American Express has teamed up with social gaming giant Zynga to bring fans of Farmville a new prepaid card with exclusive Farmville benefits.

This is another cutting edge move by the credit card giant to innovate in an unexpected way.

Zynga has quickly risen to the top of the social media gaming world with their colorful, exciting, and variable gaming options through the networking platform Facebook.

Their intelligently-designed and beautifully-constructed virtual worlds give online social players a brief and easily-accessible escape from daily stressors all in one convenient place.

While they continue to break ground with mobile app platforms, their most popular game continues to be Farmville, which is available through Facebook.

Zynga released Farmville in 2009 and it skyrocketed in popularity, even in the face of similar games both in-house and from competitors.

This new relationship with American Express, then, will see fans of the game getting access to credit-like convenience with rewards that can come in the form of trees, ponds, hay bales, and anything else you can purchase within the game via rebates in the form of “Farm Cash,” the Farmville currency.

Therefore, American Express is proud to offer the Zynga Serve Rewards credit card, which will be accepted anywhere that takes American Express.

With this card, the user will earn Farm Cash on the first five purchases of $25 or more. Since it is a prepaid card, though, further conveniences are also available; for example, you can reload the card through your bank account, with a debit card, with another credit card, or with cash via the GreenDot MoneyPak system that is available in retail locations all over the United States.

American Express is a name that just about anyone in America will recognize, regardless of age and financial experience.

Their credit cards are generally regarded to be among the best available on the market today and they are often associated with high class, success, and traditional good business. American Express has, historically, designed cards that are catered to an elite customer base so this new product will bring their high-level of service to a new demographic.

This relationship, then—between American Express and Zynga—marks what should be a well-received departure from Amex’s average business venture.

According to David Messenger, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Growth for American Express,

This partnership isn’t for existing credit and charge customers. It’s about trying to appeal to a new segment. These customers may be Millennials. They may be somewhat underserved in terms of banking. They may only use debit, cash and check.

Furthermore, Zynga’s Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, Jeff Karp, says that this partnership blurs the line “between real world and virtual world.” It is a delicate balance between enticing new customers and trying to satisfy those that might prefer real world benefits.

Still, it is apparently a risk that both sides are willing to take in order to capture what is, apparently, an untapped resource in today’s commercial financial services market.

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