There are many reasons why people may be deterred by credit cards. Some people have had bad experiences. Others simply prefer to not be held back by many of the restrictions. The mPower Visa Prepaid Card, then, is a simple alternative that lets you access the Visa network without a credit check.

It’s very difficult, these days, to survive without access to at least one of the major credit networks. Although you may prefer to not have to carry a credit card, you can’t deny how crucial they can be and how much easier they can sometimes make your life. However, there are some lenders who understand this discretion and they develop simple financial products like the mPower Visa Prepaid Card. This is a prepaid card that allows you to purchase goods and services anywhere that Visa accepted but without the normal hassles of credit checks, fees, and other regulations.

More Convenience

More and more people are starting to agree that cash has gone a little wayward. Gone are the days where cash is king. At the same time, cash has never been convenient because you could only buy things according to the amount of money you had in your wallet. Credit cards made this easier, but some people don’t want to pay all the interest rates and fees.

Debit cards are also great, but they sometimes have their own issues, particularly in terms of overdrafts in your checking account. The mPower card, then, is a convenient alternative because you decide how much you are willing to put into the account and you can use it anywhere that accepts Visa. Use it online or over the phone to hold a reservation, order a pizza, or buy tickets. Of course, you can also use it at the grocery store or gas station in place of cash. There is no minimum balance (and you can’t go ‘over your limit’) so there’s less to worry about.

More Control

Because you have less to worry about you will feel like you have more control over your money. The truth is, that’s another thing the mPower Visa offers you. You determine how much money is in your account and you can use it whenever you want. You have options for depositing money through the network or by using an existing credit card or bank card or by using Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is probably the best way, though, because when you sign up for it you can avoid some of the fees that are assessed.

More Security

Carrying cash simply isn’t the safest thing to do anymore. If it’s lost or stolen you can kiss it goodbye. Credit and debit cards offer far better security because once you notice they are missing you can prevent someone from using them with a simple phone call. Of course when your card is backed by Visa that means you also get to take advantage of Visa’s Zero Liability insurance policy which will never hold you accountable for any fraudulent or unauthorized charges to your account when you report it lost or stolen.

While it’s easy to know if your card is missing, some charges may also appear on your statement fraudulently because of clever criminals. You can combat this by accessing your account online. You can also set up text and email alerts that inform you of every transaction that your account processes.

More Options

One of the things that is very important to remember about prepaid debit cards is that there are often a lot of fees involved. This is designed to recoup profits that are lost because of the lack of an interest rate. However, the mPower Visa card gives you the option of signing up for Direct Deposit and avoiding some of the fees.

  • Card activation
  • Account maintenance

Similarly, many of the fees can easily be avoided if you simply do not participate in the activities associated with them:

  • POS purchases / cash advances
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Check issuance


The mPower Visa Prepaid Card is a convenient, secure alternative to carrying cash. It’s also a safe way to work around the regulations and restrictions of traditional credit cards. It could save you some money and make your life a little easier.

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