When you opt for a prepaid debit card, you want one that is going to give you flexibility and security with fees that don’t break the bank. You can choose from different fee plans. The rest, you have complete control over, giving control over the total cost of having the account. Ace Cash Express is offering the ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card, giving individuals the spending power of Visa in just a few simple steps.

When requesting the card, it takes only 30 seconds to do. You enter your name, address, telephone, email address, and choose which style card that you want. You agree to the terms and conditions and that ACE may send you communications and product announcements that are based on your interests, and you are ready to get your card. There is no credit check. However, you do have to be a U.S. resident at least 18 years of age to sign up.

In addition to there being no credit check, there is no application fee, and no obligation to use the card once you have it. You can also use the card for direct deposit from your employer or any other entity, such as the IRS, to send you money. If you use it for the direct deposit of your state and federal tax refunds, you will get your money back faster than you would if you opted for a check refund.

ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card Fee Plans

ACE Elite Blue Visa has different plans that you can opt for, which gives you control over how much the card costs. You can choose the pay as you go plan, which charges you a small fee per transaction, you can choose the FeeAdvantage Plan that requires you to pay a monthly charge to avoid the fees on transactions. Your third choice is the ACE Elite with Direct Deposit FeeAdvantage Plan in which you pay a smaller monthly fee than the regular FeeAdvantage Plan. The reason is because you opt for your employer to direct deposit your paychecks into your account.

Other fees that are connected to this include a domestic ATM withdrawal fee. This is a fee that is charged in addition to the ATM owner’s fee. This is something to take into consideration every time you make ATM withdrawals. If you need cash from your card, you can get cash back when the card is used as debit at a retail location’s point of sale.

If you choose to withdraw cash through a financial institution instead of an ATM, there is a fee for this as well. You will find that there are fees for any time you need to withdraw cash except when you get cash back at a point of sale.

Using The Card

You can also use the card internationally, but foreign transaction fees may apply on both purchases and foreign ATM transactions. The fee for transactions is a percentage of the transaction amount after it has been converted to U.S. dollars. The ATM transaction fee is a set amount per transaction plus the foreign transaction fee. If an ATM declines the transaction for any reason, then there is a small fee for this. You can check your account online to ensure that you have the funds available before going to an ATM and risking a failed transaction fee.

Using your online Account Center is completely free. Other fees include the check refund fee, statement mailing fee, additional card fee, replacement card fee, and the account maintenance fee if the account has no activity in a 90 day period.

There are other optional features, such as the ability to customize the card. If this feature is available, the fee is small to have your card look the way you want it. The other optional feature is the overdraft protection service fee. This is an optional service that can protect from overdrafts three times in a single month. There is a fee charged per occurrence.

Adding Money To The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card Account

There are different ways that you can add money to your account, such as direct deposit. There is no fee to have your paycheck or tax refund deposited into your account. The second way is to have the card reloaded at a NetSpend Reload Network location. The fees can vary based on what the reload location wants to charge. This means that it can vary from location-to-location.

If you want to transfer money from a bank account, you can do so through your online account management screen. The process is rather simple and it is possible that the originating bank could charge a fee for bank transfers. It is important to verify this with the originating bank. Most do not charge fees, however. If you wish to transfer from one ACE account to another, it is free when doing it online or through text message, but there is a fee when the transfer is completed through a customer service agent.

Managing The Account

The account is easily managed and some of the fees can be avoided just by using the online Account Center. This is where information can be received regarding the cash available and transactions that have been made. You can also perform bank transfers through the Account Center. This is a way to stay on top of your account and protect yourself against fraudulent transactions.

In regards to fraud, it is your responsibility to notify ACE as soon as possible if the card is lost or stolen. By notifying them that the card is gone, the current card can be cancelled and a new one issued. According to Visa rules, a person who reports their card lost or stolen within two business days will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions. There may be some liability for PIN transactions, but it is very limited. Failure to report the card lost or stolen within the two business day period can result in the cardholder being liable for fraudulent transactions on the card.

Final Word

The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card comes with many of the standard fees, but has a simple application process and is simple to own. There is no credit check, no application fee, and no obligation to use the card once it is received. There are also different fee plans to choose from based on how much or how little the card will be used.

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