The Merrill Lynch’s Beyond Rewards program is applicable to Merrill+ and Signature Reward cardholders. Each card has separate rewards awarded through the beyond reward program. Cardholders with the two cards may combine spending on both cards for more benefits and rewards. Rewards can be monitored on the Merrill Lynch Rewards Center. For new cardholders, registration on the rewards center is required to benefit from the Beyond Rewards® program.

Merrill+ Lynch Credit Card Plus is the primary card on Merrill Lynch’s Beyond Reward program. Cardholders are rewarded a point for each $1 spent on purchases. Some items may reward double points per $1. In order to monitor and redeem reward points, Merrill Lynch setup an online reward center. To start redeeming rewards, a cardholder would have to register his Merrill Lynch card on the Reward Center.

Signature Rewards is a deferred debit card that awards points as cardholders make purchases. Signature rewards are some what different from what’s offered on Merrill+.

Beyond Rewards® Benefits

  • Free Gift Certificates, discounts on dining, concert, shopping, resort, spa and other.
  • With each reward having a number of points necessary for redemption, cardholders can build towards specific rewards they desire.
  • Rewards are customizable according to each cardholder’s specific taste.
  • Cardholders with a Merrill Lynch Account (Beyond Banking or Cash Management Account) may choose to redeem cash in order to make up for fees and commissions charged towards his account. This feature can also be set for automatic redemption at the end of each month.
  • The Merrill Lynch AlertPlus® Credit Monitoring System helps protect against Identity Theft and Fraud.
  • Cardholders receive substantial discounts anytime they purchase from American Airline, Delta Airline, British Airways, Marquis Jet, Luggage Advance, Rosewood Hotel and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental, Fairmount Hotels and Resorts, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, Miraval, Abercrombie and Kent, Hertz®, Blue Nile, and numerous other providers.

Status Levels (Level +1 to +3)

Merrill Lynch Beyond Rewards has three status reward levels. Fresh Merrill+ cardholders are placed on status level +1 while signature rewards cardholders are on status level +2. Cardholders having both Merrill+ and Signature Rewards cards may combine spending on accumulate more points, travel from status level +1 to +3 much faster, and benefit from a lot more rewards and discounts.

Status +1 Rewards

Merrill+ Cardholders on status +1 receive 10% discounts with every ticket purchase from American Airline. Purchases from BlueNile receive 10% including free shipping to their preferred destination. Gift Items purchased from Fromyouflowers receives 25% discount, car rental from Hertz® gets a price cut up to 20%. Elizabeth Arden Red Door buyers will receive a 15% cut back provided their purchase worth’s more than $100.

Promotion to status +2 requires that a cardholder spends more than $20,000 through the Merrill+ credit card.

Status +2 Rewards

Signature Reward cardholders begin at status +2. They stand to benefit from a host of rewards that includes status +1 benefits, a companion ticket each time they pay for a round-trip full fare ticket from British Airways, a 50% discount each time they purchase two full-fare international business class tickets from Delta Airlines, American Airlines Frequent Flyer Program Membership, a $15 price cut from Hertz car rentals including up to 20% on reservation. $75 gift cards each time they patronize Luggage Advance®.

Status +3 Rewards

Signature Rewards and Merrill+ Cardholders who have accumulated spending up to $50,000 (individually or combine on both cards) are promoted to status +3. This is the highest and most rewarding level of the Beyond Rewards program. Rewards available to this level include all status +1 & +2 rewards and more.

Cardholders on status +3 receive an additional hour with free ground transportation each time they purchase a 25-hour Marquis Jet Card. They get complimentary annual airport lounge membership through the American Airline Admiral Club Lounge or Delta Crown Room Club. $25 rebates on weekly rentals from Hertz® with up to 20% off on reservations.

One good thing to note: Beyond Rewards has rewards for almost everyone. The Merrill Lynch Rewards Center tells Merrill Lynch cardholders to call a Rewards Specialist at: (800) 419-0000 for questions on how to redeem rewards or any other questions on the Beyond Rewards Program.

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