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Ensuring financial stability and making the best financial decisions depends on a lot of things. It isn’t all simply about paying all your bills on time (although this does play a big part). You’ll need to stay informed. You’ll need to keep up with the changes in the economy, learn more about internet safety (especially if you use your credit card for shopping online), you’ll need to gain insight into the different types of credit cards, insurance, loans, etc. Although there’s a lot of information on these topics that you can find online, not all of it is reliable. This is why we’re here – to provide you with trustworthy information and news that will keep you updated. Check out our latest articles, PRO News & Advice to learn more.

Latest Card Reviews

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Platinum Visa Card Review

Sep 9, 2020|REVIEWS|

The Merrick Bank Double Your Points Platinum Visa credit card might be the right option for you If you want to repair your credit or start establishing a credit history. Compared to other credit cards, this offer is very flexible and has a fairly high credit card limit.

Review of Axos Bank. Banking With Axos Is Free, But Does It Really Worth It?

Aug 21, 2020|REVIEWS|

Axos Bank is one of the first digital banks in the United States and globally, too. The Axos bank was founded in early 2000 and was called the Bank of Internet USA. Even though it’s an online-only bank, it has grown over time, and today it offers complete personal and business banking services. Let's see if this bank is good for your needs.

Upgrade Visa Card Review. Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back Rewards

Aug 6, 2020|REVIEWS|

The Upgrade Visa card with Cash Rewards is an innovative credit card with some attractive features. The Upgrade card comes with credit reporting, 1.5% unlimited cash back, no fees, and very high credit lines that can be up to $50,000 if combines with a personal loan, however, it cannot be used at ATM. Read our full review, see ratings, and apply online.

More PRO News & Advices

Top 10 Credit Card Best Practice Tips Published

A list of the top ten credit card best practices has been published offering advice which can help everyone from college students just starting out with their first credit card, to more mature consumers who have already made some mistakes in their financial management and are looking to set things straight.

How to Make 500 Dollars Fast – 10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Seems that no matter how much money you make, you always struggle to pay all of the bills and loans without hassle, as people run into unplanned expenses all the time. We compiled 10 easy tips on how to make 500 dollars as extra money per month. See it yourself and try!

Millennial Credit Scores Skyrocket. Here’s Why You Should be Worried!

Current statistics highlight that millennial generations are continuously improving their credit scores. Since 2015, millennial credit scores are soaring, and most of them have a Good Credit that are 700 or higher. However, despite all of this, there is a lot to worry about financially.

Credit History and Car Insurance Rate

Many car insurance companies always consider your credit history when determining how much premium to charge for your insurance. So if you are calling around for new car insurance, keep in mind that many insurers are looking at your credit history to determine your car insurance rates.

Fixing Credit Score, Pumping & Protecting It

Whether you are trying to fix, protect or build up your credit score or are looking for better opportunities in the future, there are 27 easy and quick ways you can start doing right away.

8 Personal Finance Myths – Busted

Finances are one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. However, we are constantly facing all kinds of misinformation about personal finance, which often leads people to make serious mistakes and they end up paying for decades. So, let’s take a look at the most frequent personal finance myths and why you shouldn’t believe in them.

Understanding Credit Card Quarterly Bonus

You might have noticed many credit card companies, including Discover, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank, now offer quarterly bonus categories as part of their product line.

Online Spending, Safe Gaming & Scams

Finance experts have issued consumers with a list of their top five tips for managing spending money online so that they may avoid blowing their budget with a single click of the mouse; Recent statistics show that one of the easiest ways to become a target for both identity fraud and collection scams is to apply for a bad credit loan over the internet; And more...

Credit Cards Reporting Credit Explained

What credit cards reporting credit to credit Bureaus implies and how it differs from standard or traditional credit cards. Detailed credit report card explanation and analysis. What is the credit score and why it is important?

How to Deal With Loans, Insurance & Mortgages During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected businesses and individuals. More than 35 million people became unemployed in the US. However, there are still insurance payments, bills, mortgages, other loans, or car payments to be paid. Read here how to deal with all this financial burden you are facing.

Tips for Getting the Best Insurance Quote

Have your current insurance policy with you when requesting your insurance quotes; Consider a higher insurance deductible; Place all of your insurance policies with the same company to qualify for a multiple policy discount...

Gift Cards Explained

A lot of online vendors offer discounted gift cards. They are very real, allowing you to save a lot of money on the purchase of gift cards. Whether you purchase them for yourself or as gifts, you can save 5% or more by looking in the right place.

The Anatomy Of Tax Brackets in 2020

Understanding taxes isn’t the easiest thing. The complications and complexity that taxes bring to the table are all due to numerous institutions and laws that regulate the taxes. You will have to file many different kinds of taxes, all of which can be confusing by themselves. See Tax brackets for 2020 explained in details

Credit Report vs Credit Score: The Truth

Understanding your credit history is very important but many consumers probably do not realize that it is actually more important to focus on your credit report over your credit score.

How To Find the Best Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have a credit card because you want to take advantage of a frequent flyer program, it might be a good idea for you to get the most up-to-date information on how you can maximize the benefit.

13 Reasons to Carry a Secured Card

Before anyone starts thinking about whether they need to carry a secured card or not, they should first know what these credit cards are and why they are important.

Ten Debt-Free Mindsets

The difference between poverty and affluence has more to do with money; it is a matter of mindset and lifestyle. In fact, there are several character traits that anyone can develop in order to create more opportunity for affluence in their life.

Identity Theft Intensifies: Protect Yourself

We've heard that identity theft is on the rise and after hearing it's getting more intense and more sophisticated, we thought we'd look into it and see just what these latest efforts are those unscrupulous people willing to go to these lengths to steal another's identity.