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Ensuring financial stability and making the best financial decisions depends on a lot of things. It isn’t all simply about paying all your bills on time (although this does play a big part). You’ll need to stay informed. You’ll need to keep up with the changes in the economy, learn more about internet safety (especially if you use your credit card for shopping online), you’ll need to gain insight into the different types of credit cards, insurance, loans, etc. Although there’s a lot of information on these topics that you can find online, not all of it is reliable. This is why we’re here – to provide you with trustworthy information and news that will keep you updated. Check out our latest articles, PRO News & Advice to learn more.

Latest Card Reviews

Merrick Bank Double Your Line Platinum Visa Card Review

Sep 9, 2020|REVIEWS|

The Merrick Bank Double Your Points Platinum Visa credit card might be the right option for you If you want to repair your credit or start establishing a credit history. Compared to other credit cards, this offer is very flexible and has a fairly high credit card limit.

Review of Axos Bank. Banking With Axos Is Free, But Does It Really Worth It?

Aug 21, 2020|REVIEWS|

Axos Bank is one of the first digital banks in the United States and globally, too. The Axos bank was founded in early 2000 and was called the Bank of Internet USA. Even though it’s an online-only bank, it has grown over time, and today it offers complete personal and business banking services. Let's see if this bank is good for your needs.

Upgrade Visa Card Review – up to $20,000 for Fair Creditholders

Aug 6, 2020|REVIEWS|

The Upgrade Visa credit card is a an innovative credit card with some attractive features. The Upgrade card comes with credit reporting, no fees, and very high credit lines that can be up to $50,000 if combines with a personal loan, however, it cannot be used at ATM. Read our full review, see ratings, and apply online.

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Overdue Changes for PayPal

Referring to it as "aggressive changes", Paypal has committed to changing its policies on how it goes about handling suspected fraud after the consumer says it's not fraudulent.

16 Amazing Tips to Help You Become Frugal and Waste Less Money

Are you annoyed that you’re always short on cash? Are your friends in a similar financial situation like you but somehow they always have money and you don’t? It’s not because they have some mysterious source of cash, but probably because they are better at saving money.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card in 6 Simple Steps

When shopping around for the right credit card it is most important to find the one with features that match your needs as it can save you money on interest and fees. We have developed five steps system which would help you in process of choosing the right credit card.

Elite Credit Cards Aimed At Wealthy Clients

Credit card issuers are boosting profits by issuing elite credit cards to wealthier clients. A small portion of credit card consumers are enjoying healthy finances and card issuers are cashing in. Elite cards are issued to big spenders, usually charging transactions totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

4 Overseas Trip Planning Mistakes

International travel is expensive enough, but some consumers take on extra fees and charges simply by ignorance. Awareness is the name of the game if you want to save money while you see the world.

How to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity Theft stories shared with tips on what precautions to take in order to protect your ID online and offline. The "dumpster diving" and your Identity.

10 Tips for buying your first home. Numbers Count.

When you are in the market for your first home, a more spacious home or a retirement it's-time-for fun-place, you need numbers. Unless you are paying cash, which requires big numbers, your first concern is a down payment.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Filing bankruptcy is a way of resolving debt that cannot be paid. People must decide between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, which are significantly different. This choice can mean a lot for the future of their credit scores for the next seven to ten years.

Investigate Student Credit Cards Carefully

College students are offered many credit cards when they first enter campus. Parents can take advantage of this opportunity by investigating ones that will help their child in emergency situations while also helping them to establish a good credit history.

Analyzing Credit Cards on case-by-case basis

Analyzing credit cards to decide which one to apply for isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. When choosing credit cards, a wrong choice may leave you compiling debt but the right card could have you all smiles in the long run. A series of procedures to go through with remains important whether one is analyzing cards online or offline.

8 Personal Finance Myths – Busted

Finances are one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. However, we are constantly facing all kinds of misinformation about personal finance, which often leads people to make serious mistakes and they end up paying for decades. So, let’s take a look at the most frequent personal finance myths and why you shouldn’t believe in them.

How Does Unemployment Affect Your Credit?

During a tough economy, strange questions such as this one come to the forefront but the answer is not so cut-and-dry. Unemployment can affect your credit, but probably not in the ways you might expect.