5 Shopping Credit Compared: Freedom Gold, Horizon, Tronix, Prestige, and Net First Platinum

Updated: Mar 8, 2024

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#2 Horizon Gold Shopping Credit Card

The Horizon Gold Shopping Credit is an easy card to own in that there are courtesy programs, higher but still reasonable fees, and the card is easy to understand. Through the Horizon Card Services online store, the instant and reasonable card limit can be used to buy merchandise that may not be able to be acquired otherwise. The Horizon Card Services offered merchandise gold card is a line of credit charge card that more than pays for itself in a number of ways. While there is no APR on the card, there are some other fees that are applied to the card. These fees are lower when compared to cards within the same class.


In addition, the Horizon Card Service cardholders receive a number of courtesy programs.

  • The first is the discount prescription program that allows cardholders to receive discounts on their prescriptions at participating pharmacies.
  • The second is the legal help service, which can answer a cardholder’s legal questions about any legal matter that they are facing.
  • The third is roadside assistance, which gives cardholders help with towing, lockouts, gas, and tire changes.
  • The fourth is privacy service which is geared mostly toward credit report monitoring to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity on the cardholder’s credit report.
  • Lastly, the fuel savings plan gives cardholders the opportunity to save on the cost of fuel.


In addition to these courtesies, services are the customer service that is offered. Customer service is available to help cardholders with their questions about their accounts. There is also a Customer Advocacy Department that takes care of customer concerns relating to the company itself. If a customer feels they have been mistreated in some way, the Customer Advocacy Department takes care of it. Another convenience is the opportunity to manage the account online in a number of ways. In addition to shopping online, you are able to see your account balance before you shop and also keep track of what you’re paying, how much you’re paying, and any information related to your account. Customers can opt for their bills to be emailed to them or their bills to be sent to them through the postal service.


  • The main fees on the account are the one-time setup fee, which is very low, and the monthly membership fee. In order to have the card, a valid credit or debit card must be on file. This is necessary for the monthly membership fee to be charged to the account and the setup fee. Fees are not actually charged to the Horizon card itself.
  • Other fees may be associated with the actual merchandise purchases in lieu of an annual percentage rate. This is something that is important because APRs can cost a lot of money in the long-term. In this case, you are getting the cost out of the way and not having to worry about interest compounding over time.
  • In addition to these fees, the merchandise does have a shipping and handling charge. Exactly how much the shipping and handling depend on the item and where it is being shipped to. What the online store does is give cardholders exclusive access to merchandise that they may not have access to otherwise.

NSF Charge

If a cardholder makes a payment and it is returned due to insufficient funds, then the cardholder has the responsibility of making sure the account is brought current because the ability to charge merchandise to the card can be ceased in the meantime. An NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) fee is not charged until a second payment with insufficient funds occurs. In other words, you get one chance at insufficient funds without having to pay a fee at that time. However, any late payments and fees that are incurred need to be taken care of as soon as possible or the account will be downgraded to the basic starter benefits, which may include just a couple of the courtesy programs and for a reduced monthly fee. This does not include the ability to shop within the online store, as the account must be current in order to do this. (See Secured Cards)

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection comes in the way of advising cardholders that it is best for cardholders to not let anyone use their cards. The cards are only meant for the cardholders to use and any use otherwise could constitute Horizon moving forward with fraud charges, especially if the cardholder contacts the company and tells them that the card has been used in a fraudulent manner. This goes hand-in-hand with the customer service that is offered. Cardholders are able to contact customer service with questions regarding the account and can acquire information that will help them effectively manage it.

In addition to being able to call customer service to manage the account, cardholders are able to access their account details online as well to determine their balance, available credit, and other details. If a cardholder decides they would like to receive their statements electronically, the statements can be delivered to their email, otherwise, the statements are sent through the postal mail.


Horizon Gold Merchandise Credit Card
Horizon Gold Merchandise Credit Card

698 User Ratings

at Horizon Gold secure site

Card Details

Intro APR


Ongoing APR

0% Fixed

Balance Transfer


Annual Fee

See Terms

Credit Needed

Accepts All

Snapshot of Card Features
  • 7-day Risk-Free Trial
  • Instant $750 Credit Line*
  • No Credit Check
  • Fast Online Application
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • Credit reporting
  • Cancel anytime

Open Details +

There are a few criteria to qualify for the card. The first is to be 18 years of age with the second being that you must be a U.S. resident. The third qualification is that you place a credit or debit card on file. This card is used for the billing of the monthly fee and any other applicable fees that must be billed to the card. The monthly fee is auto-billed from the account so that you do not have to think about it. Auto-debt ensures that the fees are paid on-time so that you can continue the use of your card and taking advantage of all of the programs that accompany it.

How to Cancel Horizon Card Services Offer?

Call Horizon Card Service customer service at 1-800-251-6144 to tell that you want to cancel your Horizon Gold Card. If you make a call within 30 days of your billing circle, you may be entitled to a partial refund of your membership fee for that particular month.

The Horizon representative will try to offer you a reduced rate of $6.95 per month membership instead in order to keep the merchandise card. This offer has fewer benefits but still allows you to make purchases with your Horizon card on the Horizon Services website. If you do not want to take that offer, you may cancel your card.

Don’t forget to write down the name of the person you speak with before you hang up. Also, make sure you get a confirmation number in order to verify the card has been canceled.

Final Word

Overall, the Horizon Gold Shopping Credit is a line of credit charge card that allows individuals the opportunity to own merchandise that they may not be able to own otherwise. Through the exclusive store, cardholders are able to shop with this card which has reasonable fees and courtesy programs that make the card pay for itself again and again.


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