The Chase Sapphire Card can give you a higher level of rewards. Get bonus points when you sign up and earn points quickly to redeem with any of several outlets including travel arrangements, gift cards, merchandise, and cash back rebates.

There are many different ways that credit cards can benefit you. In fact, there are so many different ways that it can be hard to determine which one will serve you best. For many people, a card that offers comprehensive, but simple, benefits is generally a good way to go. The Chase Sapphire Card provides you with exactly that. You will enjoy premium benefits with low rates and fees.

Interest Rates

First of all, the annual percentage rate for the Chase Sapphire Card is very good. This rate applies to both standard purchases as well as balance transfers. Keep in mind that this rate is based on the prime market rate at the time that your card is issued. There is a second rate, which is also based on the prime rate, that is assigned to both cash advances and overdraft advances.

Finally, you should also that there is also a penalty rate, which could be twice as much as the standard rate; but this is something you only have to worry about when it can be applied to your account. If you make payments on time and follow the guidelines, you should be able to avoid it.

You should also know that you can avoid paying the standard interest rate too. All you have to do is pay off any new purchases within so many days after the close of each billing cycle.


Like most credit cards, this Chase card will charge you a few fees. Thankfully, though, they are quite reasonable. It should please you to know that this card has no annual fee. The fee for balance transfers is relatively low and the cash advance fee could be slightly higher. It is important to note that these fees could be either a flat fee or a percentage of the amount of money processed. The same percentage will also apply to any foreign exchange transactions you process.

Of course, there are also the standard fees for late payments, returned payments, and returned checks.

Balance Transfer

Obviously, since this card has a balance transfer rate, you also have access to balance transfer options. This will allow you to consolidate the balances from other cards onto this one. When you do this it can:

  • Lower your credit liability
  • Lower the number of payments you make every month
  • Lower the total amount of money you have to pay every month
  • Improve your ability to pay off your balances

In many cases, you can get a very low introductory rate for your balance transfers. If you qualify, this will give you the opportunity to schedule payments for the term of the introductory period and you could find yourself with much lower debt before the standard rate kicks in.


By now, you are probably wondering what kinds of rewards are offered by the Chase Sapphire Card. You will be pleased to know that the points you earn are quite versatile.

  • Earn double points on airfare and hotel accommodation bookings through Ultimate Rewards
  • Earn a single point for every dollar spent on ALL other purchases
  • Your reward points never expire
  • There are no limits to the amount of points you can earn

As you can see, it is easy to earn points, and you have the freedom to enjoy your points whenever you want and however you choose. The kicker, though, is that with the bonus points you can get at registration, you could enjoy spending your points in no time. Once you have acquired enough of them you can use your points on a variety of different benefits:

  • Gift cards with some of your favorite companies
  • Specific merchandise
  • Airfare and other travel arrangements
  • Cash back rebates


The Chase Sapphire Card provides a collection of attractive benefits including low rates, various rewards options, and no annual fee. This should make it easier for you to enjoy using your card when you have to as well as reaping the rewards you earn.

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