MasterCard is now offering travelers a huge incentive to use a MasterCard when purchasing airline tickets thanks to the launch of their new MasterCard PriceAssure program.

A MasterCard spokesman revealed that the company had recently surveyed frequent travelers and found that 77 percent of them expressed worries about timing purchases correctly in order to get the best possible deal on airfares.

The solution which MasterCard has come up with is the new MasterCard PriceAssure program which uses top of the range computer software to track price changes for registered flight itineraries.

If the computer program detects a lower price for the same airline ticket which has already been purchased by a credit card holder, that card holder is alerted that they have earned the price difference as a credit toward future travel. Consumers can either claim their own credits via the airline, or have the program do so on their behalf for a fee.

MasterCard spokesman Chris Aguas explained the step by step process:

  • MasterCard customers, regardless of their issuing bank, can register their cards at the MasterCard website.
  • After enrollment, cardholders can purchase flights directly from preferred, eligible airlines.
  • The PriceAssure website can track participants’ itineraries, notifying cardholders of even last minute changes in airfare.
  • Upon receipt of a price alert, cardholders can request a flight credit directly from an airline customer service representative.
  • To save time, PriceAssure can handle the customer service requests and flight credit for a flat fee of $19.95.

MasterCard PriceAssure is a free service for cardholders, although if they choose to have the airline credits claimed on their behalf there is a standard fee charged, and it costs issuing banks nothing at all. The service is intended to save consumers as much as possible on travel costs.

The list of Eligible airlines is long and includes well known names such as Virgin America, United Airlines, Delta, Continental and American Airlines. Many travel agencies and booking agents also offer a similar type of service, but MasterCard claims superiority because it tracks prices from airlines directly.

Travelers are often willing to risk spending more on tickets because many airline credit cards offer extra bonuses for purchasing from the airline directly. They also prefer to book early to ensure they get seats on their preferred flight.

However, MasterCard PriceAssure will remove this risk for participants allowing them to purchase tickets with confidence, earn their reward points and be safe in the knowledge that they will get the best possible fare.