Discover has announced some revamping to their online shopping portal “Shop Discover” which will reward card members with even greater rewards and bonus than before.

The Shop Discover portal will now reward card members with between 5% and 20% cash back bonuses on all purchases made at Dell, Lowe’s Best Buy and Macy’s. The rewards are not a seasonal or limited time offer, but will be available to card members all year round.

These additional rewards are on top of the 1 percent cash back bonuses which are automatically offered to Discover card members on all purchases.

The Shop Discover shopping portal allows card members to find any eligible merchant coupons and make use of them meaning that they can easily take advantage of even more savings in addition to the cash back rewards already being offered through the Shop Discover shopping portal.

The shopping portal now boasts in excess of 200 merchants and retailers offering Discover customers a fast and easy way to boost the rewards they are able to earn on purchases. The news comes at a perfect time as consumers are scrambling to finish Christmas shopping, and are eager to do as much as they can online to avoid busy retail outlets. The Shop Discover online shopping portal offers value, rewards and convenience in one package.

The shopping portal is very user friendly and offers consumers the chance to browse their favorite retailer, or to search for a particular item and compare the prices and cash back offered in various stockists.

There is also the option to search for current deals and special offers. Cash back bonuses are usually credited to card member’s accounts in no more than eight weeks of the purchase being shipped. In the case of travel or hotel stays, cash back bonuses will be received within eight weeks of the date of travel.

The Shop Discover online shopping portal is very easy to use. Discover card members simply have to log into the portal and shop for their chosen purchases whether it is food, fashion or fun activities.

Finally, they just sit back and watch the cash back rewards start to mount up on each purchase. The important thing to remember is to always log into the Shop Discover online shopping portal before shopping online, as the cash back bonuses do not apply if you shop directly on the retailers website.