If your poor credit rating is stopping you from getting your hands on a credit card then maybe you should consider the new Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card.

As this card works like a debit card then you avoid the hassle and stress of a credit check yet with the expediency of having a card that is accepted anywhere you see the Visa sign and with the same protection you would expect when purchasing products online.

This new prepaid card carries no annual percentage rates and although there is a $3 monthly charge that is quite a lot less than other prepaid cards.

Also along with no credit check, you do not need to own a bank account plus you can use it everywhere you see the MasterCard or Visa sign. You can also get cash out of millions of ATM’s across the world, pay bills and guarantee hotel reservations and purchase airline tickets, and you can keep up with your spending with SMS/E-Mail balance alerts.

You can reload money on to your Walmart MoneyCard as many times as you like, in any Walmart store you can simply swipe your card to load money onto it with cash.

The Walmart MoneyCard promises to be quick, convenient and is a lot safer than carrying around loads of cash as you are protected by the MasterCard Zero and Visa Liability Policy which protects you from fraudulent transactions and theft if your Walmart MoneyCard is stolen or misplaced.

Recently more and more consumers are losing faith in the banking system and they do not want to trust the big name banks with their money. While many consumers have turned to credit unions as an alternative, there has also been a huge surge in popularity for prepaid cards.

That is why Walmart are heavily promoting the new Walmart MoneyCard at the moment in the hope of snaring many of those who are rushing to withdraw funds from their retail banks.

The card is also a great choice for those who are learning to live on a budget, even if you already have credit and debit cards it is a great idea to simply load whatever your spending budget is onto the Walmart MoneyCard and make sure that you leave the other cards at home in a secure place. That way you know you are only spending what you have access to at the moment.