Consumers who travel frequently for business should be very interested in a new hotel data program being offered by MasterCard Worldwide and some of the top hotel chains which allows business clients enhanced account access.

MasterCard business customers can now take advantage of the credit card giant’s enhanced data program.

Individuals who use a MasterCard corporate credit card will have the ability to access expense data from their travel and entertainment activities at more than 12,000 hotels and resorts in America and Canada.

This will allow corporate consumers “level 3” access to expense data, which includes room charges, tax, meals, telephone and business center fees, and many other itemized expenses. This allows corporations to efficiently track and manage expenses being accrued by employees traveling for business related matters.

MasterCard’s enhanced hotel folio data program allows corporations to streamline expense analysis, manage reporting efficiently and also handle the accounts payable process effectively. Transactions are presented electronically and are also detailed on monthly invoices for the credit card account.

The hotel data program allows easy management of MasterCard corporate card spending, allowing management to ensure that employees are not abusing the company’s travel and entertainment policy while away on business trips.

The program also provides detailed information about employee’s spending habits, allowing the opportunity to negotiate more favorable hotel packages which would include the things employees need while traveling for business.

Enhanced hotel data is currently available at over 12,000 hotels and resorts across the United States and Canada including many leading hotel chains used by corporate travelers.

The enhanced data program is available at hotels operated by Hyatt Corporation, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Choice hotels International, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Fairmount Hotels & Resorts.

MasterCard Worldwide say they have the only hotel folio program in the industry which covers all of the leading hotel merchants.

The hotel folio program is just one of many corporate benefits offered by MasterCard Worldwide as part of their Travel and Entertainment Solutions package. Corporate clients can also take advantage of the MasterCard Travel Dashboard which converts travel and entertainment data into a fully integrated web based application which allows better visibility into actual spending patterns.

The MasterCard Travel Dashboard allows corporate clients to evaluate, analyze and optimize travel programs and control employee spending. Other features include Smart Data Solutions for Purchasing, which offers companies online tools needed to control employee spending, a range of corporate credit card accounts to suit every business, and various other corporate tools and benefits.