Credit Report Is Often the First Signs of Identity Theft

Although there are many safeguards you can take to protect yourself from identity theft, it is not fully preventable. In today’s society, with all of our personal information in the hands of strangers, on numerous documents, and stored on computer hard drives, it is often beyond our control.

ID Theft and Your Credit

Identity theft is a very serious problem that continues to get worse as the thieves become more sophisticated. By monitoring your credit regularly you can catch identity theft right away. Often times your credit report is the first sign that someone has attempted to use or in fact used your personal information to commit fraud. The earlier you realize someone is trying to use your personal information, the sooner it can be stopped, which reduces the amount of potential damage done.

Becoming a victim of identity theft can be a huge burden. Not only does it consume a lot of personal time to rectify the matter, but it can have negative effects on ones good name and credit history. As a result of having your credit and name tarnished, you can be refused loans, lose out on job opportunities, and even be arrested for a crime you did not commit.

Why Regular Credit Monitoring is Important?

Everyone is entitled by law to a free copy of their credit report. By law, each of the 3 repositories – Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian must provide you a copy of your report every 12 months if requested. Your credit report includes your past and current addresses and employers. It includes the dates and institutions that have pulled your credit. You will know if anyone has applied for new credit card or loans in your name or if someone is attempting to use your identity to obtain employment. All of your open and closed accounts with pay histories are shown also. If something on your credit report seems out of the ordinary or there is anything you are unsure of, you will know right away. Many victims of identity theft are unaware for months or even years after a ton of damage is done. By monitoring your credit report regularly you can be sure to catch identity theft immediately and address it before it gets worse.

There are companies that will monitor your credit for you. Some companies will even give you unlimited access to your credit report and credit score. Anytime something changes on it you are immediately alerted. This way you can determine if the change on your report was a result of you or someone else using your personal information illegally.

Many identity theft protection services identity theft protection services offer credit monitoring as part of their service, which are normally cheaper than purchasing credit monitoring on you own. You should have 24/7 access to your credit report and credit score and be sure you are instantly notified of any changes to your credit report.


If you are considering purchasing identity theft protection, credit monitoring is definitely an important component. An ideal identity theft protection company will monitor your credit to prevent identity theft and be sure to catch it right away. Most importantly, if you do fall victim to identity theft, an identity theft protection company whose Restoration Service does all of the work for you or anyone in your immediate family, is exactly what you need. By monitoring your credit report you can fight back against identity theft.

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