Owning a small business in the United States is like competing in an extreme sport. Everything that you do has to be all or nothing. Whether you work as a team, or you are all on your own, you need to properly prepare for the road ahead so that you will have the tools that you need to overcome any obstacle. When it comes to managing a business, one of the most important and fundamental tools that you need is capital, or some other way to invest in the many other things that you will need as you grow and develop your company. Thankfully, there are credit cards like the Ink Ultimate Rewards card from Chase Bank. You can use this card to pay for your business expenses in smaller, more manageable amounts, instead of one large bulk payment.

The main goal of the Ink Ultimate Rewards credit card is to save you money and time. These are the two most powerful assets that you cannot afford to waste. While people may come and go and ideas can be cast aside, you will never get back the money and time that are wasted on trivial things. Yes, you can make more money, but money that is not properly invested in progress will never return the appropriate dividends and time cannot be reset. With the right credit card, though, you can be sure that more of your most precious commodities are used in the most beneficial ways.

First of all, the Ink with Ultimate Rewards credit card has no annual fee, which gives you more purchasing power. Annual fees are always a hassle, because they are just money being thrown into a pot that you never see again. Without an annual fee, though you keep more of your own money. Of course, with this card, your money goes much further, with unlimited earning potential, premium business services, and yet more ways to the rewards that you need, want, and deserve!

Secondly, the Chase Ink Ultimate Rewards credit card has a competitively low introductory APR on all standard purchases. This means that you can afford to buy the things that you need to get started and can set up a timeline to start generating profit immediately so you can offset the interest charges when they start to accrue. Accepted all over the world, the Chase Bank Ink card gives you more financial flexibility so that you can adapt to your growing purchasing needs, only paying for exactly what you need and nothing more. The introductory period lasts for 6 months, but even when it ends, the typical variable interest rates are still quite good.

With the Ink Ultimate Rewards credit card, every dollar is rewarded with an incentive point. You can get twice as many points when you use your card to purchase air travel through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Booking Tool and up to 10 times the points when you use your card to purchase select brand-name merchandise within the Ultimate Rewards Mall, an affiliate retail shopping network that is available exclusively to Chase members. Since there is no limit to how many points you can earn, and since your points never expire, you can hold onto them until you have enough for that dream vacation or even just for emergencies or when you need a last minute gift!

You can use your Ink business card with Ultimate Rewards points on airfare, obviously, but did you know that they count towards any seat on any airline to any destination with no travel restrictions or blackout dates? If travelling isn’t really your thing or you prefer to spend your rewards in a different way, this card gives you plenty of alternatives. First of all, you can exchange your points for gift cards, special brand-name merchandise, cash back, and more. Whether you need to impress a potential client, want to extend diplomatic grace to a partner, or want to treat yourself to a weekend with your family, you have many options to choose from. You can even book your entire trip, from airfare to hotel to rental car and even dinner reservations, all within the Ultimate Rewards site, and all using your credit card.

Finally, you will enjoy many refreshing business tools that are made available by the Ink Ultimate Rewards credit card. Get free cards for your employees, as well as the ability to track expense reports and set spending limits. You can even customize each individual report for a more streamlined accounting process. If you need help, you also have access to business professionals.

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