Perks are plentiful with the LANPASS Visa Signature Card. You don’t have to worry about overspending with this card as you don’t have a preset spending limit. Other card features keep travel affordable throughout the year.

LANPASS Miles With Every Dollar Spent

If you have a LAN frequent flier account, you already know the importance of getting miles into your account. With every dollar that you spend on your Visa, you are able to earn LANPASS miles. With the card, there are also bonus earning opportunities. The moment you get your card, you have the opportunity to earn thousands of bonus miles for completing a qualifying first purchase.

There are other earning opportunities as well. When you reach your anniversary each year, you will receive bonus miles. There are also double earning opportunities when you use the card to purchase LAN airline tickets.

There is no limit to the amount of LANPASS miles you can earn in a year. The more you spend on the Visa, the more miles you earn. This will get you closer and closer to the redemption levels that you want. Once you reach the desired redemption level, you can trade the miles in for free airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and a variety of other benefits as you see fit.

LAN Benefits For Cardholders

There are a lot of benefits for you as a cardholder. When you fly on LAN, you can save considerably with this Visa in your wallet. Not only is it accepted in millions of locations worldwide, but you can use the card at gas stations, in grocery stores, online, over the phone and anywhere else you want to make a purchase. You can even get a cash advance at an ATM in the event that you need some wash in your wallet.

Some of the LAN benefits include:

  • Discounts
  • Upgrade coupons
  • Travel benefits
  • Bilingual communication

You will be able to fly more affordably when you have the LANPASS Visa Signature. This includes being able to get a discount on airlines as well as a flight miles bonus at least once a year.

You will be given upgrade coupons throughout the year as well. This will allow you to go to business or first class for free or for reduced costs. You can then travel in style without spending as much money as you would without having the Visa card.

There are many other travel benefits to enjoy as well. You can be given travel accident insurance when you book your itineraries with the credit card. You can be given travel and emergency assistance. You can even get a collision damage waiver on a rental car so it’s one less thing for you to buy from the rental counter. With so many ways to save on travel, it’s an advantage of having the right Visa card in your wallet.

Bilingual communication is also included with the card. You will get statements, online access and customer service offered to you in English and Spanish. This allows you to find out what’s being said in a language that’s easy for you to understand.

Benefits Of Having A Signature Visa

There are a lot of benefits just to having a Signature Visa. Not everyone is able to qualify for such a Visa. The application is online and you can fill it out at your convenience. A credit check will be run and then you will be given a credit decision – usually in less than a minute. If approved, you can then begin taking advantage of all the Signature Visa benefits just by paying the annual fee on the card.

The benefits you get with the card include:

  • No preset spending limit
  • Concierge services
  • Account management tools
  • Purchase security

You won’t have a preset spending limit on the card. This allows you to buy whatever you need without concern of going over the credit limit. With so many opportunities to use the card around the world, you will find it beneficial not to have a credit limit on the card. As long as you can maintain your minimum payments, you have the spending freedom you need.

Concierge services are provided to you for convenience. Whether you’re staying local or traveling halfway around the world, you can contact concierge on a special hotline for assistance. Operators will help you with dinner reservations, travel plans and even booking tickets to the hottest entertainment and sporting events going on.

There are many account management tools for you to use. You will receive a free account summary at the end of the year to show you what you’ve spent money on. There is also an online account portal for you to use to find out about your account throughout the year. You can find out what you’ve spent before you even receive your statement in the mail. If you don’t want to write checks and chance being late on a payment, you can use the online portal to schedule your monthly payments. The money can come out of your checking account so there’s nothing for you to do. You can also download statements from the portal and contact customer service with questions.

Purchase security is another feature. If an item you purchase on the Visa is lost or stolen, you may be able to be reimbursed for the item. You may even be able to get an extended warranty on some items without spending a dime to get it.


As a cardholder, you will quickly see the benefits of having LANPASS Visa Signature credit card in your wallet. You get LAN benefits and Signature Visa benefits, making it a great card to have in your wallet. You always have the ability to buy when and where you want.

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