MasterCard has teamed up with Expedia to offer free gas in what looks set to be a very popular summer promotion.

Many consumers love to travel, but the increasing prices of fuel are making it harder and harder just hop into your car and head out onto the open road. MasterCard and Expedia have teamed up to offer consumers a new deal.

When you use your MasterCard to book a two night stay or a vacation package at one of several qualifying hotels through Expedia, you will be rewarded with a $25 prepaid card to use for gas in order to get yourself to your hotel or airport! If you book three or more nights, the bonus is increased to a $50 gas card.

The promotion is available on trips booked between June 6 and July 4 which are completed by August 31 2011. If you have plans to visit another city in the next few weeks, then this reward could cover a large part of the fuel required to get there.

Expedia are also offering a wide range of other perks and incentives to motivate travelers to plan a trip this summer. In addition to the prepaid gas cards being offered in conjunction with MasterCard, Expedia is also offering gift cards for restaurants, grocery stores and local entertainments and activities.

Expedia customers can take advantage of hotel rates which are 30% lower than the standard rates. There are currently around 11,000 properties who are affiliated with Expedia.

Credit card companies and travel companies provide such incentives in order to encourage spending and spark some additional revenue from consumes. This is especially more common these days as sky-rocketing gas prices and economic turmoil have meant many consumers have had to cut back on their spending on non-necessities such as travel.

The incentives offered are undoubtedly enticing, but consumers must beware of the rules and terms and conditions often applied to these rewards. It is important to always read the fine print. For example, the MasterCard/Expedia gas offer excludes several hotel groups, so it is important to check that you are choosing a hotel that qualifies for the reward.

However, if consumers carefully read the rules and study the small print for terms and conditions, they should find it fairly easy to claim their $25 or $50 worth of gas. However, as the cards are mailed out, it will be around six to eight weeks before the card is received, by which time you will already have completed your trip.

However, if like most people you find money is tight after a vacation, then the prospect of free gas on your return is probably more than welcome.