The Ink Cash business card is specifically designed to give the business owners an empowering experience from control over spending limits to earning better cashback rewards over time. It is meant for business owners to earn rewards on regular purchases that any business requires and it comes with tools to make your business perform better.

In essence, this card gives you the benefits of maintaining multiple cards, 24/7 access to your account, customizing repayment options and with no annual fees attached. Anything more and this card would be your own personal slave.

Why This Business Card?

While there are certainly plenty of choices available in the market when it comes to cashback rewards cards, few of them are able to match up to the Chase Ink Cash Business Card when it comes to making your business perform better. It is a card designed specifically with your needs in mind. To learn how to take a look at what exactly this card offers to you as a business owner!

Control Business Expenses with Chase Blueprint

The Chase Blueprint is a tool that can be used to effectively control business expenses in accordance with your cash flow. As a business owner, you can decide on making full payments towards regular purchases and accruing no interest, setting up customized payment plans by monthly amounts or end dates for the big-ticket purchases, paying off your balance faster by choosing an end date or monthly payments and even tracking your business trends over time. Essentially, with the Ink Cash credit card, you are in control.

Access Your Account From Wherever You Are

Taking a business trip across the country or across the world, it makes no difference. You can check your account via the phone or the internet. You can make payments, check out the points you have earned, transaction details on your statement, and even report fraudulent or unauthorized charges. Click or call, you can reach the customer service anytime.

More Than One Card On One Account

The Ink Cash Business card allows you as the primary cardholder to add multiple cards to your accounts. These business credit cards can be distributed among key employees, with each card generating its own report, having its own spending limit (set by you) and all of them earning cash backs that reflect on your account. As a business owner, you can recognize the significance of having one account and multiple cards for business expenses. The monthly reports and the quarterly management tool are also very useful during tax times to track expenses easily.

Other Smart Benefits

While these business benefits can come real handy for business owners, there are other assorted benefits that make life with the Ink Cash Business card a lot easier. Zero Liability Fraud protection ensures that you are not held responsible for any unauthorized charges. Unlimited Cash back with no limit on the number of points one can earn. Essentially, this can be a big bonus for those who use their credit cards frequently. Plus you can earn rewards throughout the year with no rotating categories or tiers attached.


As a business owner, you can appreciate the diligence and the rewards put into a card that has been designed specifically keeping the needs of the business community in mind. The Ink Cash Business Card is one of such cards that not only rewards all business-related purchases but also offers tools to support, maintain and expand your business while allowing you total control over business expenses.

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