If you are one of Zappos shoppers then you are one of 24 million customers who risk their personal information in a security foul at this famous online store.

Hackers have become successful in gaining access to users names, their phone numbers, their addresses and the last four digits of their bank accounts as well as their credit card numbers when they attacked the company’s server in Kentucky, told by the Associated Press.

The company which is a part of Amazon, an online market giant is contacting their users and asking them to change their passwords immediately before hackers access their accounts.

There are some tips and tricks offered by Identity Theft 911 experts specifically to the Zappos shoppers who shop online to protect their online accounts. These tips are:

1. Use Strong passwords. It is advised to create strong user passwords for these online retail shops and also for the personal email accounts. The passwords must contain numbers, digits, upper and lower cases, and symbols.

It is better to include everything to make a strong password which is unbreakable. For example if you use 4545, it can be easily accessed but drawing a password of #[email protected]@? is a better way to protect your profiles.

2. Use different passwords. Use different passwords for work and personal email accounts, bank accounts and online shopping stores. The reason is that if the hacker gained access to your password in any case, he will not be able to use it for other accounts.

3. Use memory tricks to remember passwords. Use memory tricks to remember complicated and difficult passwords. For example, if you like a movie say lords of the rings, you can make a password ‘LORDsoffda0’ this includes upper and lower caps as well as a number.

4. Avoid using personal information. Avoid using personal information, such as a birthday, mother’s maiden name, a pet’s name or other questions on the social networking sites.

5. Stay on the lookout of fake emails. Zappos shop is contacting Zappos shoppers by emails. Many a times an official looking email can be sent by a hacker to get your information. So keep yourself updated with what is happening in the company on their site.

6. Go through credit reports. Check your credit reports as many times as it is possible but at least twice in a year to check any signs of frauds in your accounts.