• Have your current insurance policy with you when requesting your insurance quote.
  • Consider a higher insurance deductible (Explained) to a level you can afford.
  • Place all of your insurance policies with the same company to qualify for a multiple policy discount.
  • Compare several Insurance quote suggestions before deciding to apply.
  • Only deal with established and reliable Online Insurance agents.
  • Remember Insurance quotes only provide you with information. There is no commitment to apply.

Auto insurance quotes

  • Be sure all vehicle features that attract discounts have those discounts applied (Anti-lock brakes, Alarm system, daytime running lights, glass-etching, etc.).
  • Take a defensive driving course.
  • Be very accurate about your mileage to and from work.
  • Ask about affinity discounts.

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Homeowners insurance quotes

  • Be sure that your home is insured to its true value.
  • Be sure all home discounts are applied where you have an intruder alarm, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, deadbolt locks, etc.
  • If your home has recently been renovated make sure you tell your agent.

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Life insurance quotes

  • Make sure you apply for a policy that will meet your needs.
  • If you are a smoker consider stopping! After 13 months you can ask your insurer to consider you for a non-smoker insurance rate.
  • Always use a reliable insurance agent.

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Health insurance quotes

  • Consider a higher co-payment or deductible that you can realistically afford.
  • Join a group health insurance plan.

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Long-term insurance quotes

  • Consider a longer elimination (waiting) period.
  • Purchase coverage when you are young (premiums are lower).
  • Pick a daily benefit based on where you live.