to Skypass Visa Signature credit card is that there is no preset spending limit. This does not mean that the card has unlimited spending, but it does have a lot of spending power that comes with it, taking a lot of the worry that credit card spending limits can bring, especially when traveling.

When traveling abroad, there are no foreign transaction fees, which results in a lot of money being saved and that also translates into worry-free spending when traveling around the world. U.S. Bank does reserve the right to change these terms at any time and charge for foreign transactions at any time, which will always be outlined in updated versions of the cardmember agreement.

Fraud Protection

There are different types of fraud protection that exist on the card. The first is the EMV chip technology that gives extra security when traveling abroad. This security is a global standard in credit and debit card standards. The card contains a very small microprocessor that includes the information that is needed to make a payment. While this is not a technology widely used in the United States, there are billions of credit card users outside of the U.S. taking advantage of it.

Visa PayWave is also available and is a technology that is used to securely make payments at the point of sale. This gives the card many layers of protection.

If the card is fraudulently used, there is zero fraud liability for unauthorized transactions. However, the cardholder must notify the bank quickly after they realize that the card has been fraudulently used. That is so the charges can definitely be taken care of and action taken to stop the fraud.

In addition to the Zero Fraud Liability policy, there is fraud protection. Fraud protection monitors the activity on the card. There are sometimes flags that can be raised based on certain types of transactions and the frequency and nature of them. For instance, a card can be flagged for fraud if it is used in two locations very far apart within just hours. A call to the credit card company before traveling can help keep the card from being flagged for fraud. This is a measure put in place to protect the cardholder.

Travel Benefits

In addition to no foreign transaction fees, there are a number of other travel benefits that include travel and emergency assistance. That way when an emergency occurs while traveling, there is help to assist in getting out of the situation. Cardholders also receive travel accident insurance. This insurance provides coverage for loss of limb, eyesight, hearing, or life. It ensures that you, your spouse, and traveling dependent children are protected while traveling. The card has to be used to pay for the common carrier in order for the trip to be eligible for these protections.

If renting a vehicle, you receive an auto rental collision damage waiver if the rental car is paid for with the credit card.


The APR is competitive. It is based on creditworthiness, so it can be lower than average or it can be approximately average. APR is based on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate.
There are separate APRs for balance transfers and cash advances. The balance transfer APR is typically the same as the purchase APR with the cash advance APR being higher. The APR for these transactions is charged at the time the transactions take place.

If you wish to save money on the APR, you can pay off the entire balance by the due date and this will avoid the APR on purchases each month.


Fees are also charged at the time the transaction takes place. There is a balance transfer fee, convenience check cash advance fee, cash advance ATM fee, cash advance fee, and a cash equivalent advance fee. Penalty fees include the late payment and returned payment fees.


Removing worry from credit card use when traveling because of no preset spending limits or foreign transaction fees, the Skypass Visa Signature credit card takes care of travelers with travel accident insurance, car rental savings, and more. With competitive rates, fraud protection, and 24/7 telephone and online customer service, the card is one that gives a lot of spending power.

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